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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bhatt. ShubhamUnlocking Human-Like Speech: Enhancing TTS with Predicted Prosodic labels from text
Bijl, ThijmenStrategies for Effective Course Recommendations with Transformers - CONFIDENTIAL
Breukel, WytzeA camera based Safety Assist System for bicycles
Gans, Jesse deCombining AI Art and Blockchain for Decentralized Collaboration, Enhancing Provenance, Scarcity, and Authenticity
Kareem, J. Per-instance Algorithm Selection for MIP-based Neural Network Verification
Lachmansingh, EvaniDeep Q-learning for Matching Comprehensively Typed Red Blood Cell Units
Maliappis, ThomasGroup Detection from Spatiotemporal data using Social Context
Nieuwenhuijzen, van den, M.Selecting Pre-trained Models For Transfer Learning With Data-centric Meta-features
Paraskeva, A. Resource-constrained Neural Architecture Search on DistilBERT for the task of question-answering
Ponse, KoenThe XAI-Economist: Explainable Reinforcement Learning in RL-Assisted Policy Generation
Prabhakar, PriyaAorta segmentation and its geometric analysis
Remmerswaal, FloydValidation & Simulation of Software-Defined Network Specifications in Probabilistic NetKAT
Sai, NanOptimizing the linear interpolation of sparse and dense retrieval models
Shavit, HadarAlgorithm Selection for SAT Using Graph Neural Networks - CONFIDENTIAL
Spek, C. Auto-Verify: A framework for portfolio-based neural network verification
Wu, BingxuanEarly Design Stage Power Consumption Estimation of VLSI Circuits
Zwart, Michael van derR2N-Tab: a hybrid model for binary tabular data
Zwart, RosaFoundational Ontologies to Improve the Explainability of Explainable AI Algorithms

Student Thesis Content
Aarnoutse M.F.A.Automatic Pass Detection in Soccer Tracking Data
Aioanei, BogdanNetwork-aware vs. network-agnostic flight delay propagation in airport network
Alwer, SalehGraph Neural Networks for Modelling Chess
Arnesto Sitorus, BrainNatural Language Processing Methods for Supporting Indonesian Fact Checkers
Arya Patel, SudarshnaReinforcement Learning based optimization/control of production for a single reservoir system
Barreiro Clemente, DiegoPredicting care plan goals using a knowledge graph-based recommender system
Bax, M. A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Potential Biomarkers for Neuromuscular Diseases Using a Device That Simulates Regular Daily Upper Limb Activity
Bolt, JuliaAn approach to describing the semantics of Hedy, a gradual programming language for education
Bozcal, ErtugrulPredicting Treatment Response for a Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) Patient Based on the 3D Medical Imaging
Broughton, N. (Nathan) Exploring the Relationship Between Behaviour and Health: A Comparative Analyses of Time Series Prediction Models and Feature Explainability Techniques - CONFIDENTIAL
Burgh, Rogier van denRhythm Climber, using rhythm on pcg for climber
Cathalina, JuliusDesigning Diverse and Synthesizable Molecules using Multi-Objective Generative Flow Networks guided by Retrosynthetic Accessibility
Chen, LanGe‘I Feel You’: Enhancing conversational agents with empathy
Chen, WeiA Dual-Technique Approach: Shapelet and TimeGAN for Counterfactual Eplenations of Univariate Time Series
Collu, J. (Jonathan) On the efficiency and robustness of structured world models combined with pre-learned object-centric representations - CONFIDENTIAL
Corsel, William Exploiting Temporal Context for Tiny Object Detection - CONFIDENTIAL
Cremers, KarolisStructured review on Huntington's disease hypothesis
Dellaert, Jasper Analysing the inductive biases of equivariant quan- tum circuits
Delzenne, MeesA research platform for autonomous navigation of pedestrian spaces
Deng, ZheMeal Delivery Routing with Crowd-sourced Vehicles
Ding, Bosongunderstanding MAML Through Its Loss Landscape
Dofferhoff, RensExhaustive Performance Exploration of Instruction Ordering on 000-Processors
Epure, Irina-Mona Increasing Visual Tracking Algorithm Robustness to the Challenges of Agricultural Datasets
Fargose, KennethTransfer Learning in Time-Series Forecasting
Gao, YaqiongCross-Modal Food Retrieval with Vision-Language Pre-training
Gmelig Meyling, ThomasEnginetron: realtime car exhaust note synthesis using on-board diagnostics through Text-to-Speech networks
Hajiaghapour, Kamand A Deeper Dive into the Relations Between Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease using Subgroup Set Discovery and a Smartphone-Based Dataset
Havenaar, B.D.Electrogan: Towards High Fidelity Electronic Music Generation with Stylegan2
Horokhovskyi, I. (Ivan) Jarvis: A cloud-based multi-purpose data quality library - CONFIDENTIAL
Houwing, Krijn3D preoperative to intraoperative registration of lymph node locations in robotic prostate cancer surgery
Hu, WenqianA Hybrid Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Işlak, IsmigülUnsupervised Graph Representation Learning of Osteosarcoma Tissue using Imaging Mass Cytometry
Jain, PriyanshData Augmentation for training Audio Classifiers
Kafetzaki, MariannaCarbon Footprint Information Extraction from Businessses Annual Reports
Kousathana, EiriniOpinionated content summarization with Transformer Architectures
Laskaris, GeorgiosComparison between tensor networks and quantum machine learning on binary classification task
Lei, YiqinDetecting the switch time for informed one-shot dynamic algorithm selection using the area under the ECDF curve
Leng, H.Multi-objective Optimization of Takeaway Order Allocation based on NSGA-II Algorithm
Li, YingjieApplication of Automated Machine Learning Pipeline for the Classification of Volcanic Time Series Data
Liang, YuanStyle Matters: Evaluation on Communication Styles of a Restaurant Robot
Lin, YuanA Reinforment Learning-based Hierarchical Method for Route Planning
Linder, Nick van derRumour Detection for Dutch Twitter
Lommen, YvenTemporal design choices for feature engineering from dynamic networks
Lu, Y. (Yijie)Unveiling Patterns of Gun Violence in Europe: Topic Discovery and Analysis using Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining - CONFIDENTIAL
Lyu, DonghangRes-Swin: Effective Combination of ResNet and Swin Transformer for LDCT Denoising
Mahdavi, R. (Rana) A NLP-Based Solution for Estimating the Seniority Level of Jobs Using Job Postings - CONFIDENTIAL
Majellaro, R. (Riccardo)Disentangling Shape and Texture Dimensions in Object-Centric Representations - CONFIDENTIAL
Menyhért, M. (Márton)Social connectedness of geographical areas in a population-scale network - CONFIDENTIAL
Meulen, Frederick van derAugmenting existing activity recognition classifiers for inactivity detection of the elderly
Meurs, Thijs vanAutomating the medical claims coding process; a medical NLP study using naive and state-of-the-art techniques and methods - CONFIDENTIAL
Michels, RicardoThe geographical distribution of Covid (mis)information on Twitter
Middelkoop, RichardInvestigating the application of genetic algorithms to design parameterised quantum to mitigate barren plateau problems
Mone, AntonioWeight Agnostic Neural Networks on Atari Games
Mor-Puigventós, PolHuman-guided Rule List Learning for Length of Stay Classification
Muizelaar, HielkeExploring Dutch BERT models extracting lifestyle characteristics from medical text
Noordover, KevinPlayer tracking in water polo
Pal, T. TCNA: Analysing patterns in time series using TCN and Self-Attention
Papada, KonstantinaInvestigating the epoch size and feature engineering for Automated Machine Learning in EEG data analysis
Peng, TaoCentrality-based NSGA-II method for optimal sensor placement in water distribution networks
Pohl, LeonardoFESD: A Fault Estimation Pipeline for Human Pose Estimation
Prins, JelmerDeep Reinforcement Learning for Micro Battles in StarCraft 2
Prins, VincentDungeons & Firearms: AI-Directing Action Intensity of Procedural Levels
Reep, C. (Carmen)Automated drug repurposing workflow for rare diseases
Remmerswaal, MickDeep Reinforcement Learning for Profiled Side-Channel Attacks Applying Proximal Policy Optimization for Point Of Interest Selection
Roman, K. Streetwear: What is the Hype about?
Sanchez Olivarez, EmilioAn emperical analysis of transfer learning for link prediction in real-world network
Savva, AndreasHybrid CNN Partitioning On Edge Devices And Its Effects On Energy, Memory and Inference Latency
Schmelczer, A.GreatAI: An easy-to-adopt framework for robust end-to-end AI deployments
Schonenberg, JerryMulti Dynamics and Q-Learning with Shared State Representation for Battery Dispatch Optimisation
Shahane, A.A. (Ananta)A Corridor Model Evolutionary Algorithm for Fast Converging Green Vehicle Routing Problem - CONFIDENTIAL
Simons, ThijsThe Training of Neural Networks that can Train Neural Networks
Smit, TazA study into human interaction with dysfunctional social behavior in robots
Šterberová, AdélaSemi-Supervised Iterative Learning on hiPSC-CMs Cardiotoxicity Images
Stokman, WouterMultivariate Time Series Classification in Radial Drilling Applications
Sun, FeiyangExplenation of XAI clustering methods on Android malware family catergorization
Tajalizadehkhoob, OmidFlaSH: Lightning Prediction Using GOES-16 Satellite Images
Toussaint, G.Content-agnostic cascade-wise ranking of Fake News on Online Social Media
Tsiftsi, KaterinaThe effect of robot errors on children in the context of education
van der Staaij, ArthurTerrain-Adaptive PCGML in Minecraft
van Schendel, BobOne ring break model to rule them all?
Vanmosuinck, ErnestSubpopulations with adaptive population size and search space partition in Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
Venkatesh, VinuthaA study on Speech Enhancement using ResUNet: Evaluating the Influence of Noise Types on Quality Assessment
Wang, JialiangAutomatic speech recognition for the low-resource language Frisian using Conformer and pre-trained Whisper
Wang, RuilinInvestigating De-identification Methodologies in Dutch Medical Texts: A Replication Study of Deduce and Deidentify
Wang, RundaA Multilingual Solution for Mental Health Evaluation with Full Context Components
Wibisono, ArvindevaMusic Album Review Rating Prediction Using Transformers
Witte, NielsFishEcoModeler: A performant, simple to use and extensible open source framwork for simulating fish populations in complex 3D enviroments
Woerdings, VirgilNetwork-driven analysis of evolving populations in genetic algorithms
Xie, XinyueAnonymization Algorithms for Privacy-Sensitive Networks
Yang, ZihuiImprove Answer Retrieval in the Legal Domain with Structured Inputs for Cross-Encoder Re-rankers
Yin, H. (Haoran) Landscape Analysis of CEC’ 2022 Basic Benchmark Problems - CONFIDENTIAL
Zakkas, PavlosAbstractive Summarization for Large Collections of Scientific Articles
Zhang, ZiweiDeep Learning for Visual Query Tasks Based on Spatio-Temporal Graph
Zhu, YuxuanData-driven Nozzle Failures Detection and Classification - CONFIDENTIAL

