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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Xi, WenxuanEnhancing Awareness of Urban Greenbelts through the Integration of Soft Robots and Cultural Storytelling: A More-Than-Human Design Approach

Student Thesis Content
Antariksa, CaniaThe Implementation of the Richness and the Subtleties of Islamic Principles in Video Games
Bollinger, ImaraVocabulary Diversity in Dutch Hip-hop Lyrics, in Relation to Artist Gender, Age and Popularity
Guerin, Roman Reducing the Perception of AI Bias in Human-Robot Interaction Using Empathic Curiosity
Lemken, IvoStories of a Real Man: A Hybrid Autoethnography on My Maleness and Masculinity
Lind, TiesSound Logos: Investigating the Saliency of Melody and Timbre
Magee, MarkComparing Performance of Monohaptic and Bihaptic Vibrational Feedback Spatial Devices in a Blindfolded Pathfinding Maze Study
Midden, Sjoerd vanAre You a Boy or a Girl or Something in Between? Using Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to Find Out How Non-cis Video Game Players Want to Be Represented in Video Games
Mintjes, MaartenSocrates, Aristotle and the Near Future of AI Ethics
Noordenne van, MariseIIA4XAI: Interactive Installation Art to Increase Non-Expert User Engagement with AI Systems
Samiei, AlirezaThe Co-investment Network of the Dutch Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Complex Network Approach
Siegmund, DanielTricky Throws and Pretty Patterns: Improving Upon 40 Years of Juggling Notation
Song, Peng Make Your Choices: The Revelation of Gender Identity Through Choosing Video Game Characters
Wartna, Lisanne“You suck, pls uninstall” - Towards a Better Understanding of Toxic Behaviour in Online Multiplayer Video Games
Wisselink, OlafBar, Rope, String: An Exploratory Study into Relationships between Physical Interfaces and Digital Sound Synthesis

Student Thesis Content
Avgen, Lal Scripts of Realization For the Dualist – A Scientific Reflection
Bosch, Mitchell Exposing Scientists: Exploring the Effects of Communicating Research Practice Through Photography
Erlingsson, ÁsbjörnEmbodiment in Video Games and its Effect on Player Behaviour: A Pilot Study
Grauwde, MichaëlCorrelating Emotional Content in Journalists’ Personal and Professional Writing
Groot, Nicole de“What's in a Chunk?”: A Recall Study of Quantitative Chunking in Source Code
Ji, Xiaoqing Analogy Game
Lammertink, Simone Presence in 360-Degree Video
Leeuwenburgh, Pien Waste Misplaced: An Exploratory Study on Waste Disposed Around Semi-underground Waste Containers in Relation to the Socio-Geographical Characteristics of Four Residential Areas in Amsterdam
Lefferts, Melle Eat Yourself Happy
Li, JiaqiZoom Plus? An Experimental Study on a Virtual Classroom with More Natural Face Interaction and Its Effect on Videoconferencing Fatigue
Martin Roman, CarlosCollective Speech in the Hybrid Urban Space. Intervention in a Residential Neighbourhood in an Ecuadorian Andean City
Memelink, MarissaTracing Autonomy & Artistic Significance: Towards an Alternative Framework for Analysing Generative Art
Oever van den, Marinus Co-Creativity between Music Producers and ‘Smart’ versus ‘Naive’ Generative Systems in a Melody Composition Task
Oosting, Titus Power Scheming Creating a Data Approach to Playful Politics
Pierrot, PieterShapes and Staffs: A Qualitative Exploration of the Ontology of Computer-generated Graphic Scores
Pothoven, LisaCarbon-Chain Molecules in Low-Mass Protostellar Systems L1489 and L1527
Ricchiuti, Mauro Smooth Solution Space Exploration by Introducing Local Similarity Search in a MAP-Elites Algorithm
Roberts, ShaniqueSecret Student: Investigating Eros in Teacher’s Pet Relationships
Rodrigues de Senna, Vitor JacobTindergration: A Fun Way to Study for the Dutch Civic Integration Exam
Rui, Rebecca Forking the Docuverse: A Digital Document System Developed For Mapping and Accessing the Interconnective Structure of Documents Through Interaction
Schäffers, CaitlinCapturing Life: The Effect of Filming on Memory
Son, Bart vanThe Flying Rabbit: Using a Drone as a Pace-setter for Youth Middle-distance Runners
Thambwe, AnastasiaWhen the Game Shows the Player – A Study about Games for Leadership Assessment
Visser, MartheLove Language Over Time: An Analysis of Self-Presentation in Dating by Comparing Historical Personal Ads and Contemporary Dating App Biographies
Wester, Martijn Shower Behavior: The Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Persuasive Shower Monitoring System
Woord, Carlo terThe Design of AA-RO, an Abstract Robotic Object, and the Development of a Method to Create and Evaluate its Expressive Motion

