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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Aarnoutse M.F.A.Automatic Pass Detection in Soccer Tracking Data
Aioanei, BogdanNetwork-aware vs. network-agnostic flight delay propagation in airport network
Alwer, SalehGraph Neural Networks for Modelling Chess
Arnesto Sitorus, BrainNatural Language Processing Methods for Supporting Indonesian Fact Checkers
Arya Patel, SudarshnaReinforcement Learning based optimization/control of production for a single reservoir system
Barreiro Clemente, DiegoPredicting care plan goals using a knowledge graph-based recommender system
Bax, M. A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Potential Biomarkers for Neuromuscular Diseases Using a Device That Simulates Regular Daily Upper Limb Activity
Bolt, JuliaAn approach to describing the semantics of Hedy, a gradual programming language for education
Bozcal, ErtugrulPredicting Treatment Response for a Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) Patient Based on the 3D Medical Imaging
Broughton, N. (Nathan) Exploring the Relationship Between Behaviour and Health: A Comparative Analyses of Time Series Prediction Models and Feature Explainability Techniques - CONFIDENTIAL
Burgh, Rogier van denRhythm Climber, using rhythm on pcg for climber
Cathalina, JuliusDesigning Diverse and Synthesizable Molecules using Multi-Objective Generative Flow Networks guided by Retrosynthetic Accessibility
Chen, LanGe‘I Feel You’: Enhancing conversational agents with empathy
Chen, WeiA Dual-Technique Approach: Shapelet and TimeGAN for Counterfactual Eplenations of Univariate Time Series
Collu, J. (Jonathan) On the efficiency and robustness of structured world models combined with pre-learned object-centric representations - CONFIDENTIAL
Corsel, William Exploiting Temporal Context for Tiny Object Detection - CONFIDENTIAL
Cremers, KarolisStructured review on Huntington's disease hypothesis
Dellaert, Jasper Analysing the inductive biases of equivariant quan- tum circuits
Delzenne, MeesA research platform for autonomous navigation of pedestrian spaces
Deng, ZheMeal Delivery Routing with Crowd-sourced Vehicles
Ding, Bosongunderstanding MAML Through Its Loss Landscape
Dofferhoff, RensExhaustive Performance Exploration of Instruction Ordering on 000-Processors
Epure, Irina-Mona Increasing Visual Tracking Algorithm Robustness to the Challenges of Agricultural Datasets
Fargose, KennethTransfer Learning in Time-Series Forecasting
Gao, YaqiongCross-Modal Food Retrieval with Vision-Language Pre-training
Gmelig Meyling, ThomasEnginetron: realtime car exhaust note synthesis using on-board diagnostics through Text-to-Speech networks
Hajiaghapour, Kamand A Deeper Dive into the Relations Between Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease using Subgroup Set Discovery and a Smartphone-Based Dataset
Havenaar, B.D.Electrogan: Towards High Fidelity Electronic Music Generation with Stylegan2
Horokhovskyi, I. (Ivan) Jarvis: A cloud-based multi-purpose data quality library - CONFIDENTIAL
Houwing, Krijn3D preoperative to intraoperative registration of lymph node locations in robotic prostate cancer surgery
Hu, WenqianA Hybrid Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Işlak, IsmigülUnsupervised Graph Representation Learning of Osteosarcoma Tissue using Imaging Mass Cytometry
Jain, PriyanshData Augmentation for training Audio Classifiers
Kafetzaki, MariannaCarbon Footprint Information Extraction from Businessses Annual Reports
Kousathana, EiriniOpinionated content summarization with Transformer Architectures
Laskaris, GeorgiosComparison between tensor networks and quantum machine learning on binary classification task
Lei, YiqinDetecting the switch time for informed one-shot dynamic algorithm selection using the area under the ECDF curve
Leng, H.Multi-objective Optimization of Takeaway Order Allocation based on NSGA-II Algorithm
Li, YingjieApplication of Automated Machine Learning Pipeline for the Classification of Volcanic Time Series Data
Liang, YuanStyle Matters: Evaluation on Communication Styles of a Restaurant Robot
Lin, YuanA Reinforment Learning-based Hierarchical Method for Route Planning
Linder, Nick van derRumour Detection for Dutch Twitter
Lommen, YvenTemporal design choices for feature engineering from dynamic networks
Lu, Y. (Yijie)Unveiling Patterns of Gun Violence in Europe: Topic Discovery and Analysis using Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining - CONFIDENTIAL
Lyu, DonghangRes-Swin: Effective Combination of ResNet and Swin Transformer for LDCT Denoising
