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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Adwan, A. (Amr)Impact of Hyperparameters on Model Performance in Split Learning
Hulsebosch, H. (Hugo) An Exploration of C2 Server Fingerprinting Capabilities with Probed HTTP Data
Janssen, M. (Maxim)Optimally Weighted Machine Learning Model Ensembles using Quadratic Optimization in Python
Opdam, C. (Chika) Automatic Action Detection in Cell Imaging
Saint-Genez, A. (Arnaud) Reinforcement Learning in Inventory Management: Addressing Finite Shelf Life and Lead Time in Infinite Horizon Problems

Student Thesis Content
Aalst, B. van (Bas)Ultrasound Indoor Positioning System for Localization of a Moving Object
Abhelakh, Z. (Zoë)Uncovering Influential Artists and Musical Communities in an Artist Co-Follower Network
Azzegarh, O. (Oualid)A Concurrent Visual Programming Language
Baronner, T. (Thomas)Finite accessibility of Higher-Dimensional Automata and unbounded parallelism of their languages [IW]
Beek, R. van der (Rutger) Monocular Depth Estimation Neural Networks: a Comprehensive Analysis
Berg, J. van den (Joren)Expanding Side-Channel Data Sets Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Berg, P. van den (Perri)Exploring Optimal Strategies for Dice of Doom
Bingen, Z.A. (Zahir)Verification of Combinational and Sequential Circuits in LEAN3
Boere, S. (Stijn)Bootstrapping Speech Synthesis Training
Boogaard, D. van den (Daniel)Solving Rullo, A Mathematical Puzzle
Bot, A.J. (Anthony)Performance of Reinforcement Learning Agents within Gameworlds of Differing Coarsnesses
Broch, G. (Gijs)Deep and Shallow Features for Image Classification
Broek, A. van den (Amber)Hex Circles Winning Strategies for Variants of Hex using Pure Monte-Carlo [IW]
Capelle, J. van (Jelle)Detecting Phase Transitions using Forward-Forward Neural Networks
Ende, D. van den (Dirck)Towards a Compiler for Partial Differential Equations for Analog Computers [IW]
Feijen, R. (Romke)Counting Winning Hands in Rummikub
Goemans, L. (Luca)Scalability of Music Genre Classification Algorithms
Gravesteijn, J. (Joris)On the vulnerability of open-source eFPGAs to malicious attacks based on power-hammering designs
Halsema, M.S. (Martijn)Demystifying the Raven Roost Metaheuristic
Hegeman, M. (Meili)Generating Pipes puzzles using maze-generating algorithms
Hepkema, S. (Sven)Enabling Collaboration in a Model Design Environment
Hermans, I.F. (Skandar)Soft Skills in Computer Science
Hu, Y. (Yvo)Measuring functional volume of a general programming language based on framework code
Isleyen, Y. (Yunus)A cross-case analysis of the integration of computational thinking in the English subject
Jol, C. (Casper)How to Solve and Generate Marupeke Puzzles
Jonkman, L. (Leonie)Gender stereotypes: an analysis of Python programming books for children in the Netherlands
Klaassen, H.J.R. (Rutger)Using sentiment analysis on tweets for predicting cryptocurrency price movements: A case study
Kling, A. (Alano)Automatically Deriving Sorting Algorithms in tUPL
Kompier, M. (Mark)High-resolution SRCNN Hyperparameter Optimisation
Kooistra, S. (Sara)Achieving the Maximal Score in Azul
Lawson, D. (Dominique)Formalizing the Van Kampen Theorem for Directed Topology [IW]
Lim, X.N. (Nuan) Parallel code generation using SIMD on multi-core CPUs
Liu, J. (Jingwen)Evaluating the Zero-shot Performance of Three Transformer Models in Reddit Posts
Martens, C. (Christian)Ground State approximation with Product States using Graph Theory
Massa, R. (Rajeck)Implementation and Evaluation of a Detection Tool for Data Hiding Techniques in EXT4 File Systems
Meza Orellana, S.G. (Stephan)ADTLang: A Declarative Language to Describe Attack Defense Trees
Mohalaia, M. (Marwa)Implementing a User Interface for Attack-Defense Tree WebApp Using Human-Computer Interaction Principles
Mulders, W.M. (Wouter)Het Handelsreizigersprobleem opgelost met behulp van reinforcement learning [IW]
Nasrat, O. (Omid)Hedy: De implementatie van een syntax highlighter
Nielen, N. van (Nick)Visualizing, Analysing and Constructing L-systems from Arborized 3D Models using a Web Application
Oei, J. (Jimmy)Automated Dynamic Analysis of Java Exploit Proof-of-Concepts
Oppenhuis, K. (Koen)Variants of Monte Carlo Tree Search in the Game ColorShapeLinks
Reijalt, P. (Petter)Effect of Initial Sampling on Short-term Behaviour of Differential Evolution
Remmelzwaal, B. (Bart)Using simulated training data in deep learning networks
Ruigrok, L. (Lars)Benchmarking Lightweight Cryptography for TLS
Schaik, C. van (Camiel)CompAI: A user-friendly software tool to support the CapAI procedure for AI Act conformity assessment.
Schuitemaker, R. (Ruben)Quantum Money from Knots [IW]
Simpeh, J. (Jeremiah)A New Way of Learning English: Integration of Computational Thinking Through Digital Storytelling
Skulj, T. (Toni)Implementing skipping faulty code for the Hedy programming language
Slangen, F. (Femke)Strategies for the Deck Building Game Dominion
Steennis, C. (Christian)Identifying the phase change of the Ising model using a Spiking Neural Network
Tatman, A. S. (Andrew)Formal Specification and Analysis of OpenJDK’s BitSet Class
Tseng, R. (Rayden)Comparing human opinions to GPT-3.5 generated opinions on Dutch news articles
Vermeulen, S.C. (Sam)Self-Monitoring Automated Algorithm Configuration
Vertegaal, L. (Lieke)Vecs2Pauli - An Algorithm for Finding Stabilizers and Transformations of Quantum States
Wong, K.M. (Kah Ming)Efficacy and Characteristics of Search Algorithms in Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe
Wuhrer, J. (Jakob)Extending methods for approximate determinization of weighted automata to other semirings [IW]
Zee, Q. (Quinten)Development of Computational Thinking Curricula in Primary Schools
Zeidi, S.S. (Seyed)Synergizing UML Class Modeling and Natural Language to Code Conversion: A GPT-3.5-powered Approach for Seamless Software Design and Implementation