Student Thesis Content
Astolfi, F.Exploring Explanatory Techniques and Transparency of Popular Science Videos on YouTube
Barancová, A.Google, What are Algorithms?
Bruijn, M. deThe Effect of Added Sounds on Urban Soundscape Evaluation and Listening Activity
Gelein, M.Simulating Mistakes - Using Agent Based Models to Simulate and Study the Effects of Scribal Errors in Classical Text Transmission
Graven, MaxHeritage Presents: Critical Approaches to New Media and Cultural Heritage
Hoek, L. vanEvolving Virtual Embodied Agents Using External Artifact Evaluations
Järv, E.All Work and No Play Makes Jack an Inefficient Employee: a Study on Video Games’ Effects on Sustained Attention
Maheen, A.Perhaps, Essences. Practice Based Exploration on the Perception of Space in Visual Deprivation
Marton, Dorottya Corporate Mindfulness: Post-Christian spirituality at work
Miltenburg, J. vanCooperative Serendipitous Discoveries with Interactive Evolutionary Computation: a Case Study with 3D Models
Mollen, J.Bonding with BlockBot: a Field Exploration of the Effect of Common Locus on Human-Robot Bonding
Nales, Y.Deciding the Fate of the World on a Daily Basis: Comparing Rationality in Decision Making Between RPG Gamers and Non-Gamers
Öberg, H.The Importance of Nothingness
Panto, A.Visualizing Uncertainty in an Interactive VR Reconstruction of a Cultural Heritage site – the Case Study of Pieter De Graeff’s “Boekenkamer”
Reisen, V. vanShort-term Influence of Physical Activity on the Expectation to Use an Exercise App
Rijswijck, J. vanSinger Magazine: A Speculative Creation to Spark Reflection on Animal Ethics
Sinha, K.Poetic Abstraction at Attention Restoration: Investigating the Effects of Nature Based Poetry on Attention Restoration
Toonstra, L.The Prosocial Interactive Narrative - On the Exploration, Development and Validation of a New Measuring Method
Vellekoop, O.The Recognition and Disturbance of Notification Sounds Integrated into the Music
Wong-a-Foe, D.Similar or Disparate Brain Patterns? EEG Variability in Jaran Kepang Dancers