Student Thesis Content
Akshat, A.Mining Physical Activity Behaviours in Older Adults
Ansari, A.Analyzing the stress produced in Computer Science students during exams and the effects of gender stereotypes
Apostolou, V.Effects of symmetry breaking in the performance and the design of Quantum Approximate Optimisation Algorithm (QAOA).
Bergman, P.Data mining paper meta-data: a novel model for large scale paper meta-data research
Bhat, A.Feature Extraction using Deep Learning for Breast Cancer Histopathology - CONFIDENTIAL
Blom, M.AMOOSE: A Domain Specific Language for the Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment
Bors, P.Topology-aware Network Feature Selection in Link Prediction
Bozik, M.Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis on Dutch Patient Experience Survey Data
Casara, M.Simulation study of Uncertainty Quantification on classification tasks using Empirical Bayesian Deep Neural Network
Congleton, C.[Tracing Political Positioning]
Dijkstra, E.Adaptive Reinforcement Learning for Human-AI collaboration
Dimitrov, T.Parkinson’s Disease Pull Test Proxy Model Development using Daily Life Activities
Dincu, AndreeaMachine Learning on diagnostic imaging data of systemic sclerosis patients based on lower-dimensional image representations
Domela Nieuwenhuis Nyegaard, D.A Genetic Algorithm Parameter Control Method using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance Planning
Fang, Z.A GNN-Based Method for Group Detection from Spatio-Temporal Data
Gavandi, T.Image Segmentation on the Skin Diseases
Groot, M. deModelling Startup Growth and Spending by using Markov Decision Processes
Gunn, J.Brain Age Prediction using Machine learning Techniques applied to Resting State EEG data, with Clinical Validation Results - CONFIDENTIAL
Haitink, M.Bayesian Online Change Point Detection: an application to sports and e-sports data
Hasenoot, J.The Performance of Distributed Applications: A Traffic Shaping Perspective
Heath, C.Natural Language Processing for lifestyle recognition in discharge summaries
Hertogh, M.Hypervisor Isolation
Hou, Y.Stance Detection on Twitter for COVID-19 Misinformation
Huang, Q.Multi-surrogate Assisted Efficient Global Optimization: A Positional Study on Discrete Problems
IJpelaar, M.Investigating End-to-End Arrow-based operations in Apache Spark
Jonckheere, L. deReal-time monophonic pitch estimation for guitar driven sound synthesis
Kalmes, MarcelAlignment of Facial Images from Infrared and RGB video data
Kleijn, K.Automation of Crack Assessment in Masonry Facades using Deep Learning
Kleingeld, D.[GovFS, a scalable control plane using groups of metadata nodes]
Kok, R.A Cell-Based Model of Angiogenesis Suggests That Vascular Stabilisation Can Result From Flow-Based Inhibition of Chemotaxis
Kolettis, M.Multi-modal Emotion Recognition
Koole, M.The automatic labelling of medical entities in Dutch endoscopy reports
Koschny, J. (Julius)Synchronous Hackenbush
Li, H.Standardizing Nature-inspired Algorithms — a unified framework UNIOA for seven swarm-based algorithms
Likhi, T.Effects of the power distance index on multicultural software engineering teams
Liu, C.Pattern Mining Enabled Scanner Event-based Quantitative Analysis of Lithography Scanner Productivity Performance
Luo, Y.Application of deep learning in lead optimization for improving activity of drug molecules
Mirzoyan, R.Quantification of Parkinson’s disease symptoms during activities of daily living using accelerometrybased wearable sensors
Mkrtchyan, W.A Pilot Study on the Effects of Oblique Strategies on Creativity and Divergent Thinking using an Intervaled Alternative Uses Task
Moradi, A.Federated Learning: literature review and hyperparameter importance.
Narendra, S.SNet : An Attention Mechanism Based Deep Neural Network For URL Classification
Neuteboom, V.AutoML for creating hybrid Earth science models
Nolden, L.Scanning Latin poetry with machine learning
Oudshoorn, S.Exploring the Predictability of Bacterial Vaginosis in Reproductive Age Women using Longitudinal Vaginal Microbe Abundance and pH Data
Õunmaa, M.Analyzing AI players on different Ticket to Ride variants
Palma, A.Learning perturbation responses in high-throughput morphological assays through deep generative models - CONFIDENTIAL
Perdomo Quinteiro, P.DMD Drug Repurposing using Knowledge Graphs and eXplainable AI
Plug, R.Methods for Federated Data Analysis
Pophare, N.Building a Portfolio of Optimization Algorithms for Good Anytime Performance via Automated Algorithm Configuration
Poslavsky, V.Classifying skills in high-profile skill taxonomies, using Sentence-BERT embeddings - CONFIDENTIAL
Prehn, E.Investigating Deep Learning of DFT Functionals for the 1D Hubbard Model in the NISQ Era
Remmerswaal, M.Deep Reinforcement Learning for Profiled Side Channel Attacks – Applying Proximal Policy Optimization for Point of Interest Selection
Rohit Nekkanti, V.Applying Rainbow DQN to FlappyBirds and exploring its transfer sensitivty to PCG parameter changes
Rooij, L. vanExplainable AI for ship design analysis with AIS and static ship data
Schlender, T.The Bigger Fish A comparison of state-of-the-art QSAR models on low resourced Aquatic Toxicity Regression Tasks
Snelleman, T.Coronary Artery Extraction using Geometrical Deep Learning on Medical Imaging Data - CONFIDENTIAL
Tetteroo, J.Automated machine learning for COVID-19 forecasting
Vasanth, N.VocalFlows: A co-creative AI to suggest vocal flows
Vink, J.Fusing spaceborne radar, lidar and spectrometry data using semi-supervised deep learning to create a high resolution canopy structure dataset
Vink, T.Classification of bank transactions into multi-class, nonuniformly distributed ledger accounts
Visser, L.Near-term quantum algorithms for regression, overfitting analysis and regularization
Vos, L.Automatically testing libraries symbolically
Voskuil, K.Pre-training World Models to efficiently learn related tasks
Waal, R. van derEvaluating and Quantifying Biped Locomotion Naturalness in neural nets trained with Kinect motion data
Wasala, J.AutoSR-RS: an AutoML Approach to Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing
Wijngaarden, E. vanWhisper to Speech Conversion Conditioned on Predicted Pitch Contours - CONFIDENTIAL
Yadav, P.Action Recognition of Livestock with multi object tracking using Computer Vision and Deep learning - CONFIDENTIAL
Yiu, W.Cell Trajectory studies - Exploring new cell trajectory tracking algorithms with neutrophil cells
Zande, E. van derdynSLAM: Robust 2D Lidar SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Zhang, X.Deep learning for stance detection in the news domain
Zhao, M.[Integrating transcriptomic sequencing data at single-cell/nucleus level reveals cellular heterogeneity in FSHD]
Zoete, B. deMeasuring Community Social Capital through the Structure of a Population-scale Social Network