Student Thesis Content
Al-nassar, S. (Suzan)The Discovery of Underlying Topics within Coronavirus-Related Articles
Allison, L. (Lucas)Proxy Caching in Accenture’s Employee Evolution Tree Project
Bergman, O.T.C. (Oscar)CHAD-net: Continuous Human Action Detection in RGB video
Blom, T. (Thomas)Learning Signal-Meaning Mappings in an Emergent Communication System using Neural Networks
Buurman, D. (Dennis)Threat Intelligence Feed For Mobile Applications
Dijke, J. (Job) van Extracting Characteristics of Emotions from Audio
Dirker, K. (Kenneth)Monitoring Wildlife of the Oostvaardersplassen through Trap-camera and Computer Vision
Doting, R. (Rutger)Minority Report at the Border: An Ethical Analysis of the iBorderCtrl-project
Hamdi, A. (Akram)Fault Analysis for a New MsC Course using the ChipWhisperer
Heertum, V. (Vincent) van Clustering Financial Transactions on Inference-Accelerator Hardware
Hertogh, G. (Guus)Low-Depth QAOA and RQAOA for Max-Cut on Irregular Graphs
Holtrop, S. (Sjors)Linker-Directive Based File System in Userspace: Introducing LDP FUSE
Houten, E. (Eva) van How many Stars Does it Take to Form a Binary? Automating Analysis of Binary Formation during Core Collapse
Jong, T. (Tessa) deThe Classification of Integration Aspects Regarding Systems in Healthcare Organizations
Keulemans, J. (Jelle)Automatically Detecting when Participants Want Help from their Facial Expressions in an Online Quiz
Kientz, L. (Lily)Neural Networks for Auto Battlers
Klaver, M. (Marten)Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Freecell
Koning, M. (Michael) de Extraction, Transformation, Linking and Loading of Cultural Heritage Data
Kooij, E. (Emilia) van der Investigating Teachers’ Perceptions on Student Programming Difficulties Related to Variables and Teachers’ Strategies to Help Students
Laan, K. (Kyran) van der A Computer Program that Plays the Card Game Tysiąc
Laanen, R. (Rodi)Classification of Pre-defined Movement Patterns: A Comparison between GNSS and UWB Technology.
Lenstra, X. (Xander)A Program for Analysing Combinatorial and Synchronized Games [IW]
Li, L. (Leon)Changes in Steam Genre Tags after Covid-19
Lie, K. (Kwan)How to Win in Checkers?
Marosvölgyi, C. (Charlotte)Parsons Problems in Hedy
Mourits, R. (Rob)Solving and Generating the Nurimeizu puzzle
Nouweland, L. (Luuk) van denAutomating the Process of Defining the Aesthetic Quality of an Image in a Numerical Way
Opdam, T. (Tim)Numeric Subgroup Discovery by MDL-Optimal Histograms
Özbay, A.E. (Ali Esat)An Interactive Program Visualisation Tool for Hedy
Ram, J. (Jochem)Sim-to-Real Autonomous Driving in CARLA using Image Translation and Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
Raziuddin, S. (Shabnam)The ProgRamifications on Society, where COMPAS Guides us
Reurink, A. (Andries)On Graphene Twisted Edge Break Junction Tunneling Experiments
Rooij, J. (Justin) deLearning a NAO Robot to Balance Using Reinforcement Learning
Rooij, M. (Michael) deHandling of Abstraction by Children using the Hedy Programming Language
Rooijakkers, L. (Lieuwe)Evaluating AutoML Methods on Hybrid Inversion of PROSAIL RTM on Landsat-7 Data for AGB Estimation
Rossum, N. (Nina) van The Search for Low-code Development Platforms that Support Serious Games
Schaap, A. (Anthonie)Programmeren voor Blinde en Zwaar Slechtziende Leerlingen
Schaap, L. (Lennard)Formalised Semantics of Lustre
Schreurs, L.J. (Luc)Investigating Grammatical Evolution’s Ability to Reconstruct Mathematical Functions
Soulimani, O. (Oussama)Evaluating Android Malware Detection Explanation
Stoffels, L. (Luca)Autolayout of UML Diagrams using Metaheuristic Algorithms and Natural Computing
Vink, E. (Elze) deSolving Breakthrough Using Binary Decision Diagrams and Retrograde Analysis
Voorham, J. (Jack)Impact of Flow Anonymization on Cyberattack Detection in IoT
Vries, G. (Guido) deDetection of Indirect Gender Bias in Job Vacancy Texts
Wensveen, R. (Roos)Probing Sequences for Nonograms
Wetten, F. (Fien) vanRepresenting the State Space of the Domino Cube in Graph Using BDDs
Wheeler, M. (Michael)Detecting Sarcomere Structures in Cardiomyocytes
Zeeuw, M. (Matthijs) deExplainable AI in Multi-Objective Design Optimization
Zhang, M.Y. (Min Yi)Teaching of Variables in Programming MOOCs: An Exploratory Study
Zwart, M. (Michael) van derA Library for BDDs and SDDs

