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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Corsel,William Exploiting Temporal Context for Tiny Object Detection
Dellaert, Jasper Analysing the inductive biases of equivariant quan- tum circuits
Deng, ZheMeal Delivery Routing with Crowd-sourced Vehicles
Gmelig Meyling, ThomasEnginetron: realtime car exhaust note synthesis using on-board diagnostics through Text-to-Speech networks
Hajiaghapour, Kamand A Deeper Dive into the Relations Between Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease using Subgroup Set Discovery and a Smartphone-Based Dataset
Houwing, Krijn3D preoperative to intraoperative registration of lymph node locations in robotic prostate cancer surgery
Lei, YiqinDetecting the switch time for informed one-shot dynamic algorithm selection using the area under the ECDF curve
Leng, H.Multi-objective Optimization of Takeaway Order Allocation based on NSGA-II Algorithm
Liang, YuanStyle Matters: Evaluation on Communication Styles of a Restaurant Robot
Meulen, Frederick van derAugmenting existing activity recognition classifiers for inactivity detection of the elderly
Peng, TaoCentrality-based NSGA-II method for optimal sensor placement in water distribution networks
Reep, C.Automated drug repurposing workflow for rare diseases
Reep, Carmen Automated drug repurposing workflow for rare diseases
Remmerswaal, MickDeep Reinforcement Learning for Profiled Side-Channel Attacks Applying Proximal Policy Optimization for Point Of Interest Selection
Schmelczer, A.GreatAI: An easy-to-adopt framework for robust end-to-end AI deployments
Toussaint, G.Content-agnostic cascade-wise ranking of Fake News on Online Social Media
Woerdings, VirgilNetwork-driven analysis of evolving populations in genetic algorithms