Student Thesis Content
Abukari, MarcusClassifying general practitioner notes using support vector machines and pre-trained language models
Aldabergenov, OlzhasBroad Language Support for Automatic Translation Insight Extractors of Complex Language Patterns
Alvarez Rodriguez, SebastiaanGeneric, End-to-end Computation Offloading between Processing and Storage Systems
Arp, LaurensA Markov Reward Process-Based Approach to Spatial Interpolation
Barbouch, MohamedIntegration of BERT and WordNet for improving Natural Language Understanding
Beelen, AnoukImage analysis of cell interactions and modeling of oxygen consumption - CONFIDENTIAL
Boks, RickDynamic Configuration of Operators and Parameters in Differential Evolution through Combined Fitness and Diversity-Driven Adaptation Methods
Bovo, FrancescoClinical Temporal Relation Extraction: Towards a Patient’s Timeline Creation
Chander, AnkitaHuman Activity Recognition under Free-Living Conditions using Smartphone Accelerometers
Chen, JingsenModern Machine Learning for Anti-Money Laundering
Chen, XinAutomatic Segmentation of Recordings for Text-to-Speech Model Training
Covrig, Bogdan-Ionel3D Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks in real-time and time
Dekker, LoesFormal Semantics of ALCH
Dekkers, CasDesigning Information Visualizations for Generating Business Value in Agile Software Development
Dias Cirilio, AlexandreUncovering epigenetic drivers of cardiometabolic traits through histone and DNA methylation quantitative trait loci integration
Dong, SiyuanLearning Transferable Architectures for Image Denoising
Drogtrop, JimmyPredicting Successful Sequences in Soccer using Boosted LSTM Networks
Gogou, EvangeliaA Clinical Prognostic Decision Support System for the Prediction of the Prognosis of Patients with Endometrial Cancer
Guo, ZhenyuWhen can BERT beat SVM? Replication of four text classification papers and fine-tuning RobBERT on Dutch language datasets
Hanse, GideonEfficiently solving Expensive Multi-Objective Black-Box Optimization Problems using Optimally Weighted Ensembles of Surrogate Models
Helmonds, JoepDetecting energy grid anomalies using convolutional neural networks
Hubai, ZsoltComparison of Speaker Verification Models using Smartphone Recordings Collected in Healthy Human Subjects
Huijben, MarcelParallel Code Generation on the GPU
Huisman, MikeRevisiting Learned Optimizers in Few-Shot Settings
Jin, KeyanPredicting Stock Price Movement with Multi-source Information
Jong, Rachel deMeasuring Structural Anonymity in Complex Networks
König, OliverFew-shot transformers
Kulkarni, AtishGraph pattern mining for blockchain networks
Li, JichengFeature Extraction from Spectrums for Speech Emotion Recognition
Li, YichaoSemi-Supervised Consistency Training for Image Segmentation in 3D CT Scans
Li, YijiaImage segmentation using regression models, fuzzy c-means clustering, and deep learning methods
Liang, YanAutomated Machine Learning of Customer-Specific Gaussian Mixture Models for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
Liang, YanAutomated Machine Learning of Customer-Specific Gaussian Mixture Models for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
Liebens, AnneFeature Reduction Methods for Cyber Attack Detection
Lin, Mei-ChenDeep Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Traffic Light Control
Lubben, JelleAutomatic ship plume detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Maagdenberg, Helle van denExploring Practical Identifiability in Target-Mediated Drug Disposition Models
Mandloi, TusharFAIRification of genetic data and comparison of breast cancer and normal samples within families
Matar, MonaMeasuring architectural change and maintainability in networks of evolving software
Meer, Oscar van derAlphaGo-like inverse RNA folding algorithms
Meij, YangjieEmpirical Study of Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection Methods for Evolution Strategy in High Dimension
Ottervanger, GilesMultiETSC: Automated Machine Learning for Early Time Series Classification
Ouwerkerk, JasperPredicting Disease Progression in Huntington’s Disease
Palacios Salinas, NellyAutomated Machine Learning for Satellite Data: Integrating remote sensing pre-trained models into AutoML systems
Peters, OrsonQuantum speedups for Monte Carlo Tree Search
Piaskowski, BartoszBenchmarking for Efficient Global Optimization Algorithms on Mixed-Integer Problems - CONFIDENTIAL
Rook, JeroenCaching in Model Counters: A Journey through Space and Time
Santamaria Hernandez, PedroAutomated Regression Pipeline for Time-Series problems with Real-World applications
Schillemans, JanMulti-aspect monitoring of machine learning models in operation
Schröder, DominikDynamic Algorithm Selection for Continuous Black-box Optimization
Skevofylax, PavlosHindsight Policy Gradient Interpolation
Staalduinen van, JanClassifying Breast Cancer Tissue using Imaging Mass Cytometry and Graph Neural Networks
Sun, JiakunAutomatic Named Entity Recognition for ASR output in the Political Domain
Suryadikara, RayanFalse News Classification and Dissemination Analysis: The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election
Swenne, MartijnNew Decision Diagram-based Techniques for the Simulation of Quantum Computations
Tang, ShangyiIdentification of Scratch projects’ Similarity using Clustering Algorithms
Trajanoska, MarijaDesign and analysis of high-throughput defect inspection algorithms for the semiconductor industry - CONFIDENTIAL
Vlasakker, Rintse van deOperational Semantics of GHOPFL
Voetter, RobinParallel Lexing, Parsing and Semantic Analysis on the GPU
Vries, Joery deHierarchical Multistep and Q(λ)
Walen, RubenIntersegmental RNA-RNA interactions in influenza A virus genomes: a bioinformatics perspective
Wang, ChenUsing ensemble models with structural information in social media to aid rumour stance classification
Wang, JianingCount-Based Exploration for Multi-Agent Learning
Xie, ShixuanExploring the presence and effect of treatment selection bias for localized prostate cancer data from Netherlands Cancer Registry
Xiong, YuxinAdversarial Detection and Defense in Deep learning
Yu, HainanMulti-Agent Cooperation and Information Exchange in Partially Observable Games
Zandbelt, RikTracking long track ice skaters in the bend
Zeng, ShutongLocating multiple local minima in the “optical lens deign problem” - CONFIDENTIAL
Zhao, XueyuThe effect of robot role and reading comprehension on children's learning outcomes
Zhao, YuxuanWould Rather be More than Less: On-Demand Container Resizing
Zwanenburg, EwoutDiagnosis and Prognosis of Induction Motors and Bearing using Fast Fourier Transform and Machine Learning Techniques

Student Thesis Content
Adrichem, Adam vanBinary classification and t-SNE for cancer datasets
Aktau, AliyaDesigning a FAIR Data point for Digital Health in Kazakhstan
Bastiaan, AlbanAn Exploration of Multiple Unsupervised Algorithms in a Financial Auditing Context
Beljaards, LaurensMulti-Task Learning for Joint Image Registration and Segmentation in Adaptive Radiotherapy - CONFIDENTIAL
Bernatavičius, AndriusRLIF: Reinforcement learning-based RNA design tool
Bijl, YannickEstimating Cell Type Abundance of Heterogeneous Gene Expression Data using DOGS (Deconvolution of Gene Signatures) - CONFIDENTIAL
Boekhout, H. (Hanjo)Exploring Scientific Mobility in Co-authorship Networks using Multilayer Temporal Motifs
Bouland, GerardLinking genetic variants to proteomics in Gyrus Temporalis Medialis shows disrupted correlation and expression patterns between individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and non-demented controls
Buwalda, NiekA network-driven understanding of user interaction in topical online communities
Cames van Batenburg, DiederikVNTR prediction on sequence characteristics using long-read annotation and validation by short-read pileup
Chios, IoannisInvestigating the Explainability Potentials of the Deep Relevance Matching Model
Etoeharnowo, TeddyA Random Forest Approach for Dealing with Missingness: a Case Study in Primary Care Data
Fokkinga, DaniëlProgramming a Stochastic Constraint Optimisation Algorithm, by Optimisation
Hu, YutingNamed Entity Recognition on Chinese Biomedical Patents using Pre-trained Language Models
Jonkman, JacobThe effects of music listening on program comprehension
Khairullah, Mohamed ZehniOn the Potential of Feature-based Algorithm Selection for Pseudo-Boolean Problems
Kyziridis, G. (Georgios)Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for the Train Unit Shunting Problem
Leeftink, WouterClassifying sequences of football play using boosted LSTMs
Lou, YitanA GE Benchmark and an automated GE comparison system
Louwe, AnneloesUtilizing unstructured information from Electronic Medical Records for the prediction of stroke
Martens, JoostDetecting Fragmentation in the Secured Money Market using Fairness-Aware Machine Learning - CONFIDENTIAL
Mazhar, HebaDetecting Critical Driving Events using Messy Smartphone Sensor Data
Müller-Brockhausen, MatthiasComparing AI approaches for Tetris Link
Nobel, Jacob deInvestigating the Behaviour of the CMA-ES through Time Series Analysis
Papathanasiou, NikSequence Prediction Under Multiple Constraints
Perk, MatsFrom whole-tissue measurements to cell composition and functionality identification in mouse leg muscle - CONFIDENTIAL
Roos, DennisProtocol Link Nets: A Flexible Method for Composing Petri Nets
Santiago Rojo, Juan deExhaust Gas Temperature modeling, a symbolic regression approach
Schmidt, ZacharyEsports Match Result Prediction for a Decision Support System in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Spaink, HermesIdentifying a Novel Class of Cancer Dependencies: Paralog Genes Interacting with Common Essentials
Tan, MingkangStreamlining Computational Workflow of Dual CRISPR Screen Library Design and Screen Analysis
Tsiaousis, Michail Learning Context for Weakly-Supervised Action Detection using Graph Convolutional Networks
Vermetten, DiederickIntegrating Algorithm Selection and Configuration: A Proof of Concept for the Modular CMA-ES
Verweij, GeertenFaster Community Detection Without Loss of Quality: Parallelizing the Leiden Algorithm
Veth, OlgaUsing machine learning to identify brain patterns related to autistic traits
Wageningen, Simon vanQuantifying Network Complexity: An Evaluation of Measures
Wang, DapengFirst Steps towards Hybrid Quantum-Classical Optimization
Wang, MingkangEvaluating and Optimizing Electric Bicycle Designs by Coupling Machine Learning and Evolutionary Strategy
Wijnbergen, DaniëlComparison of expression deconvolution methods
Wu, JichenEvolutionary Isolation Forest for Interactive Anomaly Detection
Xu, HanyunBioinformatics analysis of whole genome and whole exome sequences in sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis - CONFIDENTIAL
Yang, Zhao Historical Information for Enhancing Q-learning in Maze Navigation Tasks
Zandvliet, JosAdapting IC3 for Combinatorial Two-Player Games
Zhu, MinDeveloping a computational framework to identify muscle-specific gene expression modules in RNA-seq data

Student Thesis Content
Berg, Jelle van denUsing Al to predict ICU patient mortality
Boom, Bernard van den Supervised Outlier Detection in Financial Regulatory Data
Bortolussi, FrancescoImproving Automatic Document Classification by Studying the Effects of Transfer Learning and Reinforcement Learning on Deep Learning Models
Bosch, Nick van denSocial Network Analysis of Criminal Contact Networks
Brand, SebastiaanWaiting Time in Quantum Repeater Chains
Chakravadhanula, LalithasushmaA statistical approach to classification of mechanistic computational models of Parkinson’s Disease
Dijk, Stef vanSolving Othello using BDDs
Dimitriadis, PetrosPredicting Graft Survival in Kidney Transplantation using Neural Networks and Semantic Modelling
Edixhoven, L. (Luc)Checkerboard Patterns and Binary Decision Diagrams for the Game 2048
Engelen, Jesper vanSemi-supervised Ensemble Learning
Guo, XinA New Approach Towards the Combined Algorithm Selection and Hyper-parameter Optimization Problem
Hader, MounirBayesian Optimization for Automatic Configuration of Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification
Hal, Roy van Embedding geographical locations using triplet loss networks
Hijmans, BartConstructing Monitors for Reo Circuits
Hopman, LarsEnsemble community detection in real-world networks
Huibers, J. (Jarno)Strategies for Restricted Nim
Huybers, RichardA Parallel Relation-Based Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimulation Minimization
Kanhai, SoeradjReach and content of Dutch junk news on Facebook
Lamers, ChristiaanSkippy: Automated configuration of CNNs with skip connections
Lan, JacobCritical Water Infrastructure Sensor Placement Optimization
Latenko, AlexanderEncoding Fair Representations
Liu, JihuiAnalysis and Improvement of Document Classification based on Word2vec and TF-IDF
Mardirosian, SevakQuantum-enhanced Supervised Learning with Variational Quantum Circuits
Meeuwsen, JuliëtteStimulating the Adoption of A/B Testing in a Large‐Scale Agile Environment
Nibbeling, JoostMultiple Node Immunization of Complex Networks
Okai, JeremiahBuilding Robust Prediction Models for Activity Recognition and Energy Expenditure from Raw Accelerometer Data using Gated Recurrent Units and Long Short Term Memory Neural Networks
Özer, MuhammetPrediction of overtopping volume of waves approaching a crest using a sequence of frames
Papagiannis, AndreasSonification for RNA Secondary Structure
Parsania, MinaPerformance Evaluation of Transcript-level RNA-Seq Aligners ‘HISAT vs STAR’
Peters, L.J. (Bert)Deep Mammography: Applying Deep Learning to Whole Mammogram Classification
Post, MartijnTax data and reinforcement learning - CONFIDENTIAL
Ramesar, PrashandRisk score propagation algorithms for domain-domain networks
Ramgolam, RenukaData Visualization Without Privacy Violation
Spek, Thierry van derPavement Distress Classification in 3D Pavement Measurements using Convolutional Neural Networks
Verhoef, WilcoConvolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Classification of Radar Signals in Time Domain: Learning the Micro-Doppler Signature of Human Gait - CONFIDENTIAL
Vreumingen, Dyon vanQuantum-assisted machine learning and optimisation in an industrial context
Werff, Chivany van derPattern Recognition in Fungal Metagenomics Repositories
Xu, YuanminFormal Analysis and Improvement of the PKMv3 and 5G AKA Protocols
Zhang, RuiModelling Fish Occurrence in the Dutch Wadden Sea by using Bayesian Network Structure Learning Algorithm
Zhang, XiaolingProcess extraction from biorefinery texts
Zhang, YuqiCombining spectral and texture features for aquatic plant species classification. A comparison of remote sensing data
Zwaan, Dennis van der A Data Structure Optimizing Compiler for tUPL