Student Thesis Content
Arntzenius, R. (Robert)Agents for the Strategy Game Onitama
Aygün, T. (Tayfun)Optimizing Monte Carlo Agents for the Game Katarenga
Bax, P. (Pim)Can a rule-based algorithm accurately correct whitespace errors?
Boel, M. (Marc)Energy expenditure estimation for wheelchair users using activity type classification
Bolt, J. (Julia)Blind leren programmeren: Een studie naar de Computational Practices van kinderen met een visuele beperking bij het programmeren van muziek in Sonic Pi
Bouter, D. (David)Knowing the difference between news and opinion An explorative research project into classifying news and opinion
Burgh, R. (Rogier) van den Bomb-r-cover Expanding the difficulties of Bomberman
Burghoorn, G. (Gijs)Exploration of the ChipWhisperer Lite ARM board for education on Side-Channel Power Analysis
Ebing, W. (Wouter)Analysing Classification Of Episodes From Electronic Health Records With The Use Of Text Mining
Egmond, D. (Diego) vanEfficient conversion between vtrees
Heath, C. (Cheyenne)Depression prediction using twitter data: Comparing LIWC and Bag-of-Words features
Honert, N. (Nils) van derBenchmarking default implementations of pseudorandom number generators in commonly used programming languages.
Honig, B. (Bram)A Network-based Approach for Ship-type Modelling
Huang, A. (Andrew)Segmentation based Image Retrieval using Low level image features
Jong, A. (Aron) deAn Analysis of the Cooperative Card Game The Crew [IW]
Kolenbrander, M. (Marcel)The Design of a Modular Game Platform for the QuantumRules! Lab
Krebbers, S. (Said)Monte Carlo Tree Search for Dots-and-Boxes
Maas, K. (Kalvin)Full-Body Action Recognition from Monocular RGB-Video: A multi-stage approach using OpenPose and RNNs
Malkoç, M. (Melda)Prestatietest Ontwikkeling voor de Evaluatie van Python Vaardigheden van Middelbare Scholieren voor het Vak Nederlands
Moison, O. (Okke)Scratch of Scottie Go!: een vergelijking tussen twee manieren om te leren programmeren
Mol, T. (Thomas) deSynchronized Cherries [IW]
Moser, D. (Dennis)Optimization algorithms for solving incremental box placement problems.
Nadif, A. (Amine)Computational thinking integreren in de schoolvak Engels: verhaal vertellen via programmeren in Scratch
Nieuwenhuizen, D. (David)The Effect of Monte Carlo Tree Search on Modern Board Game Elements
Ottevanger, L. (Laura)Continuing levels of the programming language Hedy
Peet, L. (Louise) van derMore than a one-time heist Identifying the current state of Android CPU cryptojacking
Planken, D. (Daan)Reducing the required number of qubits for a quantum algorithm for topological data analysis
Poelsma, J. (Julian)Optimizing a Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm using machine learning
Prins, V. (Vincent)Using Heterogeneous Primordial Particle Systems to Analyse Life-like Behaviour.
Reijtenbach, R. (Rob)Determining the Success Rate for the Game of Solitaire
Remmerswaal, F. (Floyd)Can a human-computer hybrid outperform the LTM tiling algorithm?
Schendel, B. (Bob) vanQualitative data from quantitative seed oxygen measurements
Schwarze, Y. (Yenebeb)The Voice Within the Neural Network
Sevingil, C. (Cem)A Comparison of Breadth-First Search Implementations for Real-World Networks on a Modern GPU
Smit, T. (Thera)Creating a Framework for Sublevels in Hedy
Spek, C. (Corne)Analyzing the Code Coverage of Android Apps using the Exerciser Monkey
Staaij, A. (Arthur) van derComposing instrumentation tools for Android apps
Starkenburg, B. (Berend) vanInterest Point Detectors and Descriptors: an Evaluation
Talsma, M. (Marit)Quantum topological data analysis on near-term devices
Vink, T. (Thomas)Identifying anomalous trajectories from bird tracking data sets.
Vrins, M. (Michiel)Querying Frequent Itemsets in the Browser
Zwaag, J. (Job) van der Finding a Way Through the Changing Maze of Labyrinth

Student Thesis Content
Avoird, S. (Stan) van derPrediction and Technical Analysis of the Bitcoin Crypto Currency Using Machine Learning
Bak, R. (Romke)Finding Shortest Paths in Parallel
Blom, M. (Miguel)Hybrid Classical-Quantum Speedups for the Random k-SAT Problem using Smaller Quantum Computers
Bors, P.P. (Philippe)Analysis of Nonsimple Nonograms
Bouwman, K. (Koen)Q-learning with Parameterized Quantum Circuits: Design, Implementation and Benchmarking
Coret, T. (Thomas)The Effect of Social Reward on Swarm Robots in a Foraging Task
Corsel, C.W. (Christof)YOLO-based Obstacle Avoidance for Drones
Doesburg, M. (Max)Optimization of the Reconstruction of Zebrafish on the LLSC Using the VAST Microscope
Donkers, J. (Jeroen)Real-time Melody Harmonization in an Improvisational Context
Driessen, W.A.M. (Wampie)How Example Set Size Influences the Effectiveness of the AFL Fuzzer
Ende, D. (Dyon) van derScraping Scratch: A Dataset of Comments and their Sentiment
Gramsbergen, D.S. (Danielle)Subcoinductive Types [IW]
IJpelaar, M. (Mariska)An Initial Exploration of the Importance of Program Instruction Order for Dynamically Scheduled Processors
Keizer, A. (Alex)Coalgebras of Session Types: Defining a Syntax Independent Framework
Kluiver, S. (Sem)Solving and Generating Ice Block Puzzles
Marchand, Y. (Yannik)Towards Parallel Generation of DFS Orders Using Verifiers
Meijhuis, M.J. (Mark)Using Machine Learning to Predict Price Trends in Foreign Exchange Rates
Mkrtchyan, W.K. (Wahagn)Systems of Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Skyline Queries
Otten, D.D. (Daniel)Type Theory: W-types and Bisimulation [IW]
Plas, N. (Niek) van derClassifying Citizen Complaints using Pre-trained Language Models
Polen, T. (Tim) van GPS Referencing and Data Storage Manipulation
Poot, T. (Tim)Deep Text Matching in E-Commerce
Rooij, L (Lucas). vanPredicting the Characteristics of Successful Cyclists in Multi-week Races
Schep, D. (David)Fusion Approaches for Monocular Depth Estimation
Schonenberg, J. (Jerry)Differential Siamese Network for the Avoidance of Moving Obstacles
Schous, V. (Vera)Understanding and Discussing Weaknesses in Deep Neural Networks
Simons, T. (Thijs)Training Optimization in Professional Road Cycling through Time Series Prediction and Quantification
Singh, H. (Hargurjit)Setting Up a FAIR Data Point in LIACS
Snelleman, T. (Thijs)Strategic Gambling in DiminishingBridge
Stee, J. (Jesper) vanCreating an AI for the Rhytm Game osu!
Stokman, W. (Wouter)Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Using Image Processing on Embedded Systems
Tettelaar, K. (Kean)Towards Multi-objective Bayesian Global Optimization for Space Missions
Tubergen, J. (Jeroen) vanAssessing the Fitness of Web-applications within the Context of Mobile Phones, on Performing Spatially Distributed, Co-located, Collaborative, Audio-related Activities
Verschuur, L. (Luit)The Impact of the Naturalness of a Robot’s Voice on Human-Robot-Interaction
Wanjun Xu, C. (Cassie) Efficient Parallel Cycle Detection
Wassenaar, G. (Guido)Empirical Performance Evaluation of the Linkage Tree Genetic Algorithm
Wink, T. (Thomas)OpenML-Connect: A C++ Connection Library for OpenML
Zoete, B. (Bart) deImproving Twitter Stream Filtering using Pseudo-Relevance Feedback
Zweeden, J. (Joos) vanDetecting Facial Features in Infrared Imagery
Zwetsloot, M. (Marnix)Predicting the Outcome of the Card Game Klaverjas

