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Master Mediatechnology

Student Thesis
Cors BrinkmanThe Truth, the Whole Truthiness and Nothing But Alternative Facts
Jasper SchellingGOING NATIVE: Doing data science to understand user behaviour
Matthijs HilgersUsing bicoloured text to improve reading abilities and experience
Max RoeleTweet with a Smile and a Unicorn: the use of emoji on Twitter in the Netherlands and England
Rinske RoeleveldWayfinding Abilities and Gamer Skills in Portal 2
Sam van TienhovenMelodic Swarms : generation of melody in harmonic context using swarm algorithms
Stijn van LindenPersonality as a factor for knowledge sharing behaviour in novices

Student Thesis
Adiel GhafoerkhanMood Journaling - An Exploration of Real Time Mood Developments as a Function of Heart Rate
Brandi RoseDoes motivation play a role in Dunbar's number? A new perspective on the limitations of social network sizes
Dagmar GeerlingsRepresanting flavours with sound
Dan XuSonifying standing: An exploration of different mapping strategies of audio feedback for postural control
Donna PiëtObjects in the Margins - Marginal Items in Sleutelbakjes
Donna SchipperEffects of Visual Cues of Wind on Perception of Wind and Cycling Speed
Emily KlerksSensory Information about Reading Progress on the E-reader
Gleb SatyukovEffects of asking questions in conversational user interfaces
Haoran DingComputational Plot Planning: A Temporal Social Network Approach
Helena FrijnsBODY LANGUAGE FOR BOTS: Adapting a virtual robot’s gestures by means of an Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm
Jamil YoungEffects Caused by Syrveyor Visualization Types on Honesty in Surveys
Jelger KroeseAn Interactive Plant as a Learning Interface - embodying environmental education in the natural environment
Lisa van LeenenLecture by Girls
Matthijs TheelenDesign Guidelines for Educational Artefacts Supporting Physiotherapist treatments
Nana TianThe Influence of Non-diegetic UI Elements in 3D Touch Controlled Games
Nesse van der MeerEducation & Video Games: Does awareness of educational intention affect a video game's educational effectiveness?
Paulina KozlowskaHow the use of visual communication influences understanding: an insight into the use of Dutch government forms by non-native speakers
Petra KubernatovaKnowledge at first sight: Building a model for a data visualization recommender system suited for non-expert users
Pieter RohrbachHow Passively Listening to Music can Create an Atmosphere for Social Bonding
Riccardo MartoranaRepresentation of Silence in Soundscape Perception
Rick HenneveldColored Reading: an Appeal for Using Synthetic Association Training to Improve Reading Fluency in Children with Dyslexia
Roland van DierendonckInteractive Biology through Remote Control
Sophie RustSmoothened emotions: The effect of (digital) Botox on communication
Veneta AndersenThe Emotions of a Painted Face: Analyzing British Portraiture Art from the Tudors to the Victorian Era

Student Thesis
Bardo FringsRadio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Produced By Wireless Technologies Might Actually Do Cause Adverse Health Effects: But how?
Beryl NoëInvestigating social comparison in the context of an online Pay-What-You-Want store
Carolien TeunisseCloseHR: an experimental study on the effects of interpersonal touch on the sence of presence in an immersive Hybrid Environment
Daan OldenhofCan a Physical 3 Dimensional Display Improve the Understanding of Topographic Maps for People with Low Spatial Ability
Danyi LiuNavigation in an Audio Maze Game with Quadraphonic and Octophonic Speaker Set-Ups
Eva Aussems Context photojournalism
Gizem KockesenEffects of Switching Audio Cues in Survival Horror Games on Level of Fear
Hadiss YousefiGuiding through the dawn: Effect of visual stimuli and aids on early onset young dementia patients
Jeroen van OorschotAssessing agression: a physical approach
Lise StorkAssessing Systematic Distortions in Visuospatial Mental Representations with use of Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
Maarten LodewijkBeing Superman: Effects of Superhero Embodiment in Virtual Reality on Exertion Capabilities
Manolis FragkiadakisInfluence of Surround Sound on Visual Fixations During Voluntary Video Viewing
Marjolijn RuygDoes the Data Doppelgänger Reside in The Uncanny Valley?
Rinus BotEffects of Standardized Quadcopter Flight Patterns on Foraging Birds: a Test Case for Auton-omous Data Gathering in Ecological Research
Tom RijntjesAn experiment in engineering a synthetic organism-enterprise
Xander BosComputer assisted brainstorming: which ideation tool is best an what makes it best?
Yasser ArenasA Test for a Lovelace machine