Student Thesis Content
Beek, L.A.J. van derEfficient Secure Regression Protocols to Predict Growth Curves of Children
Bettings, R. Predicting Benificial Alleles using Comparative Genomics
Brinkmann, G.G. Interactive Visualization of Large Networks on a Tiled Display System
Fonhof, AlainIdentifying Key Players in child exploitation networks on the Dark Net
Hoogendorp, NathanRecognition of Hybrid Sequences that are Generated during PCR
Kefalas, M. Multiple node immunization on Complex networks
Liu, Lai-yeeIndicator-Based Evolutionary Level Set Approximation: Foundations and Empirical Studies
Özaydın, UmutLocal Feature Detection using Neural Networks
Post, M.G.S. On-line and incremental learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
Qato, KristiA Comparison of Objective Functions and Algorithms for Network Community Detection
Rademaker, XavyrA Network-Driven Feature Construction Approach for Labelling Software Classes using Machine Learning
Rooijen van, A.L.Deep Learning for Person Ie-Indentification.
Seinen, T. (Tom)Computational Modeling of Drug Response and Pathway Activity in Colorectal Cancer with Missing Data Reconstruction and Subtype Analysis
Shi, QinchenBenchmarking SMAC and MIES on Mixed-Integer Problems
Vinkhuijzen, L.(Lieuwe)A Quantum Polynomial Hierarchy and a Simple Proof of Vyalyi's Theorem
Wansink, B.J. (Bob)Finding Minimal Conflicting Teacher Sets for Dutch High School Timetabling
Winter, Roy. deDesigning Ships using Constrained Multi-Objective Efficient Global Optimization
Zabel, T. (Terry)GPU Acceleration of Arbitrary Precision N-body Code
Zammit, AlanSecondary Structure Models and Homology Search for Viral RNA

Student Thesis Content
Assal, W. (Wadie)Deep Learning for Emotional Analysis
Barbanson B.A. (Buys) deTracing Scar-lineages and Collapsing Read Error
Bismpikos, N. (Nikolaos)Estimating Tool Damage and Remaining Useful Life of a CNC Milling Cutter by Applying Time-Frequency Analysis, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Optimization
Carbajo Martinez, M. (Manuel)Aneuploid Chromosome Copy Number Estimation with Dynamic Coverage Analysis: Steps towards Improved Short Read Aneuploid Assembly
Dijke, N.T. (Niels) tenConvolutional Neural Networks for Regulatory Genomics
Griffioen, K.T.3D Reconstruction Techniques to Aid Biological Research
Heuvel, J. (Jeroen) van denFinding Business Processes in Computer Usage Data using Frequent Sequence Mining
Hommelberg, A.G.M. (Anne)Using the Forelem Framework to Express and Optimize K-means Clustering
Latour, A.L.D. (Anna)Incremental Algorithms for Solving Stochastic Constraint Optimisation Problems with Probabilistic Logic Programming
Liang, C. (Chao)Classification of Wood from Wood Anatomy using Deep Learning
Liu, Y. (Yazhou)RNNs of Heart Rate Modeling as a Function of Body Movement
Lucchesse, R. (Roberto)Analyzing the Resilience of Board Interlock Networks Under Imperfect Data
Mokveld, T.O. (Tom)Improving Sequence Alignment through Population Graph Inference
Nieboer, M.M. (Marleen)Reconstructing the Subclonal Evolution of Tumors from Targeted Sequencing Data
Ozir, J.K.F. (Jordi)Adaptive Recombination Weighting Schemes Applied to the CMA-ES
Parag, R.M. (Raymond)Sequential Recognition and Scoring of Archery Shots
Parschiakos, S. (Stylianos)Comparing Sensor Networks for Activity Recognition
Partodikromo, E. A Metalearning Approach to the Chip Production Scheduling Problem
Rijn, F.W. (Frank) vanLearning to Play Hearthstone using Machine Learning
Sevastakis, D. (Dimitrios)Gene Prediction using Unsupervised Deep Networks
Spierenburg, M.J. (Manuel)Virtual Machine for Secure Embedded Systems
Strien, B.E. (Bart) vanDeriving Highly Efficient Implementations of Parallel PageRank
Treurniet, F.P. (Florian) Transposition Driven Scheduling: Back to the Future? A Study on Vectorization and Shared CPU Programming
Versteeg, A.A.B.Integrating the Microbiome and Metabolome using Dataming and Network Analysis Approaches
Wang, Y. (Yali)A New Approach to Target Region Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Witte, B. (Boyd)Algorithms for Detecting and Analyzing Multiplex Motifs in Large-scale Corporate Networks
Yuan, Y. (Yuan)Medical Entity Recognition from Patient Forum Data
Zuure, N.B. (Niek)An Automated Pipeline for Face Recognition and Classification of Affect

Student Thesis Content
Burgh, B. (Benjamin) van derEntity Resolution in Unstructured Data
Croes, X.Y. (Xander)Tree Search Methods for Diplomacy Agents
Drunen, W.M. (Matthijs) vanLegacy Applications on General-Purpose GPU Platforms using Optimized Libraries
Enyinnaya, R.C. (Richard)A Topic-based Sentiment Analysis Approach to Conversation Recommendation
Georgiou, T. (Theodoros)Unsupervised Segmentation and Texture Visualization of 3D Medical Images using Textural Features
Heiningen, P. (Pascal) vanComparative Study of Metamodels for Simulation-based Optimization. How Expensive is your lunch?
Helwerda, L.S. (Leon)Mobile Radio Tomography: Autonomous Vehicle Planning for Dynamic Sensor Positions
Kalmeijer, J.G. (Jan)Visualizing Features Learned by Convolutional Neural Networks
Kappé, T.W.J. (Tobias)Logic for Soft Component Automata
Kavvadias, A. (Alexandros)Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm
Kleyn, F. (Floris)Mining and Visualizing Sequential Healthcare Data
Kondyli, A. Interactive Evolutionary Computing on the Design of Car Shapes
Liu, K. (Kaihua)Exploratory Data Analysis on Multivariate Data
Meij, T. (Tim) van derMobile Radio Tomography: Reconstructing and Visualizing Objects in Wireless Networks with Dynamically Positioned Sensors
Mirtar, M. Mining Population Movement Patterns from Cellphone Data During Natural Disasters
Mohorko, D. (Dennis)Specifying and Analyzing Paradigm Diagrams through UML Diagrams
Nes, M.W. (Matthijs) van deDeveloping Efficient Concurrent C Application Programs using Reo
Platanias, P. (Pavlos)DDoS Detection using Time-series Analysis
Rijn, S.J. (Sander) vanEvolving the Structure of Evolution Strategies using a Genetic Algorithm
Vietor, J. (Jaron)A Formal Representation and Calculation Method for Generic Petri nets
Vos, M.S. (Michiel)Retrograde Analysis and Proof Number Search Applied to Jungle Checkers
Zeegers, M.T. (Mathe)Theoretical Properties of 2048
Zhang, Y.An Automated System for 3D Zebrafish Larvae Reconstruction Based on the Extended Probabilistic Model

Student Thesis Content
Blom, K. (Koen) van derInsect Division of Labour Applied to Online Scheduling
Cheng, X. (Xiwen)Application of Text Mining on Spatial Visual Sentences
Dippel, C. (Carl )Massive Parallel Swarm Algorithms for Continuous Optimization and Parameter Identification in stochastic Chemical Simulation
Es, E.K. (Eli) vanAn Improved Maximum-Likelihood Solver for the Analysis of Graph Ensembles
Harenslak, B.P. (Bas)Content-based Tag Recommendation Algorithms for Unstructured Data
Hoogenboom, J. (Jerry)Characterisation and Filtering of Systemic Noise in NGS Data with Applications in Forensics
Leuven, J.T. (Joost)Introducing User-Derived Information in the Optimization of Highly Constrained Truck Loading
Liem, M. (Michael)Characterizing mapk signaling in different cancers Through large public datasets
Liu, W. (Wei)An Evaluation Method for Nodes in Multiple Dynamic Networks
Mus, D.A. (Derk)Autonomous Simulated Car Racing through Apprenticeship Learning
Neuteboom, J. (Jonathan)Protein Structure Prediction by Iterative FragmenT Asssembly (PITA)
Pilios, E. (Emmanouil)Contracting Practices in Traditional and Agile Software Development
Smeden, F. (Frank) vanA Framework for Scheduling and Analysis of Real-Time Applications without the use of Worst-Case Execution Times
Smit, M.N.W. (Mark)Literature Study on Agile Multiprojectmanagement
Tologonov, J. (Jambul)Database System Development, Design and Evaluation for High Throughput Pattern Recognition Experiments
Winter, M. (Michael) deA Missing Value Ignoring Approach for Whole Time Series Clustering of Longevity Corebody Temperature Data
Xia, Z. (Zhihan)A Metadata Validation Process Design for an Automated High-Throughput Screening Workflow: Case Study in Metadata of CytomicsDB