Student Thesis Content
Alvarez Rodriguez, S.F. (Sebastiaan)Static Security Analysis Methods in Android Systems: a Comparison
Bergman, P. (Patrick)Scalable Architecture for Event Management Systems
Blankestijn, M.A.N. (Max)Polyomino Packing using a Tetris-like Ruleset
Blok, J. H. (Jaap)Multi-valued Decision Variables and Redundant Coding in Evolutionary Algorithms
Boks, R.M. (Rick)Performance Comparison of Configurable Particle Swarm and Differential Evolution Algorithms
Bouman, J.Q. (Jeffrey)Recovering from Controllers Failures in Software Defined Networks
Campmans, A.J. (Tony)(In)effciënte Bewijsstrategieën
Colli, M.M. (Mitchel)Dynamic Real-time Videostream Stitching Using Multiple Uncalibrated Cameras
Deering, G. (Galen)Applications of Monte Carlo on the Board Game Six
Delzenne, M.J. (Mees)Optimizing the Citra Emulator by Decompiling Shader Machine Code
Dofferhoff, R.M.J. (Rens)A Performance Evaluation of Platform-Independent Methods to Search for Hidden Instructions on RISC Processors
Domela Nieuwenhuis. D.O. (Damian)Improving Public Speaking Performance by Facial Emotion, Body Language and Speech Recognition based Feedback
Dubbeldam, S. (Stef)Using Program Animation to resolve misconceptions in K-12 students.
Flesher-Clark, A.C. (Alec)3D Hand Pose Estimation on a Robotic Platform
Göebel, M.A. (Michael)Developing and Verifying Methods to Search for Hidden Instructions on RISC Processors
Graaf, S. (Sylvester) deCracking the Mastermind Code
Hamer, V. (Vincent) denHiding in Plain Sight: How Location affects Memory Error Detectability by Fuzzers
Huijben, M. (Marcel)Efficiently combining compiler-based zero-day defenses
Jonckheere, L.S. (Luc) deEfficiently Generating the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Jong, R.G. (Rachel) deComparing Two Algorithms for Finding Maximal Matchings in Bipartite Graphs
Kannangara, A.R. (Aaron)Comparing Strategic Agents for Dominance
Maan, G.C. (Gijsbert)Hardware Acceleration of Matrix Multiplication
Merckens, T. (Tim)A Further Look into Mouse Mazes
Meyer, S (Samuel)Psychology-Inspired Memory Sampling in a Deep Q Network
Neuteboom, V.O. (Victor)Personalized Modeling of Training Load and Physical Capacity of an Elite Rower
Nolden, L.S.J. (Luuk)Finding Seneca in Seneca
Peters, O.R.L. (Orson)Image Compression with Neural Networks
Plug R.B.F. (Ruud)ECG Anomaly Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory based Recurrent Neural Networks
Poslavsky, V.J.A. (Victor)System for Analysing Off-the-ball Performance of Individual Football Players using Spatiotemporal Tracking Data
Sinnige, J.A. (Jelle)GPS Referencing and Data Storage Manipulation
Strating, M.W. (Martijn)Analysis of Submissions of the Dutch Olympiad for Informatics with a Special Focus on Heuristics
Swenne, M.M. (Marijn)Solving SAT on Noisy Quantum Computers
Tijssen, L. (Lars)Analyzing Offensive Player- and Team Performance in Soccer Using Position Data
Turkenburg, R.T.C. (Ruben)Greibach Normal Form for Weighted Context-Free Grammars [IW]
Varkevisser, F.E. (Florian)Using Monte Carlo Tree Search to Play Cops & Robbers
Vlasakker, R.A. (Rintse) van de Bomb-cover Een verzamelingenoverdekkings-probleem in de Bombermanwereld
Voetter, R.F. (Robin)Volumetric Ray Tracing with Vulkan
Weijer, W. (Wessel) de A Decision Procedure for Weighted Automata Equivalence [IW]
Zande, E.R. (Elgar) van derExamining out of Bounds Defense Systems' Performance against Independent CVEs