Mahdavi, R. (Rana) A NLP-Based Solution for Estimating the Seniority Level of Jobs Using Job Postings - CONFIDENTIAL
Majellaro, R. (Riccardo)Disentangling Shape and Texture Dimensions in Object-Centric Representations - CONFIDENTIAL
Menyhért, M. (Márton)Social connectedness of geographical areas in a population-scale network - CONFIDENTIAL
Meulen, Frederick van derAugmenting existing activity recognition classifiers for inactivity detection of the elderly
Meurs, Thijs vanAutomating the medical claims coding process; a medical NLP study using naive and state-of-the-art techniques and methods - CONFIDENTIAL
Michels, RicardoThe geographical distribution of Covid (mis)information on Twitter
Middelkoop, RichardInvestigating the application of genetic algorithms to design parameterised quantum to mitigate barren plateau problems
Mone, AntonioWeight Agnostic Neural Networks on Atari Games
Mor-Puigventós, PolHuman-guided Rule List Learning for Length of Stay Classification
Muizelaar, HielkeExploring Dutch BERT models extracting lifestyle characteristics from medical text
Noordover, KevinPlayer tracking in water polo
Pal, T. TCNA: Analysing patterns in time series using TCN and Self-Attention
Papada, KonstantinaInvestigating the epoch size and feature engineering for Automated Machine Learning in EEG data analysis
Peng, TaoCentrality-based NSGA-II method for optimal sensor placement in water distribution networks
Pohl, LeonardoFESD: A Fault Estimation Pipeline for Human Pose Estimation
Prins, JelmerDeep Reinforcement Learning for Micro Battles in StarCraft 2
Prins, VincentDungeons & Firearms: AI-Directing Action Intensity of Procedural Levels
Reep, C. (Carmen)Automated drug repurposing workflow for rare diseases
Remmerswaal, MickDeep Reinforcement Learning for Profiled Side-Channel Attacks Applying Proximal Policy Optimization for Point Of Interest Selection
Roman, K. Streetwear: What is the Hype about?
Sanchez Olivarez, EmilioAn emperical analysis of transfer learning for link prediction in real-world network
Savva, AndreasHybrid CNN Partitioning On Edge Devices And Its Effects On Energy, Memory and Inference Latency
Schmelczer, A.GreatAI: An easy-to-adopt framework for robust end-to-end AI deployments
Schonenberg, JerryMulti Dynamics and Q-Learning with Shared State Representation for Battery Dispatch Optimisation
Shahane, A.A. (Ananta)A Corridor Model Evolutionary Algorithm for Fast Converging Green Vehicle Routing Problem - CONFIDENTIAL
Simons, ThijsThe Training of Neural Networks that can Train Neural Networks
Smit, TazA study into human interaction with dysfunctional social behavior in robots
Šterberová, AdélaSemi-Supervised Iterative Learning on hiPSC-CMs Cardiotoxicity Images
Stokman, WouterMultivariate Time Series Classification in Radial Drilling Applications
Sun, FeiyangExplenation of XAI clustering methods on Android malware family catergorization
Tajalizadehkhoob, OmidFlaSH: Lightning Prediction Using GOES-16 Satellite Images
Toussaint, G.Content-agnostic cascade-wise ranking of Fake News on Online Social Media
Tsiftsi, KaterinaThe effect of robot errors on children in the context of education
van der Staaij, ArthurTerrain-Adaptive PCGML in Minecraft
van Schendel, BobOne ring break model to rule them all?
Vanmosuinck, ErnestSubpopulations with adaptive population size and search space partition in Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
Venkatesh, VinuthaA study on Speech Enhancement using ResUNet: Evaluating the Influence of Noise Types on Quality Assessment
Wang, JialiangAutomatic speech recognition for the low-resource language Frisian using Conformer and pre-trained Whisper
Wang, RuilinInvestigating De-identification Methodologies in Dutch Medical Texts: A Replication Study of Deduce and Deidentify
Wang, RundaA Multilingual Solution for Mental Health Evaluation with Full Context Components
Wibisono, ArvindevaMusic Album Review Rating Prediction Using Transformers
Witte, NielsFishEcoModeler: A performant, simple to use and extensible open source framwork for simulating fish populations in complex 3D enviroments
Woerdings, VirgilNetwork-driven analysis of evolving populations in genetic algorithms
Xie, XinyueAnonymization Algorithms for Privacy-Sensitive Networks
Yang, ZihuiImprove Answer Retrieval in the Legal Domain with Structured Inputs for Cross-Encoder Re-rankers
Yin, H. (Haoran) Landscape Analysis of CEC’ 2022 Basic Benchmark Problems - CONFIDENTIAL
Zakkas, PavlosAbstractive Summarization for Large Collections of Scientific Articles
Zhang, ZiweiDeep Learning for Visual Query Tasks Based on Spatio-Temporal Graph
Zhu, YuxuanData-driven Nozzle Failures Detection and Classification - CONFIDENTIAL