Student Thesis Content
Baggio, A. (Alberto)Interactive Visualization and Mining of Massive Time Series
Boer, J. (Jonathan) denDevelopment of Quality Assessment Methods for De Novo Transcriptome Assemblies and Expression Analysis
Delft, L. (Leroy) vanSimulation and Mathematical Structures for Asynchronous Stream Circuits
Eekhout, W. (Wouter)Automated Multi-Label Classification of the Dutch Speeches from the Throne
Hekke, P. (Piet) vanTime-interval Sequential Patterns in Insurance Data
Linthorst, J. (Jasper)Probubble: Variant Calling through the Alignment of Overlap Dased De-novo Assembly Graphs
Liu, Y. (Yuxiang)Gene Name Normalization by using Deep Belief Networks
Meijsen, J. (Joeri)Identifying Soft Selective Sweeps in the Human Genome from the Spatial Distribution of Strong Selective Sweeps
Mu, X. (Xiaolong)Combinatorial Optimization for 3D Container Loading Problem
Pagano, J. (Johanna)Multi-scale Analysis of Enhancer Gene Relations in Nine Inbred Rat Strai
Palachanis, D. (Dimitrios)Using the Multiple Instance Learning Framework to Address Differential Regulation
Spruit, W. (Wouter)A Low-cost Electrocutaneous Stimulator
Vermeulen, T. (Thijs)Evolving Technical Trading Strategies using Genetic Programming
Wimmers, M. (Martin)Analyzing and Improving Differential Evolution
Zafeiropoulou, D. (Dimitra)Genotypes-Phenotype Predictions in Patients Diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer
Zwet, R. (Rick) van derEnhancing Relation Discovery in Unmarked Spatial Temporal Data using Visualisation

Student Thesis Content
Anemaet, F. (Frank)Geometry-Preserving Algorithms for CBIR
Dal, G. (Giso)On GPU Fourier Transformations
Gaiu, A.F. (Alexandru)Sequential Parameter Tuning of Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Geene, D. (Derk)High Throughput Zebrafish Segmentation using Active Shape Model
Heijer, G.J. (Gert Jan) denSystem Characterization of the BD Pathway for 3D High-throughput Screening
Hoogstrate, Y. (Youri)A Voyage Through Protein Sequence Space
Hupkens, I. (Iris)Complexity Reduction and Validation of Computing the Expected Hypervolume Improvement
Kolev, D. (Dimitar)Prediction of ProteinThree-Dimensional Structure
Kusuma, P. (Palupi)Extending Traditional Telcom Chum Prediction using Social Network Data
Stein, B. (Bas) vanA Mobile Smart Care Platform: Home Spirometry by using the Smartphone Microphone
Veen, B. (Barry) vanSolving the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows using Ant Colony Optimization
Wang, H. (Hao)On Derandomization in Evolution Strategy
Wang, Y. (Yi)A Gene Name Normalization Framework
Zaaijer, S. (Simon)GPU Based Generation and Real-time Rendering of Semi-Procedural Terrain using Features
Zandvliet, E. (Erik)Intelligent Agents in a Large State Space: A Case Study on Magic: The Gathering

Student Thesis Content
Bigarella, F. (Francesco)Enhancing Medicine with Nanotechnology: A Simulation Study
Bruin, O. (Oswald) deThe Art of Software Design Creating an Educational Game Teaching Software Design
Egmond, S. (Sjoerd) vanDynamic Ant Colony Optimization for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Gehrman, T. (Thies)Conditional Random Fields for Protein Function Prediction
Gheorghe, M. (Marius)Physiological Ageing Described by Genome-Wide Trends
Hoed, A. (Anton) denTechnology Based Methods to Reduce The Risks of Cloud Computing
Hoek, R. (Robin) van derIntegrating Testing and Quality Assurance into the Agile Software Development Process Scrum
Iliev, M. (Martin)A Method for Automated Prediction of Defect Severity using Ontologies
Li, C. (Chengcheng)A System for Collecting and Analyzing UML Models and Diagrams
Luiten, M. (Menno)Topical Influence on Twitter: A Feature Construction Approach
Rijn, J. (Jan) vanPlaying Games: The Complexity of Klondike, Mahjong, Nonograms and Animal Chess
Ruiter, J. (Johan) deCounting Classes of Klondike Solitaire Configurations
Swenne, M. (Marijn)Optimizing Pedestrian Environments with Evolutionary Strategies
Wolff, S. (Sjaak)Genetic Algorithms and Cellular Automata Unraveling the Bitmap Problem
Zwijger, W. (Wouter) deIncreasing Explicit Parallellism in Polyhedral Process Networks using Transformations

Student Thesis Content
Drift, B.J.C. (Bart) van derSmart Grid: Combining RF Mesh Grid and Public Carrier Networks for Last-Mile Communication
Gritsenko, A. (Alexey)Scaffolding of Next-Generation Sequencing Assemblies using Diverse Information Sources
Henstra, S. (Sjoerd)From Image to Nonogram: Construction, Quality and Switching Graphs
Huizer, J.I. (Joris)Code Migration Support in Espam
Ji, Y. (Ye)Panoramic Image Stitching
Li, Z. (Zhengyang)Learning Visual Concepts from Social Images
Nobakht, B. (Behrooz)Deploying Active Objects onto Multicore
Rot, J.C. (Jurriaan)Automated Verification of Pointer Programs
Shomroni, O. (Orr)A Gaussian Random Field Algorithm used to Analyse MicroArray Data from Multiple Species
Tao, R. (Ran)Image Retrieval using Local Feature Correspondences
Vis, J. (Jonathan)Discrete Tomography: A Neural network Approach
Wink, S. (Stefan)A Meta-Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Wortel, H. (Hans)Optimizing Octree Updates for Visibility Determination on Dynamic Sciences

Student Thesis Content
Aleman, A. (Alexander)Self-adaptive Mutation in Molecular Evolution
Bodegom, R. (Ruben) vanAutomated Document Classification of Medical Reports
Boetzer, M. (Marten)ContExtMe and SSPACE for Improved De Novo Assemby
d'Este, F. (Francesco)Articulatory Speech Synthesis with Parallel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Donkersteeg, P.B. (Pieter Bas)Klondike Strategies using Monte Carlo Techniques
Gast, E.R. (Erik)A Framework for Real-time Face and Facial Feature Tracking using Optical flow Pre-estimation and Template Tracking
Groot, N. (Nico) deModelling Migration Projects: An Archimate and Paradigm Case Study in a University Context
Hiltemann, S. (Saskia)Dynamical Systems: Connected Predator-Prey Systems
Huo, Y. (Yinghe)Multilabel Image Categorization for General Concepts using Bag of Words Model
Jongsma, E. (Erik)Deadlock Detection in Kahn Process Networks
Kensmil , R. (Roy)Developing Software for Detection of Bitmap Based Patterns Within Pictures of Documents
Laraghy, S. (Susan)Content-Based Image Retrieval in Image World
Li, R. (Ruifang)Immune Response to Prostate Cancer - Exploration of Normalization, Feature Selection and Classification Procedures
Lier, J. (Jori) vanUsing Genetic Programming and Evolution Strategies to Evolve Profitable Stock Market Strategies
Reehuis, E. (Edgar)Multiobjective Robust Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
Schiopu, G. (Gratian)Datamining of Sensory Datastreams in Complex Systems
Takes, F.W. (Frank)Applying Monte Carlo Techniques to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Visser, J.A. (Jasper)Exploring High-Performance Regions with Model Induced Metropolis-Hastings
Vries, R. (Roald) dePhysical Reo
Witteman, E. (Emiel)Compression of DNA Sequences with Genetic Programming

Student Thesis Content
Chao, X. (Xiaofei)A Framework for Robust Feature Selection for Real-Time Fashion Style Recommendation
Chen, X. (Xiaojing)Binary and Nonbinary Description of Hypointensity in Human Brain MR Images
Di, Z. (Zi)Systematic Evaluation of Image Analysis for Cell-Matrix Adhesion Studies in Cytomics
Gao, R. (Ruoyun)Dynamic Feature Description in Human Action Recognition
Gouw, S. (Stijn) de and Helvensteijn, M. (Michiel)Automatic Program Verification in Mist
Halm, E. (Eyal)Genetic Algorithm Driven DesiGn Space Exploration Tool (GADGET)
Imami, F. (Feraaz)Simulation and Exploration of LAURA Processor Architectures with SystemC
Kaziliunas, A.DISCUS: A Grade Management System
Lee, B.V.Y. (Beatrix)Analysing Molecular Landscapes using Random Walks and Information Theory
Marijt, R. (Robert)Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings
Pouw , M. (Michiel)Constraint Automata with Synchronization Points
Ramjiawan, N. (Nadia)Mapping Multiple onto SPEs of the Cell BE Platform using the SCO Model of Computation
Rietveld, K.F.R. (Kristian)An Implementation of Intelligent Disk Block Replication in Minix
Stafleu, J. (Jasper)UML Specification of and UML Tooling for Paradigm
Steenbergen, T. (Thomas)Analysis of using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications from Image Manipulation
Vijfhuize, M. (Maarten)SMEPP: A Novel System Modeling Environment for Performance Prediction
Vink, R. (Ron)Temporal Pattern Analysis using Reservoir Computing
Vries, T. (Timo) dePredicting High-Level Cognitive Decisions using Low-level Features from Eye Gaze Data
Wang, L. (Liang)Across Browsers SVG Implementation
Wang, X. (Xuan)An Emperical Study on the Relation Between the Quality of UML Models and the Quality of the Implementation
Wurdinger, K. (Kerstin)Investigating an Evolutionary Strategy to Forecast Time Series