Student Thesis Content
Beinema, E. (Emiel)Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages Revisited
Browne, R. (Rose)Analyzing the Behaviour of Players in Soccer Prior to a Shot on Target.
Burggraaf, F (Florijn)Predicting Scientific Impact
Damhuis, L.P. (Laurens)Using the Rectified Linear Unit Activation Function in Neural networks for Clobber
Dijk, M. (Marco) vanAgents for Kuhhandel
Dijkhuizen, T. (Tom) vanOpenPhoneMap Het Bereik van Mobiele Zendmasten op de Kaart Gezet
Drogtrop, J. (Jimmy)Comparing Different Agents in the Game of Risk
Gopal, N.A.A. (Ashwini)Analyzing and Classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining Paradigms
Haddou, N.A. (Naoufal)Learning Bayesian Networks for Causal Discovery from Medical Data
Janssen, E. (Egon)The Leprechaun Hatting Problem
Kleijn, K. (Kelvin)Solving and Constructing Kamaji Puzzles
Lubben, J. (Jelle)Applying a Mixed-integer Evoutionary Strategy for the Configuration and Parameterization of a CMA-ES
Noordover, K. (Kevin)Analysis and Viualisation of Spatio-Temporal Hockey Data
Numan, N. (Nels)A comparative Performance Analysis of Feature Description Algorithms Implemented in Open CV
Paul, V (Valerie)Predicting the Discharge Date of Patients using Classification Techniques
Renso, C. (Caio)Multiobjective Optimization of Power Grid Resilience to Random and Targeted Attacks
Rijn, V. (Vincent) vanQuantifying Fuzzer Performance on Spatial and Temporal Memory Errors
Ronde, S.J.P.M. (Sander)Detecting Anomalies with Recurrent Neural Networks
Rook, J. (Jeroen)Characteristics of Dangerous Passes in Soccer at Women’s EURO 2017
Scholman, R. (Renzo)Autonomous Navigation of the Spherical Robot BB-8
Smeding, T.J. (Tom)Fast Large-Integer Matrix Multiplication [IW]
Smeyers, M. (Maarten)A Browser-Based Graphical Editor for Reo Networks
Smits, T. (Taco)Robots with Vectors
Spelier, P. (Pim)The Complexity of Root-Fi nding in Orders [IW]
Steffens, B. (Benjamin)Dynamic Reductions for More Efficient Software Verification
Taleb, R. (Rafi)The Effect of Activation Functions and Network Configurations on the Performance of Handwritten Character Recognition
Tetteroo, J. (Jaco)Sentiment Mining on Chinese Product Reviews
Verhoef, D. (Davey)Determining Good Tactics for a Football Game using Raw Positional Data
Vermeulen, W.D. (Wouter)Toward a Massive Multiplayer Framework
Voogt, M.A. (Mick)Optimization of Metagenomics Analysis using Distributed Computing on LLSC
Vos, L. (Levi)Quantifying the Performance of Fuzzers in the Detection of Security Threats
Wester, M. (Martijn)Depth First Search Characterizations
Zwanenburg, E. (Ewout)Analyzing and Classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining Paradigms

Student Thesis Content
Vermetten, D. (Diederick)Position Detection Optimization in the Context of Sensor Based Location Systems
Baasdam R.W.H. (Renzo)Numerics and Continuation for Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Beljaards, L. (Laurens)AI Agents for the Abstract Strategy Game Tak
Bolster, Y. (Yorick)Automatically finding the best blocking size for matrix multiplication
Borst, R.C.P. (Robbin)Robust self-balancing robot mimicking
Brandt, O. (Oscar)Comparing Algorithms: Calculating the Minimal Coverability Set of Petri Nets
Buwalda, N. (Niek)Open Source Systems for Dialogue Systems
Cames van Batenburg D.F. J.Identificaton of Transposable Element Insertion into the enod40 RNA
Castelein, K.J.B. (Koen)Determinization for Monte Carlo Tree Search n the Card Game Tichu
Dekkers, C.H.J. (Cas)Creating Models of Interaction for a Video Wall
Dijk, S.J. (Stef) vanSolving Puzzles Using Cellular Automata
Draijer W.J.W. (Wilco)Integrating, Structuring and Visualising Cancer Data
Etoeharnowo, T. (Teddy)Neural Networks for Clobber
Fokkinga, D.B. (Daniel)Towards Learning Software Models: making documentation easier
Hal, R.M. (Roy) vanFinish Photo Analysis for Athletics Track Events using Computer Vision Techniques
Heijungs, S. (Simon)Tape-quantifying Turing Machines in the Arithmetical Hierarchy
Hoogenboom, C. (Cedric)Using Probabilities to Enhance Monte Carlo Search in the Dutch Card Game Klaverjas
Jansen, B.A. (Bernardus)The state of Bufferbloat in the Netherlands
Jonkman, J.L. (Jacob)Interacting with BigEye: Using Gesture-Based Input Methods to control Applications on a Videowall
Kesteloo, M.E. (Mitchell)Using Convolutional Autoencoders to Detect Anomalies in Sewer Images
Khalass, N. (Nouri)Metaprogramming in Modern Programming Languages
Klijn, M. (Michel)A Perfect Information Scrabble Game
Martens, J.R.M. (Joost)ETA: A Modular Approach to Analyzing Time Series Data
Meerkerk, R. (Ruben)Design, Analysis, and Optimization of an Embedded Processor
Meeuwsen, J. (Juliette)Design and Implementation of 3D reconstruction from axial views on the Leiden Life Science Cluster
Muinck Keizer, D. (David) deA Control Flow Graph Generator for Java Code
Muusse, I.J. (Ivo)An Algorithm for Balancing a Binary Search Tree
Oedayrajsingh Varma, V. (Vinay)A Survey of Classical Public-key Cryptography and Post-quantum Lattice-based Cryptography
Oost, K. (Kevin)Analysing Data to Predict Processing Times of Vessels and Barges in Liquid Bulk Terminals
Out, N.F. (Nils)A Monte Carlo Strategy for the Game of Hive
Peters, L.J. (Bert)Utilizing a Tuple-Based Optimization Framework for Graph Algorithms
Putman, K. (Koen)Implementing an Interface for Virtual Input Devices into the MGSim Simulator
Riet, J.C.A. (Jasper) vanAnomaly Detection with Deep Belief Networks
Ruijter, F.E.C. (Floris)Symbolic Regression of Implicit Functions
Schipper, L. (Lisette) deCompact descriptors for (near) duplicate image detection
Soelaksana, E. (Erik)Analyzing Privacy Awareness of Twitter Users Through Their Given Location Precision
Spaendonck, M. (Michiel) vanAspects of Tectonic
Suanet, L. (Lars)Finding Anomalies in Sequential Data using Local Outlier Factor
Teunisse, J. (Joris)Agents for the Card Game of Hearts
Verweij, G.J.W. (Geerten)Comparison of the Effectiveness of Shared Memory Optimizations for Stencil Computations on NVIDIA GPU Architectures
Waal, P.R. (Ruben) van derA Study of Different Approaches for Improving the Stitching of Spherical Panoramas
Zaeem, S.A.F. (Sinan)Diverse Subgroup Discovery for Big Data
Zandvliet, J.J.M. (Jos)Vectorized Sparse Matrix Kernels using Hybrid Data Layouts
Zwitser, l. (Liam)Quantum Computing