Student Thesis Content
Agustini Quiroz, C.The Impact of Narrative Choices on Agency in Serious Games
Bossema, M.Effects of Robot Body Movements on the Adoption of the Intentional Stance
Freni, A.ANIMALTAINMENT: a Journey Through Animal Images for Aspiring Nature Storytellers
Heijmans, P.Exploring Relationships Between Political Orientation and Language Use Online in The Netherlands: An Analysis of Comments on Political YouTube Videos
Insing, J.Thumb-to-Finger Gestural Peripheral Interaction Design for Everyday Smart Home Related Tasks
Isguzar, E.How Much Do You Blame a Robot That Harms Someone? On the Relationship Between Human-like Appearance of Artificial Agents and the Degree to Which They Are Perceived as an Intentional Agent and Hence Morally Judged
Jong, S. deAlgorithmic Appreciation or Aversion: Does the Representation of an Algorithm Change the Trust Placed in It?
Koch, R.Losing Yourself: The Bidirectional Influence of the Player and the Role in Table Top Role Playing Games
König, M.Cascaded Fine-Tuning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Age Estimation From Unconstrained Facial Imagery
Kouwenhoven, T.Self-Domestication and the Social Brain Hypothesis: a Recipe for Language Development
Ma, S.Eating Sound Dataset for 20 Food Types And Sound Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Manganello, G.Consent and the Illusion of Autonomy in EU Data Protection: the Necessary Utopia
Mania, J.Love in Polish and Dutch: A Cultural-Linguistic Perspective
Mason, C.Identity and Uncertainty in Social Influence: An Agent-based Approach
Mols, E.Algorithmic Authority: Motives Behind Relinquishing Decision-making to Artificially Intelligent Systems
Offerijns, J.Better Distractions: Transformer-based Distractor Generation and Multiple Choice Question Filtering
Peeperkorn, M.The Maintenance of Conceptual Spaces Through Social Interactions
Preller, M.Connecting the Unconnectable: Quantifying Pragmatics
Roos, N.On Being a Scientist with Scientifically Controversial Beliefs: An Exploration of the Experiences and Views of Scientists with Beliefs that are Not Endorsed by a Scientific Consensus
Sahin, A.The Effect of Solely Descriptive Auditory Route Cues on Navigation Performance of Cyclists
Salvodelli, F.Smartphone Notifications’ Distractions During a Full-attention Activity
Seyp, V. van deAlbum Art: An Exploration of the Potential of Generative Adversarial Networks as Design Tool for Decision-Making and Experiment through Album Cover Artwork
Sommer, K.Kind Words: How Prosociality Shapes Cross-Modal Language
Spek, S.Different Instruction Methods for Learning Programming Concepts in Scratch: Testing the Retention of Programming Misconceptions Among Primary School Children
Verzier, A.Sensing Virtual Space: Perceptual Interaction Between Acoustic and Visual Cues in the Experience and Exploration of a Virtual Room
Waal, M. van der‘What’s in a Like?’ Hiding Likes on Instagram and its Effect on Influencer Marketing
Webb, G.Eat Your Grains: Artificial Ecosystems, Granular Synthesis and Generative Music
Wiegersma, W.Who Am I? An Explorative Investigation of a Curated Research Method
Williams, V.Making Science Tangible: Creating Scientific Animations from Cryo-electron Tomography Data of Microbiological Organisms
Wu, J.Being Creative: a Cross-Domain Mapping Network
Zakas, L.Artifcial Intelligence Implications for VJing
Zorge, T.When Computers Should Say They Are Sorry: Adaptive Versus Unconditional Apologeticness

Student Thesis Content
Barbero, G.Intentionality and Engagement: The Effects of Video Game Engagement on Mindreading Performance
Gennip, S. vanWhat's Going On? An Explorative Study on the Information Processing of Digital Illiterates
Horck, S. vanPlant Resonance: The effects of Musical Stimulation on Plant Well-being
Hu, Z.Machine Learning Bias Game
Kamp, L. van derFirst Person vs. Third Person Perspective in a Digital Memory Palace
Kkousii, A.Classification of Borderline Personality Disorder patients from fMRI scans
Kolster, A.Amateurish Detectives or Expert Investigators? Analysing the Use of Sources by Websleuths in Online Case Solving Discussions
Koningsveld, M. vanApplying Passive Haptic Learning to Induce Associative Motor Memory within a Visual CRT Experiment
Kruijff, J. deA Set of Tasks to Test Interpretation and Use of Emoji by Children
Lopez-Cotarelo Flemons, D.Psychological Attention Restoration Through the Haptic Experience of Water’s Motions
Mira, M.Extrapolating Lessons for Future Cinematic Virtual Reality Creators by Looking at Current and Past Attempts at Creating Virtual Reality
Notenboom, R.Using Digitally Created Virtual Reality Environments as Stress Reduction During Stress Inducing Tasks
Polatoglu, P.S.Gender and Style Effects in Voice Assistants
Reijer, M. deCalming Pressure: A Study Through Design on Stress Reduction by Deep Pressure Touch Contractions Through Wearable Technology
Schreuter, D.Conformity with Conversational Assistants
Stouten, E.Exploring How Developers Could Include the European Commission's Ethics Guidelines to Strive Toward Trustworthy AI
Vilsteren, S. vanThe Effect of Mediated Plants on a Divergent Thinking Test in Virtual Reality