Student Thesis Content
Casteren, M. (Maarten) vanWeather Forecasting on a Multicluster
Cornelisse, C. (Cor)The HIRLAM Weather Forecasting Model on Small Memory Systems
Farago, T. (Tamas)A Framework for Heterogeneous Desktop Parallel Computing
Goes, V. (Vincent) van derAsymmetric Sharing
Haastregt, S. (Sven) vanAutomated Synthesis of C Programs to Hardware Process Networks
Kruisselbrink, J. (Johannes)Evolutionary Algorithms for Automated Drug Design
Kuijl, A. (Alexander) van derA Robust Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Grid resource Allocation
Lee, B.V.Y. (Yuanling)Analyzing Molecular Landscapes using Random Walks and Information Theory
Li, X. (Xuan)Java Interaction Testing
Mubarak, Q. (Qurratulain)PABS: Paradigm Application on Biological Systems: A Computational Biological Systems Modelling Tool
Oosten, M. (Maarten)Verleden Namen
Peironcely, J.Chemogenomics, Analysis of GPCR Ligands by Molecular Subgraph Mining
Pollard, M. (Marthinus)Mixed-Integer Constrained Optimization; An Evolutionary Approach
Yan, K. (Kuan)Object Tracking and Data Analysis of Migrating Tumor Cells Visualized by time-lapse video
Zhang, A. (Anyi)Bayesian Mixed Integer Optimization using A-priori Knowledge on Variable Dependences
Zhang, Y. (Yan)Estimation of 3D Motion in Time Sequences of Volumetric MRI Data
Zon, B. (Bas) vanDesigning and Simulating Brain Structures using a Specially Built GUI

Student Thesis Content
Altorf, M. (Maarten)Data Mining on Grids
Bao, Y. (Yini)Content Based Web Sampling
Braak, M. (Marjolein)Optimizing Visualization Techniques of Triangulated Three-dimensional Models Derived from plan-parallel Microscopic Images
Groenendijk, B. (Bas)Uncovering the Classification Characteristics of Olfactory G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Hogewoning, E. (Eric)Strategies for Affect-Controlled Action-Selection in Soar-RL
Khoesial, A. (Aarti)The Use of Archimate and Archetypes in a National Clinical Environment
Klinkenberg, J.W. (Jan-Willem)SMS-Algorith for Parallel Multiobjective Optimization with Costly Evaluations
Li, Z. (Zan)Microrray Image Analysis with Focus on Background Correction
Maar, S. (Sander) van derTomography and the Cell
Mooij, A. (Arjen) deGraphview: a Kahn Process Network Visualization Tool
Nezhinsky, A. (Alexander)How Rules Determine the Operator
Rikkers, E. (Edwin)Robocop Components Trust and Simulation
Samwel, B. (Bart)Pebble Scope and the Power of Pebble Tree Transducers
Strijbosch, L. (Luc)Speeding up Ozone Profile Retrieval using Machine Learning Techniques
Vuurden, K. (Klaske) vanSearching for Unique Strings of Variable Length in DNA using Pruned and Truncated Suffix Trees

Student Thesis Content
Tao, Y. (Ying)Heterogeneous Multiprocessor System Design with ESPAM: Integration of Hardware IP Cores
Berg, A. (Arjan) van denEvolutionary Strategies in Peer-to-Peer Search
Chen, J. (Juan)On Recombination in (mu, lambda) Evolution Strategies
Cox, M. (Martijn)Simulated Evolution: A model of Evolution Focussing on Neural Networks
Damen, S. (Stephen)Integrated Web Searching
Feng, T. (Tian)Mathematical Morphology Based Microarray Image Processing and Analysis and its Data Evalutation
Groot, S. (Sven)Sparse Code Optimization: Automatic Transformation of Linked List Pointer Structures
Iterson, M. (Maarten) vanCollecting and Analyzing Natural Variants in G Protein Coupled Receptors
Kerhoff, R. (Remco) vanAnalysis of DNA Sequence using Signal Processing Techniques
Kovaciogluels. M. (Mehmet)Application Framework for the Classification of CLSM Images used in Active Shape Mod
Kwantes, P. (Pieter)Design of Clearing and Settlement Operations: A Case Study in Business Process Modeling and Analysis with Petri Nets
Li, Q. (Quanjing)Computational Properties of Cortical Columns
Ruhamanya, M. (Marine)Archimate Complements a CMMT Initiative: Case Study
Schipper, D. (Dorieke)A Robust Algorithm for Transformation Estimation and Applications
Snuijf, D. (David) AND Walters, J. (Johan)Mapping Streambases Application to an Intel IXP Network Processor using Compaan
Spek, H. (Harmen) van derTowards an Automatic Derivation of Tarjan's Algorithm for Detecting Strongly Connected Components in Directed Graphs
Starkenburg, T. (Thijs) vanImproving Cancer Survivability Prognostication Software
Swart, M. (Michel)Een Expert System voor het Dateren van Oude Studio Portretfoto's
Velden, R. (Richard)Benchmarking Database Distribution by Simulating Load on the Web-tier
Witsenburg, T. (Tijn)Unravelling the Genetic Structure of NP-completeness
Wolf, L. (Leo)Design of a System for Processing and Retrieving Medical Narrative Data
Xu, L. (Li)CardGuard-2: A Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System on Network Processors
Zhong, W. (Wei)Embedded System-level Platform Synthesis and Application. Mapping for Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Multiprocessor Systems
Zon, M. (Matthijs) van derAdding Robustness and Scalability to Existing Data Mining Algorithms for Successful Handling of Large Data Sets

Student Thesis Content
Bei, Y. (Yun)IDBX, An Image Database for Data Exchange in Virtual Communities
Bruin, J.S. (Jeroen) deA Simulator for Component Based Systems
Gao, Y. (Yan)P. Systems with Non-reactive Objects
Huang, K. (Kai) AND Gu, J. (Ji)Automatic Platform Synthesis and Application Mapping for Multiprocessor Systems ON-Chip
Liu, G. (Guoxiang)A New Algorithm for Ring Checking in Molecules
Liu, J. (Jinshuo)Shape Analysis and Pattern Recognition in Pathogen Yeast Cryptococcus Neoformans
Meijer, S. (Sjoerd)A Process Splitting Transformation for Kahn Process Networks
Meuleman, W. (Wouter)Integration and Analysis of Zebrafish Microarray Data
Peeters, M. (Mark)The architecture of a Basic Personal Network
Roestenburg, R. (Robin)Particle Swarm Optimization: Finding Optimal Poker Strategies
Wang, W. (Wei)Using Eclipse as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For Compaan
Zhang, Y.An Evaluation of Models for Publishing Dynamic Prediction Information in the Grid
Zhou, H. (Haobo)Asynchronous Communication for the Halo Data Swap in the HIRLAM Weather Forecast Model

Student Thesis Content
Barthel,. M. (Mischa)Petri Nets: Model Checking, Unfoldings and the Observable Configuration Graph
Bilanovic, V. (Vedran)Temporal Difference Driving Exam
Breukelaar, R. (Ron)Evolving Transition rules for Multi Dimensional Cellular Automata
Brijder, R. (Robert)Characterizing Reducibility of Gene Patterns in Ciliates
Cocx, T. (Tim)Automated Generation and Analysis of Logical Puzzles: The Flats Puzzle
Cui, K. (Kejia)Prediction of Aqueous Solubility through a Neural Network
Haazebroek, P. (Pascal)Web Event Based Usability Analysis
Hoogeboom, M. (Michiel)Architecture and Implementation Compliance: Reaching Compliance by means of Automation
Huang, K.Exploiting Parallelism to Solve the Problem of Pattern Matching
Laros, J.F.J. (Jeroen)Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Liem, G. (Gideon)Increasing Quality in Software Production, using the Test-Feedback Chain
Moerland, T. (Tijmen)Color Constancy from Local Invariant Regions
Nabuurs, R. (Remco)Energy-bound Genetic Programming
Netten, C.P.M. (Niels)Towards Believable Virtual Characters using a Computational Model of Emotion
Nguyen, H.T.High-Speed Packet Filtering on IX P1200 Network Processors
Oerlemans, A. (Ard)Detecting and Identifying Moving Objects in Real-Time
Pandit, P.Feasibility of Rhapsody for Nexperia Home
Pinkers, R.P.J. (Rogier)Analysis of Compiler Optimizations using Orthogonal Arrays
Portokalidis, G.Zero Hour Worm Detection and Containment using Honeypots
Shir, O.M. (Ofer)Niching in Evolution Strategies
Simoons, P.J. (Pieter)Code Organization and Run-time Reorganization using Active Linking
Verbeek, M.L. (Marie Louise)Goudvissen

Student Thesis Content
Badal, A.R.D. (Anjali)Analyse en ICT-Ondersteuning van Communicatie-Driven Processen
Batenburg, K.J. (Joost)An Evolutionary Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
Booij, I. (Ilja) deDesign and Implementation of Safety and Extensibility in the Corral
Bruijn, W.J. (Willem Jan) deApplying High Speed Active Networking Applied to Network Management
Chen, H.Q.Equity Premium Prediction and Investment Strategy Searching with Genetic Programming
Cheung, K.H.E. (Kok Hing)Business Modelling with Testbed and UML
Choenni, A.R.S. (Amar)COMTEC Web Bestaand Systeem Toegankelijk Maken via Internet
Dmitrieva, J. (Julia)Het Toepassen van het TD (lambda) Algoritme op het Spel Vier-op-een-rij
Grutter, G.H. (Gert Hans)Evolution Strategies and the Spacing of Airplanes in Final Approach Airspace
Haverkorn van Rijsewijk, J.W. (Jeroen)Evolution of Game Strategies using Genetic Programming
Jansen, R.L. (Slinger)Mobile Dining Philosophers and Paradigm
Kampenhout, N. (Niels) vanSystematic Specification and Verification of Coordination: Towards Patterns for Paradigm Models
Koning, P.J. (Peter)Neurale Netwerken voor Baggerschepen
Li, H.Predicting Job Start Times on Clusters
Linden, M. (Mark) terUsing Computational Grids for Earth Observation Data Processing
Plas, A. (Andre) van derCombining WebDAV with CVS, An Exercise in Refactoring
Raikin, S. (Shlomo)Hardware Implementation of the Sequence Alignment and the Blast Algorithms
Rampartaap, D. (Djankidevi)Conversatie Ondersteuning met Behulp van het Language Action Perspective
Sun, Y.Neural Networks for Emotion Classification
Tijms, A.C. (Arjan)An Initial Step Towards a Job Hosting System Design and Implementation of an Intuitive and easy Model for Specifying Filters for Branching Data-sets
Verburgt, A.J. (Alexander)An Unwaypointed Data Structure for Tactical Movement
Visser, J.V.Bot Hosting System
Wiering, M. (Martijn)Dynamics in Compaan: A Case Study