Student Thesis Content
Bannenberg, L. (Lou)Checking for Compatibility in Team Automata
Bavdaz, A. (Alenka)Comparing Markov Chain and Recurrent Neural Network Algorithms for Text Generation
Boom, B. (Bernard) van denDutchism Detector
Bosch, N.F.A. (Nick) van denA Comparison of Hashing Algorithms
Chow, K.L. (Kin Lok)Multiobjective Pattern Mining in Bitcoin Data and Genetic Landscapes
Duba, D. (Dico)Retting PIPE: Extending the Petri Net tool PIPE 5
Edixhoven, L. (Luc)Attacking the n-Puzzle Using SAT Solvers
Faas, M. (Micky)Sparse Voxel Mip-Maps: Versatile Lossy Compression of Volumetric Data
Gent, D. (Daan) vanGraph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time [IW]
Huibers, J. (Jarno)AI Agents for the Card Game Love Letter
Huybers, R. (Richard)Mario (of hoe je een Programmeerwedstrijd kunt Winnen)
Koschny, J. (Julius)Design and Analysis of a Controller for the iRobot Create
Lamers, C. (Christiaan)Quantum Cryptography
Latenko, A. (Alexander)Explorative Study on Hierarchical Temporal Memory
Louwe, A. (Anneloes)Constructing Petri Net Models from Biological Literature using Structured Annotation
Nibbeling, J. (Joost)Implementation of A Parallel Back Substitution Solver on GPUs
Oostdam, J. (Jasper)Design and Simulation of an Embedded Controller for the iRobot Create robot by Integrating ROS in Gazebo
Persoon, R. (Ricardo)Design and Implementation of Website Backup as a Service
Post, M. (Martijn)Mythbusting Data Mining Urban Legends through Large Scale Experimentation
Roos, D. (Dennis)Transformation of Membrane Systems
Ruijter, S. (Sander)Dynamically Evolving L-system Generated Plant Visualizations
Staalduinen, J.H. (Jan) vanGathering and Managing Spatiotemporal Data
Veen, S. (Simone) vanAnomaly Detection in Cybersecurity
Visser, T. (Timothy)Workforce Survey Data Analysis: Potentials and Pitfalls
Vreumingen, D. (Dion) vanReal Time Force Field Simulation for Stm Controlled Molecular Electronics Experiments using Cuda gpu Programming
Werf, U.M. (Ulbo) van derDescribing Heaps using Kleene algebra with Tests
Werff, C.R.A. (Chivany) van derTetris Strategies in a Multiplayer Environment
Woerden, W. (Wessel) vanThe Closest Vector Problem in Cyclotomic Lattices [IW]
Wubben, S.J. (Sander)Predicting the Risk of Overload in Overcommitted Server Clusters
Zwaan, D. (Dennis) van derDeveloping an Integrated Environment for OPT Image Reconstruction

Student Thesis Content
Berge, M. (Michiel) van denAn Algorithm for Morphing Audio
Bergh, M.J.H. (Mark) van denHanabi: A Co-operative Game of Fireworks [IW]
Boekhout, H. (Hanjo)Combining Graph Mining and Deep Learning in Molecular Activity Prediction
Bos, R. (Ralph)Compact Decision Trees for Dou Shou Qi Tablebases
Buitelaar, R. (Ruben)Combined Neural Networks for Movie Recommendation
Burger, J. (Jelco)Context Free Guarded Languages: A System for Determining Guarded Strings
Cammel, S. (Simone)Predicting the Outcome of the Game Othello
Dekker, V. (Victor)A Difficulty Measure for Light Up Puzzles
Es, D. (David) vanDeploying Phenotype Analysis on LLSC
Haddou, S. (Sarah)Using Outcome Weights in Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multiplayer 3D Hex
Kanhai, S. (Soeradj)Mining a Scientific Conference
Klaver, S. (Simon)Analysing Electron Tomography with IMOD on the LLSC
Kortsmit, M. (Marieke)Strategies for Klondike Solitaire [IW]
Marsdon, B. (Bob)A Generalized Hough Transform for the Recognition of Cars in Images [IW]
McGlinn, T. (Tama)Analysing the Difficulty of Mazes using a Web Application
Partodikromo, E. (Elisa)Datamining the Peptide Sequenome
Post, M. (Mark)Analysis and Visualisation of Data of an Outdoor Sports Mobile Application
Rooijen, A.L. (Arthur) vanTBA
Schade, D. (Derek)Image Similarity Using Color Histograms
Scholtes, S. (Sem)Integrating Data Modeling with Data Analysis in Taverna Workflows
Sener, H. (Huseyin)Building an Administrative System in a Scientific Workflow System
Stevenson, C. (Claire)Learning Software Design: Is Abstraction Ability Key?
Stout, P. (Patric)Ontology Viewer: Van Proof-of-Concept naar Layered Software
Strien, B. (Bart) vanExploring Scheduling Alternatives for a Computer Vision Application on Embedded MPSoCs
Veenman, C. (Christian)A Framework for Cross-Platform Dynamically Loaded Libraries
Zabel, T. (Terry)Video Rating and Sorting with a Genuine Approach

Student Thesis Content
Bakker, T. (Thomas)Plagiarism Detection in Source Code [IW]
Bosch, P. (Pieter) van denAutomation of use Case Diagram Recognition from Images
Boven, B. (Bas) vanSolving Jungle Checkers
Buitenhuis, T. (Taco)The Constraint-Relation Modelling Language and its Relation to Petri Nets
Heijden, R. (Roelof) van derAn Analysis of Dominion [IW]
Helwerda, L.S. (Leon)Theory and Applications of Deep Learning Networks
Jochems, J. (Jennifer)Partial Derivatives for KAT Expressions
Liu, L.-Y. ( Lai-Yee)An Automatised Process for Constructing Recognisable Nonograms
Luik, L. (Lars) vanImplementing I/O Infrastructure Improvements for S.M.A.C.K.
Meij, T. (Tim) van derConstructing an Open-Source Toolchain and Investigating Sensor Properties for Radio Tomography
Meijer, R. (Ricardo)A Comparison of Search Engine User Interfaces
Milburn, A. (Alyssa)Algorithms and Models for Radio Tomographic Imaging
Moerkerk, P. (Paul)Finding Correspondence in Stereo Image Pairs using an Adaptive Window Comparison Algorithm
Nieuwenhuijzen, B. (Bas)Auto-Vectorization using Polyhedral Compilation for an Embedded ARM Platform
Obbens, W. (Willem)Inference in Markov Networks [IW]
Rensen, M. (Michel)An On-Line Parsing Algorithms for Conjunctive Grammars
Robijn, J. (Jonathan)Detailed Crowd Simulation and Spatial Hashing for Large-Scale Collision Detection
Samwel, N. (Niels)Mining Bitcoins with Natural Computing Algorithms
Stuivenberg, A. (Arthur)Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions using Non-Deterministic Finite Automata
Veen, N. (Neal) vanDeploying Single Particle Analysis on the LLSC
Vinkhuijzen, L. (Lieuwe)Reducing Copying and Network Traffic in Reo Circuits
Wijden, K. (Kevin)Video Recommendation, A Comparison Between Collaborative Filtering Algorithms