Student Thesis Content
Bergman, R.Exploring Technological Futures: The Use of Different Media, Text, Physical Object or Hybrid
Bont, A. deOnline Persuasive Learning: A Study into the Effectiveness of Social-proof Based Online Persuasion in a MOOC Course
Bouzias, G.Uniqueness in Air-Drawing of Symbols
Brinkman, C.The Truth, the Whole Truthiness and Nothing But Alternative Facts
Chocholi, A.Pursuing Pleasure through Fear: Can Being Scared in the Virtual World Make You Happier in Real Life?
Elid Della Monica, T.Instagram Happiness Index: Do People Portray Themselves Happier than They Really Are? Ranking Countries on Happiness Based on Instagram Hashtag Analysis
Gurbanzadeh, M.Trust Me If You Can: Exploratory Study on the Effects of Anthropomorphism in Embodied Social Robots on Self-disclosure of Users in Dyadic Communication
Hees, M. vanDisciples of the Heinous Path: Social Network Structure and Genre Hierarchy in Heavy Metal
Hilgers, M.Using Bicoloured Text to Improve Reading Abilities and Experience
Koyuncu, K.An Analysis of Artistic Research Published in Online Journals Based on Henk Borgdorff’s Body of Work
Lanen, M.Virtual Reality as a Context for Memorizing: It Can Make a Difference
Lee, P.Bring You Closer to Me: Does Visually Co-located Video-mediated Communication Draw More Attention to the Conversation?
Lei, D.Stigmatization in Internet Language: The Effect of Adding Insulting Quasi-affixes After Group Names to Invent New Words
Linden, S. vanPersonality as a Factor for Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Novices
Martín Holguin, L.Communicating Artificial Intelligence Through Newspapers: Where is the Real Danger?
Moraal, W.Privacy for Burdened Minds: Exploring the Effects of Online Privacy Trade-offs on Cognitive Bandwidth
Paardekoper, M.The Influence on Attitude Towards Piracy: A Sentiment Analysis of Dutch Media Outlets
Ritmeester, R.The Wrong Face: Contextual Framing of Facial Expressions within Pervasive Narratives
Roele, M.Tweet with a Smile and a Unicorn: The Use of Emoji on Twitter in the Netherlands and England
Roeleveld, R.Wayfinding Abilities and Gamer Skills in Portal 2
Schelling, J.Going Native: Doing Data Science to Understand User Behaviour
Silvester, C.Music as Strategy for Memorizing Objective Time
Szabo, M.Sound and Shape: Implementing Findings from Crossmodal Research
Tienhoven, S. vanMelodic Swarms: Generation of Melody in Harmonic Context using Swarm Algorithms
Trommelen, H.On Design and Effectiveness of a Patient Self-management App for Reducing Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections
Xiong, Y.Gamified Learning: Using Narrative to Enhance Second Language Learning

Student Thesis Content
Andersen, V.The Emotions of a Painted Face: Analyzing British Portraiture Art from the Tudors to the Victorian Era
Dierendonck, R. vanInteractive Biology through Remote Control: Introducing a Web Interface for Remotely Controlling a Digital Microfluidics Device in Life Sciences Education
Ding, H.Computational Plot Planning: A Temporal Social Network Approach
Frijns, H.Body Language for Bots: Adapting a Virtual Robot’s Gestures by Means of an Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm
Geerlings, D.Representing Flavours with Sound: Using Combinations of Sine Waves to Represent Acidic Flavours
Ghafoerkhan, A.Mood Journaling - An Exploration of Real Time Mood Developments as a Function of Heart Rate
Henneveld, R.Colored Reading: An Appeal for Using Synthetic Association Training to Improve Reading Fluency in Children with Dyslexia
Klerks, E.Sensory Information about Reading Progress on the E-reader
Kozlowska, P.How the Use of Visual Communication Influences Understanding: An Insight into the Use of Dutch Government Forms by Non-native Speakers
Kroese, J.An Interactive Plant as a Learning Interface - Embodying Environmental Education in the Natural Environment
Kubernatova, P.Knowledge at First Sight: Building a Model for a Data Visualization Recommender System Suited for Non-expert Users
Leenen, L. vanLecture by Girls
Martorana, R.Representation of Silence in Soundscape Perception
Meer, N. van derEducation & Video Games: Does Awareness of Educational Intention Affect a Video Game's Educational Effectiveness?
Piët, D.Objects in the Margins - Marginal Items in Sleutelbakjes
Rohrbach, P.How Passively Listening to Music Can Create an Atmosphere for Social Bonding
Rose, B.Does Motivation Play a Role in Dunbar's Number? A new perspective on the limitations of social network sizes
Rust, S.Smoothened Emotions: The Effect of (Digital) Botox on Communication
Satyukov, G.RAM-Z: Chef of the Robot Cuisine. Effects of Asking Questions in Conversational User Interfaces
Schipper, D.Effects of Visual Cues of Wind on Perception of Wind and Cycling Speed
Theelen, M.Design Guidelines for Educational Artefacts Supporting Physiotherapist Treatments
Tian, N.The Influence of Non-diegetic UI Elements in 3D Touch Controlled Games
Xu, D.Sonifying standing: An exploration of different mapping strategies of audio feedback for postural control
Young, J.Effects Caused by Surveyor Visualization Types on Honesty in Surveys and Interviews