Student Thesis Content
Arts, A. (Arthur)Requirements Analysis & Implementatie van Applicatie voor het van Beheer Projectsites
Baan, A. (Arno)Prototype LOFAR using Evolutionary Algorithms in Scheduling Engine
Burg, M. (Mathijs) van derGenetic Algorithms for Nonograms
Burg, R.S. (Rogier) van derCalculating Supports for Itemsets using a Neural Network
Chabab, M. (Mohammed)Behaviour and Communication in SOCCA and the UML
Doezie, E.J. (Eric)Adaptive Routing in an Active Network
Jacob, J.F. (Joost)A Scriptable Planner: Using Phyton as a Problem Definition Language
Jansen, E.Vervormingsanalyse in de Linker Hartkamer met HARP, Een Validatie aan de Hand van Synthetische Data
Krul, T.W.J.P. (Timo)A Scalable Platform for Internet Topology Discovery and Visualization
Meel, R.E.K. (Ronald) van derUML Modellering van Onderwijsprocessen
Niaki. R. (Reza)GRIP (GIS-based Routing System for Exceptional Transports)
Poeran, A.S. (Amar)Visualisatie van een Semantisch Netwerk
Rest, J.H.C. (Jeroen) vanVideo Indexing and Retrieval using Signatures
Rosengarten, G.H. (Gijs)Random Creatie van Plaatjes ter Ondersteuning van het Creatieve Process
Samsonova, E. (Elena)Helix: An Artificial Life System Modelling DNA
Vaart, M. (Martijn) van derDistributed Gameplaying using Genetic Programming
Wiering, M.J. (Martijn)Dynamics in Compaan, A Case Study
Wieske, U.G.R. (Urso)Modelling Escher Viewer Software
Wijk, H.J. (Henk Jan) van derGedistribueerde Architecturen en het ‘Mobil Channel Model'

Student Thesis Content
Achakzai, O. (Omar)Information Extraction in a Document management System
Berk, V.H. (Vincent)Development of Network Security and Computer Forensics in a Law Enforcement Environment
Braber, F. (Folker) denA Precise Foundation for Modular Refinement in MSC
Cleeff, A. (Andre) vanE-commerce, Software voor het Lab.
Guillen Scholten, J.V. (Juan)MoCha, A Model for Distributed Mobile Channels
Jansen, M.L.M. (Mischa)Determining an Observation-Scheduling Strategy for the LOFAR Radio Telescope using Evolutionary Computation Techniques
Kiel, J.M.J. (Joris)Het Gebruik van eM-Plant in een Onderwijs-situatie
Matzken, S.F.I. (Irene)Digital Identification of Musical Instruments
Niestadt, J. (Jan)Real-time Displacement Mapping for Large Indoor Scenes
Noort, R. (Roel)The Software Process. A Practical Approach for an Offshore Development Center
Oudshoorn, E. (Erica)Text-independent Speaker Verification. Relative Contribution of Segmental Versus Prosodic Information
Palomo van Es, D. (Daniel)Fuzzy Association Rules and Promotional Scales Data
Pelt, X. (Xander) vanThe Fusion Factor: A Constrained Data Fusion Approach
Tas, P. (Peter)Het Modelleren van Workflows met behulp van UML en Patterns
Verlooij, E.R.R. (Eric)Contextmanagement in een n-tier Omgeving
Vermeulen, D. (Daniel)An Experimental Tax System in SugarScape
Witteman, J.J.W. (Jeroen)Frequent Iternsets: Taxonomies, Interestingness, Fuzzy Logic and Time Behaviour

Student Thesis Content
A.H. CelebiBlackboard frameworks in SOCCA developing a blackboard framework for a single-user agenda and modelling this in SOCCA
A.T. IsmailVisual Data Mining
Aalbregt, E. (Erik)Using OO metrics And heuristics to evaluate OO programs
B. JansenSolving CSPs and COPs using self-adaptive constraint weights
Bominaar, P.P.J. (Peter Paul)Niching Methods for Evolution Strategies in Multimodal Dynamic Landscapes
Heurn, G.A.C. (Gijsbert) vanHet Eindspel in het Schaken: Van Database tot Regels
Hoek, K. (Kars) van derEen hernieuwde overdracht. De rol van de overdrachtsfase in de software life cycle
J. de WildeObjectgeorienteerde Databases
J. KuiperMotion segmentation by combining optical Flow and Colour Regions
J.M. StoorvogelAnticipatie op verandering in functionaliteit
M. den HeijerParallel Face Recognition
M. PapeschiParticle Swarm Optimization. Empirical comparison with Evolution Strategies and Self-adaptation of the inertia weight
Nijssen, S.G.R. (Siegfried)Data Mining using Logic: Tightening the Gap Between Logic and Specialised Algorithms
Noback, R. (Roel)Connectivity Services
R. VisserThe Dectection, tracking and Recognition of Moving Objects: an Approach
S.D. de HoogSSD-Afstudeerverslag
Sluiter, F.P. (Floris)A New Branch Prediction Strategy
Stam, A. (Andries)Towards modeling techniques for component based software design

Student Thesis Content
A.P.J. SannenNieuw Brandweer Voorraad Systeem
Beugelsdijk, R.R.A. (Ruud)TIP tips, An Investigation into the Automatic Recognition of Themes in Chess Problems
E. Edelenbos, E. (Eric)Change Management toegepast op de Rapportage binnen nOIse
Hogeweg, W. (Willem)A Comparison and Evaluation of De-interlacing Techniques
Kesteren, B.A.F.J. (Bernard) vanThe Clustering Problem in Dutch High Schools: Changing Metrics in Search Space
Kramer, A.E. (Tony)Waterstandsvoorspellingen tijdens storm-situaties met behulp van neurale netwerken
Krouwel, R. (Rene)Overerving van Data, Gedrag, Functionaliteit en Communicatie bij Object Orientatie
L.D.D. KoopmanMogelijkheden van XML voor Distributie van Vertrouwelijke Gegevens via Internet
M. MoolenaarImplementation of a compiler back-end for superscalar and VLIW architectures
M.B.J. KoekModifying a parser generator to produce a test case generator
Mangroo, S. (Suresh)Forecasting Individual Stock Prices using Artificial Neural Networks
Mark, P. (Paul) van derIterative Compilation
N.A.L. van der VaartTowards Totally Self-adjusting genetic Algorithms: Let Nature Sort it Out
Ramlal,N. (Nitin)Business Process Reengineering in SOCCA
Rijsdam, J.T. (Joachim)An automatic left-ventricular search and fitting method using a three-dimensional point distribution model
Schouten, E. (Ed)Ontwikkeling van Logische data omgevingen middels datawarehousing voor rapportage en Management Informatie
Sprenger, J. (Jeroen)Finite State Machines Playing the Prisoner‘™s
Woestijne, C.E. (Christiaan) van deA formal characterisation of the Delilah system

Student Thesis Content
A.M.J. SpaansA content based query Algorithm for a databse of seismic images
Adoram, M. (Meirav)Image Retrieval using Shape
Arkel, D.F.R. (Diederik) vanAnnotated Types - A System for Constrained Datatypes in Functional Languages
Best, J.P. (Jan-Pascal) vanTree-Walking Automata and Monadic Second Order Logic
Breugel, C. (Camiel) vanA Visual Method for Teaching Grammatical Concepts to Primary and Secondary Schoolers: An Interactive Sentence Assembly Tool on the Internet
Brugman, H. (Henk)Software Process Modelling in SOCCA
Buijs, J.M. (Jean Marie)Toward Semantic Based Multimedia Search
Craenen, B.G.W. (Bart)An Experimental Comparison of Three Different Heuristic Gas for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Cuyper, I. (Ignacx) deData Warehousing: Richtlijnen en Criteria voor de Integrale Aspecten van een Ontwikkelstraat
Eggermont, J. (Jeroen)Rule-extraction and Learning in the BP-SOM Architecture
Ehteshami, M. (Mehran)Use Case Driven SOCCA Modelling
Fransen, P.M. (Pauline)Solving Vehicle Routing Problems with Genetic Algorithms and Heuristics
Hemert, J.I. (Jano) vanApplying Adaptive Evolutionary Algorthms to Hard Problems
Jankie, R. (Rokesh)Solving a University Timetabling Problem using Local Search
Jong, M.B. (Michiel) deAdaptive Sampling on the Similarities Between Learning and Evolving
Kerstholt, J.M.C. (Janine)AWENS Artificial Worls for Evolving New Species. An Investigation to Creation of New Digital Species
Moolenaar, H.J. (Henk)Evolutionary Algorithms and the Set Partitioning Problem
Most, J. (Jeroen) van derThe Design and Implementation of a Socca Editor
Nieuwland, M. (Madelon)FRESCO, an Electronic Document Mangement System in SSI
Roks, J. (Jeroen)Towards Code Generation in a SOCCA Environment
Slootbeek, R.H.R. (Ron)Proposal for a New Connection Management Architecture
Sum, T.W. (Nelson)Configuration Management

Student Thesis Content
Sakkee, C.C. (Carlo)Cover: de eindspeldatabanken
Beek, V.J. (Vincent)Ontwikkeling van een Beheersysteem bij Geotronics Network Services
Berends, M.J. (Martel)Attribuutselectie als Basis voor Datamining
Egas, M. (Rinie)Benchmarking of Visual Query Algorithms
Elia, D. (Danny)Population dynamics with and without communication in AEGIS
Hardijzer, F. (Frans) AND Niesen, E.L.H. (Bert)4e Generatie Systeemontwikkeling. Onderzoek naar een Geschikte Documentatie Methodiek voor Akzo Nobel Information Services
Kleverlaan, L.N.J. (Rens)Het Proces Data Warehousing
Kruiswijk, B. (Bas)Aggreagaties en Dynamische Modellen
La Riviere, I. (Inge)Multimedia Databases. A Literature Study: Store and Retrieval Methods
M.E. VinkHet oplossen van combinatorische problemen met evolutionaire algoritmen
Neuteboom, E.A. (Edzko)Begripvorming van Klantgedrag met Behulp van Neurale Netwerken
Op ‘t Landt, F. (Fleur)Stock Price Prediction
Out, M. (Maurits)Kostenschatting voor het Wegbeheer met Behulp van Neurale Netwerken
Plugge, Y. (Yvonne)Application of a Genetic Algorithm in Feature Selection
R.A. van der SteltPerspective frame extrapolation
Ron, A. (Arnon) AND Bruin, D.J. (Durk Jan)Vertikale Ontkoppeling van Informatie-Systemen
Schuitema, E.J. (Ezra)Towards a SOCCA environment: a meta class diagram for SOCCA and use cases for the environment
Spierenburg, J.A. (Joost)Dimension Reduction of Images using Neural Networks
Spruit, C. (Carla)Blackboard Systems in SOCCA
Thijssen, B. (Bjorn)Adaptive Genetic Algorithms with Multiple Subpopulations and Multiple Parents
Weg, M. (Marco) van derPrediction of the water level during storm situations using neural networks
Wentzler, D. (Davy)A Postgres95 Database for a visual search demo on Internet, configures around the Leiden 19th Century Portrait Database