Student Thesis Content
Buijsman, S. (Stefan)Typing Streams
Burgh, B. (Benjamin) van derAn Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding Diverse Sets of Molecules with User-Defined Properties
Engelen, J. (Jesper) vanGuided Rewriting in Families of Languages
Groentjes, T. (Tom)Holography and Kinect
Heesterbeek, R. (Ruud)A Genetic Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem with Area Constraints
Heiningen, P. (Pepijn) vanEvaluation of Image Quilting Algorithms
Hijmans, B. (Bart)Multi-objective Generation of Bicycle Routes
Hoekveen, M. (Mark)Infinite 3D Worlds
Hollander, E. (Erik)Multi-scale Map Visualization
Kappé, T. (Tobias)Linear Stream Circuits and Rational Streams: there and back again
Leuven, J. (Joost)Testing of Channel Based Service Connectors
Leznar, A. (Alexander)A Start List Scheduling and Optimization Algorithm for Equestrian Events
Nes, M. (Matthijs) van deCoverability and Extended Petri Nets
Ozaydin, U. (Umut)Robustness in Salient Point Detection
Rico, N. (Nuno)Image Classification on Flickr using TOP-SURF Visual Word Kit
Rijn, S. (Sander) vanImplementing a Model Checker for Simple Recursive Languages
Treurniet, F. (Florian)The Leiden Zipper: A Bridging Architecture
Vos, M. (Michiel)Self-Tracking with Multiple Sensor Systems
Witte, B. (Boyd)Plagiarism Detection in C++ Programs
Zeegers, M. (Mathe)A Kinetic Monte Carlo Implementation of the Cellular Potts Model with SciQL
Zijdemans, S.H. (Shi Hao)Contracting in Agile Software Projects: Current Challenges and New Possible Solutions

Student Thesis Content
Croes, X. (Xander)3D Visualization of Mycobacterium infection on Zebrafish
Delft, L. (Leroy) vanEfficient Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions
Drunen, M. (Matthijs) vanPorting S.M.A.C.K. to the x86 Architecture
Graaff, R. (Ramon) deAuthorship Attributing using Compression Distances
Haas, E. (Erwin)Automated Classification of Skin Diseases using Tile-Based Texture Features
Hekke, P. (Piet) vanOn the Scalability of Evolution Strategies on High-Dimensional Problems
Jakobik, M. (Maja)Novius Model in Archimate
Kalmeijer, J. (Jan)Extracting Information from an Energy Expenditure Dataset
Kasteleyn, P. (Paul)Software for the Annotation of Bio-medical Images using a Treemap Representation of an Ontology
Kleyn, F. (Floris)An Investigation into Recommendation Algorithms
Massop, E. (Erik)Hilbert's Tenth Problem
Meer, L. (Lucas) van derReady for the Future in Health Informatics: Towards Semantic Interoperability in Dermatology
Offerman, T. (Tyron)Maintaining a Software System with the Use of Domain-Specific Languages
Ommen, T. (Thijs) vanThe Assignment Problem on Sets of Strings
Osta, J.P. (Jan-Paul) vanRouting with Ant Colony Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
Rijn, F. (Frank) vanNiching for Finding Robust Optima
Rozemod, D. (Duncan)Multiple Objective Portfolio Optimization using Evolution Strategies
Schrama, S. (Stefan)Shikaku
Wimmers, M. (Martin)Designing and Implementing a System for the Evolutionary Optimization of an Airfoil
Witteveen, J. (Jouke)Minng Hyperintervals: Getting to Grips with Real-Valued Data
Wong, F.Y. (Fee Yun)Using Software Design Principles for Software Systems
Zadelhoff, A. (Arjan) vanUML Class Diagram Simplification: A Survey Study
Zandvliet, E. (Erik)Developing an Ant System with Visual Support

Student Thesis Content
Bourdrez, B. (Bertram)Improving MAPNIK with Label Placement Algorithms
Boychev, S.Design and Implementation of a USB Communication Protocol
Cheng, X. (Xiwen)High Density Multi-Cell Wireless Networks
Groeneweg, M. (Maarten)Active Guided Evolution Strategy for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems
Hunsucker, A. (Anton)Investigation into a Domain-Specific Language for Securities Trading Operations
Hupkens, I. (Iris)Identifying Prominent Actors in Social Networks
Keizer, M.J. (Martijn)A Database and Interface System for Gathering and Providing Sampling Data on Volcanic Lakes
Kensmil, R. (Roy)Modeling Kahn Process Networks in the Dynamic Dataflow Formalism
Kroon, J. (Joppe)Build Structuur voor Compaan met Eclipse CDT
Lo, J.E.B. (James)Automated Safety Analysis for Supporting Design of System Architectures
Mulder, C. (Chris)Challenges of Web Application Development: How to Optimize Client-side Code
Neuteboom, J. (Jonathan)Analysis of Pre-Genome Assembly of Lymnaea Stagnalis
Schoonewille, H. (hugo)Software Architecture Documentation: A Cognitive Perspective
Schouten, C.C. (Christiaan)Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet
Sobolewska, B. (Bogumila)When Applications are Business Processes: An ArchiMate Based Explanation
Spasov, B.Design and Implementation of an Installation Tool for the DAEDALUS Framework
Stein, B. (Bas) vanThe Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
Veger, E. (Edwin)Hashing Methods in Sokoban
Verhage, F.R. (Rene)Analysis and Execution of Reverse Engineering Software Code to Generate Software Documentation
Vlugt, S.H.W. (Sander) van derCoverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
Zwet, R. (Rick) van derExploratory Research on Embedding CUDA code Into Heterogeneous MP-SoC Architectures Programmed with the Daedalus Framework