Student Thesis Content
Arenas Rebolledo, Y.A Test for a Lovelace Machine
Aussems, E. Context Photojournalism
Bos, X.Computer Assisted Brainstorming: Which Ideation Tool is Best and What Makes it Best?
Bot, R.Effects of Standardized Quadcopter Flight Patterns on Foraging Birds: a Test Case for Autonomous Data Gathering in Ecological Research
Fragkiadakis, M.Influence of Surround Sound on Visual Fixations During Voluntary Video Viewing
Frings, B.Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Produced By Wireless Technologies Might Actually Do Cause Adverse Health Effects. But How?
Kockesen, G.Effects of Switching Audio Cues in Survival Horror Games on Level of Fear
Liu, D.Navigation in an Audio Maze Game with Quadraphonic and Octophonic Speaker Set-Ups
Lodewijk, M.Being Superman: Effects of Superhero Embodiment in Virtual Reality on Exertion Capabilities
Noë, B.Investigating Social Comparison in the Context of an Online Pay-What-You-Want Store
Oldenhof, D.Can a Physical 3-Dimensional Display Improve the Understanding of Topographic Maps for People with Low Spatial Ability
Oorschot, J.L. (Jeroen) vanAssessing Aggression: A Physical Approach
Rijntjes, T.An Experiment in Engineering a Synthetic Organism-Enterprise
Ruyg, M.Does the Data Doppelgänger Reside in the Uncanny Valley?
Stork, L.Assessing Systematic Distortions in Visuospatial Mental Representations with use of Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
Teunisse, C.CloseHR: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Interpersonal Touch on the Sense of Presence in an Immersive Hybrid Environment
Yousefi, H.Guiding Through the Dawn: Effects of Visual Stimuli and Aids on Early-onset Young Dementia Patients

Student Thesis Content
Alice SchutHow we influence our creativity: Speaking is silver, writing is golden?
Arnaud LoonstraConcurrency for Creative Coding
Benny Aartman Design Fixation Among Graphic Designers: the Effects of inspiration Stimuli
Bernd DudzikHaving a heart-to-heart: Exploring the capacity of heartbeat-feedback to mediate affective information in interpersonal communication
Brit HopmannVisualizing the Invisible: Deep Reading and a New Republic of Letters
Coen DekkerThe impact of movie soundtracks on the estimation of driving speeds
Dirrik EmmenCheckmate! The Willingness to Accept Computer Aid
Eva DelincakovaThe Role of Communicated Dominance in Negotiations with Virtual Agents
Georgios LampropoulosLearning choreography through visual perspective-taking
Groen, T. (Tom)Measuring Implicit Personalisation on Google News
Haixiang ZhangFrom Keywords to Ontology
Jaap BiermanMultiple Source Same Data Analysis
Jasper ScheffelPictoGuide: Assisting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Independent Execution of Complex, Multii-Step Activities through Visual Self Prompting on a Smartwatch Device
Jelena LavroechinaMore carton, less milk, less waste. A proposal for a new packaging size of 1 L milk carton, reducing food waste and envoronmental impact
Jiang ZhenghuaThe Effects of Combining Video and Music with Conflicting Emotional Content on Self-reported Emotional Experience
Joanna PisarczykPeer production in the physical world: a look at today's communitybased infrastructures
Jorrit SiebelinkMessage framing seen through the eyes of a warrior: Studying the framing effect in relatiion to virtual persona
Jules VerdijkEvolving Affective Abstract Art through Measures Learned from a Corpus of Human-Made Art
Lianru ZhangThe Effects of Narrated Animation and Still Images with Text in Science Learning
Lisa RomboutReal-world versus Virtual Reality Treatment Simulations
Livia Teernstra(A)moral Machine: exploring the creation and application of an automated moral classifier
Luis Gomez MaestreDroidata: Ebola outbreak prevention with mobile data gathering [chek the title]
Manuel Lorenzo ParejoDroidata: Ebola outbreak prevention with mobile data gathering [chek the title]
Marcello A. Gómez-MaureiraThe Impact of Co-located Play on Social Presence and Game Experience in Virtual Reality Games
Natalia Rios RiveraR-interFace depicts the past: A design and evaluation of a Reflective Interface
Paul KasteleynImproving depth awareness for divers in free ascend
Polly OskamThe Introduction to a Tablet to Adults with a Severe Form of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Remi AlkemadeHands-on 3D Design in Virtual Reality
Sabrina VerhageTrack&Trace: Improving the chance for serendipitous encounters in urban public space using a drawing bot
Sam VerkoelenExploring dimensionality reduction on semi-structured photos: a closer look at Exactitudes
Wouter van den HeuvelBartertown: a Single-Player Human Computation Game to Create a Dataset of Iconic Gestures
Yang ChenCatch It! - An Illusory Control Experience