Student Thesis Content
Bavinck, P.L. (Peter)Automatic Comparison and Evaluation of Similarities in Images
Beek, M.H. (Maurice) terTeams in grammar systems
Belt, J.A. (Jacques) van denSOCCA Modelling Case Study
Bloem, R. (Roderick)Attribute Grammars and Monadic Second Order Logic
Bouma, K. (Klaas)Een Communicatie-Architectuur voor het Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat
Claas, W.J. (Willem)Leren met Terugkoppeling, Het Gemiddeld Generaliserend Vermogen van Feed-forward Netwerken
Dassen, J.H.M. (Ray)Molecular Computation and Splicing Systems
E. BosmaConflict reduction and decision making process
E. van DisHet vergelijken van restauratie algoritmen voor de verbetering van 3D CLSM beelden
Flier, H.C. (Hessel) van derGeneric ISDN analysis tool, GINA object oriented software design
Graaf, A. (Arie) deLeVis, Lexical Scanning for Visual Languages
Hauw, K. (Koen) van derEvaluating and Improving Steady State Evolutionary Algorithms on Constraint Satisfaction Problems
J. SuijkerInside the IBM Digital Library
Lausberg, Y. (Yuri)A Content-based Image Search Engine in Cyberspace
M. HaasScene-break detection and recognition
M. HeusTowards measurable process models, a construction based on SOCCA, GQM, SWA and HIT
M. MakInterfacing Heterogeneous Databases with a Formal Specification of the Attribute Mappings
M.H.J. van der BurgKISS modellering bij ICT, de invoering van een objectgeorienteerde ontwikkelingsmethode
Meijboom, L. (Leejanne)Generalizations of Mazurkiewicz Traces
Nadema, D.M. (Doutie)Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for the Knapsack Problem
Nieuwenhuizen, A.W.J.G.M. (Lex) van denGestructureerd Testen van Objectgeorienteerd Ontworpen Systemen
R. HoogenboomHuman face detection and recognition
R. RoodenburgToepassing van een object-georienteerde methode voor het herontwerpen van informatiesystemen
S. van der BurgAuthorisatie, beveiliging en gebruik van een (query) database gemodelleerd met SOCCA
S.F. da SilvaGo and Genetic Programming: Playing Go with Filter Functions
Tauritz, D.R. (Daniel)Adaptive Information Filtering as a means to overcome Information Overload
Vermeulen, J.T. (Jeroen)Viability of a Parsing Algorithm for Context-Sensitive Graph Grammars
Vugt, N. (Nike) vanGeneralized Context-Free Grammars
Zon, J. (Jeroen) van derEvolutionary Change, The Evolution of Change Management

Student Thesis Content
Bierman, V.J. (Vincent)Graphical Scanning of Diagrams, a Spatial Relations Analyzer
Boer, R. den AND Rooij, G. deCT and MRI volume matching
Bos, K.A. (Arjen)Cover: The World in One Game
Deijl, E.A.P. (Eric) van der AND Kanbier, G. (Gerco)The Cache Visualisation Tool
Demmenie, P. (Pamela)Forward Modelling of Resistivity Logs using Neural Networks
Guijt, H. (hans) AND Dratner, C. (Christof)Image normalization for visual search methods in digital image databases
Habets, N.P.J. (Nick)Automated message processing
Hoogmoed, M.Driehoeksbeleggingen vanuit polygonen
Jongepier, L. (Linda)Petri Net Talen
Knoops, N. (Nico)Algoritmen voor het Maken van Roosters
Koeckhoven, V.P.J. (Vincent)O.O.7. Een Nieuwe object Georienteerde Methode voor het Maken van Procesbeschrijving van Zuivelproduktiesystemen
Kruijt, H. (Huib)Two Petri net semantics for CCS
Lambooy, R. (Roberto)CALM, a Different Approach: Evolution in and Experimenting with CALM Architectures
Meinesz, P.K.From a primitive relational data structure to a feature-based data structure
Meltzer, M.C. (Matthijs)Genetische Algoritmen voor Combinatorische Problemen
Nigten, R. (Richard)Templates for Nuclear Medicine Image Display
Noordhuis, J.Gondel, Een Generiek Ontwerp voor Netwerk Data Elementen
Oltmans, K.J. (Kees Jan)Geographic information systems
Pit, L.J. (Laurens Jan)Parallel Genetic Algorithms
Praag, T.W. (Thomas) vanDe adembeweging en persoonlijkheid
Reutelingsperger, R. (Roger)OMA, een Objectgeorienteerde Multimediale Associator
Rijnbeek, M. (Mark)Modelling a software process using SOCCA
Silakhori, N. (Nasser)Ontwerp en Implementatie van een Hybrid Query Tool (HQTool)
Sman, P. (Peter) van derHet Effect van Vertragingen voor Treinreizigers: Het RVM-model
Stappers, B.H. (Ben)Quality Systems in the IT Sector with the Specification of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities (SOCCA)
Steenhuis, M. (Maarten)Reflections on Functional Modelling in SOCCA
Wiemer, M. (Mariette)Optimalisatie met een Genetisch Algoritme van een Genetisch Algoritme om Neurale Netwerken te Ontwerpen
Willemsen, R.F. (Richard)TEMPO and SOCCA: Concepts, modelling and comparison
Wulms, A.P. (Alex)Adaptive Software Process Modelling with SOCCA and PARADIGM

Student Thesis Content
Baas, S. (Simon) AND Jong, H. (Hans) deMeteorological Visualization using VIS-5D
Bevelander, R. (Robert)Service Creatie in een Open Service Architecture
Bijleveld, N. (Nicole)Verbetering van de uitvoering van serienummerbewaking, lifetimebewaking, opslagbewaking
Boer, B.G. (Bart) deArtificial autonomous agents and learning systems
Boer, B.G. (Bart) deAn autonomous robot learning basic behaviours
Boer, B.G. (Bart) deClassifier systems: a useful approach to machine learning?
Boode, A.H. (Ton)On Modelling a Basic Call
Borst, M.V. (Marko)Local Structure Optimization in Evolutionary Generated Neural Network Architectures
Bouknecht, G.N. (Gerrit)Trace-monoiden en het Doorsnedeprobleem
Boven, G.J. (Gert Jan)Voorwaarden voor Flexibele Management Informatievoorziening in het Academisch Ziekenhuis Rotterdam
Brandts-Overduin, C.C. (Carine)Overerving van Dynamisch Gedrag
Buuren, T. (Thomas) vanLevel of detail visualisation for 3D real-time visual systems
Chich, C.H. (Chi-Hsiang)Toepassing van Software Architectuur
Costers, A. (Annemarie)Richtlinien fuer Entwurf von EIS-Anwendungen im Bankbereich
Elzakker, T. (Thomas) vanIntegrating Method Objects into the Object-Oriented Life Cycle Approach
Enk, E. (Eveline) vanEffectiviteit van systeemontwerp
Gelsema, T. (Tjalling)Petrinetsemantiek van Mobiele Processen
Hage, J. (Jurriaan)ARL and PR2, Reversible Languages
Höppener, J.J. (Joris)The Merlin Process Transactions, specified with Socca
Horick, R.A.S. vanSimulatie en logistiek
Jak, P. (Paul)Modeling Levels of Detail in visual databases
Lachaud, J.O. (Jacques-Olivier)Segmentation d'images tri dimensionelles par bulle deformable
Lim A Po, S.J. (Sandra)Gebruikersparticipatie bij het ontwerpen van informatiesystemen
Lu, Y. (Yu)Analyse van bloedstroming in de hersenen
Meinds, K.Gemini Redesign
Otersen, M. (Matthias)An architectural approach to the development of information systems
Ouwehand, B. (Ben)Het Afbeelden van Transaction Based Programma's op Multiprocessorsystemen
Paalder, A.E.A C++ Implementation of a Parser for Visual Languages based on Relational Grammars
Purwanto, S. (Silwanus)Beveiligingsplan ter Bescherming van Geautomatiseerde Gegevens
Ravensberg, J. (Jan)Capturing the Aspects of Software Engineering: A Case Study of the 3D-Model
Reyden, J. (Joppe) van derBusinessplanning SARA met betrekking tot internet; ontwikkeling en realisatieplanning van een ondernemersvisie
Schee, L. van derVirtual Environments for Geographical Information Systems
Schelvis, W.A.M. (Wilbert)The Decidability of the Boundedness of Functions on Hypergraph Generating Tree Grammars
Sung, M. (Mony)DDSystem, a data base development tool
Vliet, R. (Rudy) vanDrie Varianten van het A*-algoritme
Voet, S. (Saskia) van derOnderzoek werkplek automatisering, Lotis Notes
Vries, E.F. de AND Kumara, G.P.Operations on JPEG images
Vroomen, O. (Otto) deMigratie van een gesloten Wang VS systeem naar een open Unix omgeving
Wessels Boer, C. (Christien)Analysing information retrieval structures for research information, a contribution to the Merger Project
Wulms, A. (Alex)On the dynamic behaviour of back propagation networks

Student Thesis Content
Boekman, D.M.E. (Diana)Structure Optimisation of Modular Neural Network: The Baldwin Effect in Evolutionary Search for Good Modular Neural Network Architectures
Bos, A. (Andre)Diagnosis of Industrial Systems, An Approach Based on Logic
Bruijn, M.A. (Martin)Apecten van Electronisch Aangeven van Transitoverkeer
Hoogland, N.J. (Nick)Sold State Disk
Smit, J.W. (Jan Willem)Pink Library
Vereijken, J.J. (Jan Joris)Graph Grammars and Operations on Graphs
Visser, G.P. (Ger)Het kennissysteem ESTRADAGO

Student Thesis Content
Boers, E.J.W. (Egbert) AND Kuiper, H. (Herman)Biological Metaphors and the Design of Modular Artificial Neural Networks