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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bhatt. ShubhamUnlocking Human-Like Speech: Enhancing TTS with Predicted Prosodic labels from text
Bijl, ThijmenStrategies for Effective Course Recommendations with Transformers - CONFIDENTIAL
Breukel, WytzeA camera based Safety Assist System for bicycles
Kareem, J. Per-instance Algorithm Selection for MIP-based Neural Network Verification
Lachmansingh, EvaniDeep Q-learning for Matching Comprehensively Typed Red Blood Cell Units
Maliappis, ThomasGroup Detection from Spatiotemporal data using Social Context
Nieuwenhuijzen, van den, M.Selecting Pre-trained Models For Transfer Learning With Data-centric Meta-features
Paraskeva, A. Resource-constrained Neural Architecture Search on DistilBERT for the task of question-answering
Ponse, KoenThe XAI-Economist: Explainable Reinforcement Learning in RL-Assisted Policy Generation
Prabhakar, PriyaAorta segmentation and its geometric analysis
Remmerswaal, FloydValidation & Simulation of Software-Defined Network Specifications in Probabilistic NetKAT
Sai, NanOptimizing the linear interpolation of sparse and dense retrieval models
Shavit, HadarAlgorithm Selection for SAT Using Graph Neural Networks - CONFIDENTIAL
Spek, C. Auto-Verify: A framework for portfolio-based neural network verification
Wu, BingxuanEarly Design Stage Power Consumption Estimation of VLSI Circuits
Zwart, Michael van derR2N-Tab: a hybrid model for binary tabular data
Zwart, RosaFoundational Ontologies to Improve the Explainability of Explainable AI Algorithms