Student Thesis Content
Lavroechina, JelenaMore Carton, Less Milk, Less Waste
Schut, AliceHow We Influence Our Creativity: Speaking is Silver, Writing is Golden?
Zhenghua, JiangThe Effects of Combining Video and Music with Conflicting Emotional Content on Self-reported Emotional Experience

Student Thesis Content
Andres Pardo RodriguezSay Cheese! Taking Pictures in the Rijksmuseum
Annika GeurtsenAn experiment in Animal Welfare Informatics: effects of digital interactive gameplay on the psychological welfare of home alone dogs
Arjen SuijkerThousands of pixels are worth thousands of words: communication personality, social attractiveness and physical atractiveness with profile pictures
Arne BoonForgetick: Reminding to Forget in Digital Culture
Arnold-Jan QuanjerMake Me Think: Guidelines for designing reflective interfaces
Chris HeydraCinemetric Analysis of Acts in Motion Pictures: Finding Narrative Structures in Film Form
Emiel de MunckPronoun resolution in Optimality Theory
Guido HuijserThe Relation between Expectations and Appraisal in Music Discovery driven by Music-related Imagery
Harpo 't HartThe Music of Things
Huibert HartelohMotorBot, A motorcycle safety assistant
Joanna Camargo CoelhoPointing Taske Evaluation of Leap Motion Controller in 3D Virtual Environment
Robin de LangeDeveloping an Augmented Reality application to promote an extended concept of cognition in education.
Roy van RooijenNumberstand Personalized Number Explanations
Smulders, B. (Bobbie)Annotade Code: Introducing a System for Code-stepping Based Visualization
Tamara Pinos CisnerosSynthetic Emotions Bicycle (SEB): Building a Human-Bicycle emotional Bond Through Abstract Expression of Affect
Terrence LeticheTalking in Circles: A communication experiment on the effects of direct visual feedback-loops on group dynamics
Thomas te BraakeThe Simultaneous Perception of Music via the Tactile and Auditory Senses: Creating a Musical Experience
Xiaotong (Scarlett) ShangThe Effect of Recreational Video Watching on Adult Dutch Learners: An in situ DELFTSE METHODE Classroom Observation

Student Thesis Content
Braake, Thomas teThe Simultaneous Perception of Music via the Tactile and Auditory Senses: Creating a Musical Experience
Geurtsen, AnikaAn Experiment in Animal Welfare Informatics: Effects of Digital Interactive Gameplay on the Psychological Welfare of Home Alone Dogs
Letiche, TerrenceTalking in Circles: A Communication Experiment on the Effects of Direct Visual Feedback-Loops on Group Dynamics
Pinos Cisneros, TamaraSynthetic Emotions Bicycle (SEB): Building a Human-Bicycle Emotional Bond Through Abstract Expression of Affect
Quanjer, Arnold JanMake Me Think: Guidelines for Designing Reflective Interfaces

Student Thesis Content
Bourne, BarberaColour Your Language: An Educational Method for Learning Grammar Through Colour
Gao, GraceFaster Performance Means Better Understanding? User’s Performance and Attitude Versus Understanding of Data in Interactive Information Visualization
Kindt, TijlAffective Metadata from Movies Helps Predict a Viewer’s Mood for Mood-based Recommenders