Student Thesis Content
Broek, R. (Robin) van denVisualizing the Level of Detail in UML Models
Bruin, O. (Oswald) deCalculating and Predicting. Five or More
Dal, G. (Giso)An Approach to Map Sequential Applications onto Multi-Processor Platforms
Everts, H. (Harma)Art or Artificial
Geene, D. (Derk)The NLP-Editor: A Case Study about Eclipse Plug-In-Development
Hoed, A. (Anton) denParsing and Conversion of SMILES-Strings to Molecular Graphs
IJsveld, J. (Johan)Camera Controlled Robot
Karaca, Z. (Zeki)Discovering Intelligence in a Natural Environment
Kwint, B. (Ben)How do we Look at UML?
Luiten, M. (Menno)The Anatomy of a Collaborative Image Search System
Marijt, R. (Robert)Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings
Mus, D. (Derk)Signal Browser
Rot, J.C. (Jurriaan)A Pushdown System Representation for Unbounded Object Creation
Ruiter, J. (Johan) deOn Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles and Related Topics
Veen, B. (Barry) vanMultiobjective Particle Swarm Algorithm for Building Design Optimization
Vermeulen, T. (Thijs) AND Oosterhof, J. (Jelle)Image Optimization, Feature Extraction and Classification in Neurobiology: Dendritic Spines under Stress
Vietor, J. (Jaron)Multithreading voor Iedereen
Wong, K.M. (Kwie Min)Implementing an Operating System and Real Time Scheduling
Zaaijer, S. (Simon)Bundle Tracing using Geometric Algebra
Zomervrucht, W. (Wouter)De Complexiteit van Buchbergers Algoritme
Zwijger, W. (Wouter) deDemonstration Tools for Petri Nets

Student Thesis Content
Denizmen, K. (Kerem)VN Movie Recommender
Egmond, S. (Sjoerd) vanSmart Autofill for Photos in Albums
Gemeren, F. (Frank) vanHigh-Performance Framework for Web Applications
Jordaan, P. (Pieter)The Animated Abacus
Morsink, T. (Timo)Hashiwokakero
Peymani, A. (Abbas)Cluster 2.0: Collaboration Makes Innovation Happen
Rietveld, K.F.R. (Kristian)Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Vis, J.K. (Jonathan)Particle Swarm Optimizer for Finding Robust Optima
Water, J. (Jens) van deSubsumption Architecture-Based Social Interactive Robot Arm
Wink, S. (Stefan)Analysis and Visualisation of Defects in Software Projects
Wolff, S. (Sjaak)Cell-Forum: Collaborative Multi-User Virtual World Applications
Wortel, H. (Hans) AND Dorsman, T. (Thomas)From Closed-Loop Video to 3D Model Via Silhouettes

Student Thesis Content
Assink, A. (Arjan)Comparing Today's Most Used Web Development Languages
Dam, R. (Ramon) vanTakegaki
Drift, B. (Bart) van der3D Worlds for Collaborative Work
Eelzak, C. (Cedric) AND Casteren, M. (Maarten) van AND Cornelisse, C. (Cor)Lightning Engine: Ray Tracing with KD-trees
Gast, E. (Erik) AND Gouw, S. (Stijn) deHoge Kwaliteit Video op een Lage Bandbreedte Verbinding
Groenen, J. (Johan)Nurikabe
Halm, E. (Eyal)Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Protein Folding in the 2D HP Model
Hilteman, S. (Saskia)Multi-coloured Cellular Automata
Huizer, R. (Ronald)Libptrace-Across-platform Process Manipulation API
Jongsma, E. (Erik)Automatically Checking Group Diffie-Hellman and Xor in the Strand Space Model
Laraghy, S. (Susan)Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of DNA
Li, A. (Andrew)Neuraal Winkelen
Lier, J. (Jori) vanSupporting the Designer in: writing Nested Loop Programs using Eclipse
Mets, J. (Jeroen)Monte Carlo Stratego
Meurs, T. (Tim) vanComparing Methods for Solving Kuromasu Puzzles
Oemraw, A. (Amit)SubCVS: Merging Version Control Systems in a Servlet-based Repository Browser
Pouw, M. (Michiel)Aspect-oriented Programming in PHP
Reehuis, E. (Edgar)Multiobjective Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
Stafleu, J. (Jasper)Paradigm
Takes, F.W. (Frank)Sokoban: Reversed Solving
Vavic, M. (Mladen)Bridge between C and Java Applications by means of XML

Student Thesis Content
Helvensteijn, M. (Michiel)Applying Data Mining to the Study of Joseki
Huizer, J. (Joris)Jorix Kernel: Real-time Scheduling
Kaptijn, B. (Bas)Generative Programming through Inheritance
Opstal, K.D. (Klaas-Dirk) vanDigibeter
Vries, T. (Timo) deDigibeter

Student Thesis Content
Beelen, A. (Arend) vanLightning Engine-Ray Tracing with KD-trees
Cormont, J. (Jelmer)Content Management Systeem
Guzman Carmona, J. (Jonathan)Bridge between C and Java Applications by means of XML
Haastregt, S. (Sven) vanAn Interactive Approach to Area and Performance Optimization for Superscalar Processors
Henstra, S. (Sjoerd)Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Applied to No-limit Texas Hold'em
Li, T.L. (Tsoe Loong)Using Aritifical Intelligence to Solve Gin Rummy
Louw, J. (Janne)Description with UML for a Hotel Reservation System
Stafleu, J. (Jasper)Paradigm
Vijfhuize, M. (Maarten)SubCVS: Merging Version Control Systems in a Servlet-based Repository Browser
Zwan, R. (Robin) van derArtificial Intelligence and Data Mining Applied to No-limit Texas Hold'em