Student Thesis Content
Borsboom, BarryGuess Who? A Game to Crowdsource the Labeling of Affective Facial Expressions is Comparable to Expert Ratings
Heydra, ChrisCinemetric Analysis of Acts in Motion Pictures: Finding Narrative Structures in Film Form
Jansen, ErikIs This Real? Reviewing and Rebuilding Subjective Maps
Velthoven, Lieven vanRoom Racers: Design and Evaluation of a Mixed Reality Game Prototype
Weber, MartinFinding News in a Haystack: Event Based Clustering with Social Media Based Ranking

Student Thesis Content
Bie, Joey van derPleasure Reading with Soundscapes in a Sound Rich Environment
Boer, Thijs deChanging Typographic Elements of eBooks Without Disturbing the Reader’s Experience; the Basis for a Richer Story
Heneise, PatrickA Modern Approach to the Transcription of Vintage Literature using Mobile Technology and Cloud Services
Rooij, Alwin deAbstract Affective Robotics
Ruhl, AntalExperiments with Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Daily Activities
Vos, Marie deSubtle Posture Changes Can Affect Emotional Intensity While Watching Movies
Waardenburg, Thijs and Winkel, RobbertNormative Social Influence in Persuasive Technology; Intensity versus Effectiveness

Student Thesis Content
Dijk, Nico vanVirtual Team Performance Depends on Distributed Leadership
Jillissen, JeroenTearing Down the Walls: Towards an Activity-centered Applicationless Desktop Interface
Kirkali, DunyaEffects of Shading, Texture, Movement, Noise and Scenery on the Hollow-Face Visual Illusion
Tomassen, WilcoAiding Virtual Maze Traversal Tasks by Subliminal Priming

Student Thesis Content
Carels, BartPassive, Non ID-based, Individual Narrowcasting
Companje, RickGlobe4D as Tool for Scientific Data Visualization and Exploration
Mast, DanicaDoe Kaa wee-naa oe-nai Boo: Assessing Children's Experiences with Active and Passive Artificial Companions
Paesschen, David vanCross-modal Integration of Auditory and Visual Apparent Motion Signals: Not a Robust Process
Schipper, Casper and Terhorst, BastiaanCommunicating Science to a Larger Audience: Writing an Accessible Book on Perception

Student Thesis Content
Gavrielidou, ElenaLandmarks and Time-pressure in Virtual Navigation: Towards Designing Gender-neutral Virtual Environments
Geilenkirchen, Alexander and Lee, YuanDetecting BDD Patients via Behavioural Symptoms
Hekman, Erik and Stade, MichielContinuous Physical Prototyping in Generative Design: A LEGO-based Architecture Approach
Jong, Staas deThe Cyclotactor: Towards a Tactile Platform for Musical Interaction
Remmerswaal, PeterThe Fantasy of Added Immersion Through Interactivity
Reuneker, AlexThe Influence of Interactivity on Immersion in Literature
Slob, JorisThe Human Processor: Extending Human-based Computation to the Logic Level

Student Thesis Content
Umanski, D. (Daniil)Computer Game Development for Speech Therapy Support

Student Thesis Content
Bennis, MaartenLoveGlow: Intimate Communication in a Simple Way
Bosch, Tim van denCommons Design: Open Source Graphic Design
Eck, Wim vanAnimal Controlled Computer Games: Playing Pac-Man Against Real Crickets
Kallergi, AmaliaProvocative Tactics in the Museum Territory
Mesman, RobinAdaptive Stimulation in Creativity Enhancing Tools: Using Bio-feedback to Control Divergence of Stimuli
Rutjens, BertConverting Impulse Buying into Impulse Giving: The Donating Machine

Student Thesis Content
Anonymous studentHeart Rate Sensitive Soundtrack
Breejen, Jonathan den and Deenstra, MarenkaPingPongPixel
Gosman, ArjenRSS Feed Filtering Through Hybrid Rating: An Evolving Newsreader
Kumru, KemalLanguage Education Through an Affective Gaming Environment
Mubarak, Qurrat-ul-ainVQ: A Speech Recognition Based Quran Search System
Rotteveel, JoachimGet Organized! From Media Technology to a Human Organ
Schram, RoelofApplication of Mobile Computing Systems in Educational Settings
Ster, Jelle van derLost in the Funhouse: Postmodern Meta-Reflections in Videogames
Talens, AikoInSituScript: An Alternative Reading Method

Student Thesis Content
Boer, Clim deElectronic Augmentation of Traditional Board Games