Student Thesis
Alice SchutHow we influence our creativity: Speaking is silver, writing is golden?
Arnaud LoonstraConcurrency for Creative Coding
Benny Aartman Design Fixation Among Graphic Designers: the Effects of inspiration Stimuli
Bernd DudzikHaving a heart-to-heart: Exploring the capacity of heartbeat-feedback to mediate affective information in interpersonal communication
Brit HopmannVisualizing the Invisible: Deep Reading and a New Republic of Letters
Coen DekkerThe impact of movie soundtracks on th eestimation of driving speeds
Dirrik EmmenCheckmate! The Willingness to Accept Computer Aid
Eva DelincakovaThe Role of Communicated Dominance in Negotiations with Virtual Agents
Georgios LampropoulosLearning choreography through visual perspective-taking
Haixiang ZhangFrom Keywords to Ontology
Jaap BiermanMultiple Source Same Data Analysis
Jasper ScheffelPictoGuide: Assisting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Independent Execution of Complex, Multii-Step Activities through Visual Self Prompting on a Smartwatch Device
Jelena LavroechinaMore carton, less milk, less waste. A proposal for a new packaging size of 1 L milk carton, reducing food waste and envoronmental impact
Jiang ZhenghuaThe Effects of Combining Video and Music with Conflicting Emotional Content on Self-reported Emotional Experience
Joanna PisarczykPeer production in the physical world: a look at today's communitybased infrastructures
Jorrit SiebelinkMessage framing seen through the eyes of a warrior: Studying the framing effect in relatiion to virtual persona
Jules VerdijkEvolving Affective Abstract Art through Measures Learned from a Corpus of Human-Made Art
Lianru ZhangThe Effects of Narrated Animation and Still Images with Text in Science Learning
Lisa RomboutReal-world versus Virtual Reality Treatment Simulations
Livia Teernstra(A)moral Machine: exploring the creation and application of an automated moral classifier
Luis Gomez MaestreDroidata: Ebola outbreak prevention with mobile data gathering [chek the title]
Manuel Lorenzo ParejoDroidata: Ebola outbreak prevention with mobile data gathering [chek the title]
Marcello A. Gómez-MaureiraThe Impact of Co-located Play on Social Presence and Game Experience in Virtual Reality Games
Natalia Rios RiveraR-interFace depicts the past: A design and evaluation of a Reflective Interface
Paul KasteleynImproving depth awareness for divers in free ascend
Polly OskamThe Introduction to a Tablet to Adults with a Severe Form of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Remi AlkemadeHands-on 3D Design in Virtual Reality
Sabrina VerhageTrack&Trace: Improving the chance for serendipitous encounters in urban public space using a drawing bot
Sam VerkoelenExploring dimensionality reduction on semi-structured photos: a closer look at Exactitudes
Tom GroenMeasuring Implicit Personalisation on Goohle News
Wouter van den HeuvelBartertown: a Single-Player Human Computation Game to Create a Dataset of Iconic Gestures
Yang ChenCatch It! - An Illusory Control Experience

Student Thesis
Andres Pardo RodriguezSay Cheese! Taking Pictures in the Rijksmuseum
Annika GeurtsenAn experiment in Animal Welfare Informatics: effects of digital interactive gameplay on the psychological welfare of home alone dogs
Arjen SuijkerThousands of pixels are worth thousands of words: communication personality, social attractiveness and physical atractiveness with profile pictures
Arne BoonForgetick: Reminding to Forget in Digital Culture
Arnold-Jan QuanjerMake Me Think: Guidelines for designing reflective interfaces
Bobbie SmuldersAnnotade Code, introducing a system for code-stepping based visualization
Chris HeydraCinemetric Analysis of Acts in Motion Pictures: Finding Narrative Structures in Film Form
Emiel de MunckPronoun resolution in Optimality Theory
Guido HuijserThe Relation between Expectations and Appraisal in Music Discovery driven by Music-related Imagery
Harpo 't HartThe Music of Things
Huibert HartelohMotorBot, A motorcycle safety assistant
Joanna Camargo CoelhoPointing Taske Evaluation of Leap Motion Controller in 3D Virtual Environment
Robin de LangeDeveloping an Augmented Reality application to promote an extended concept of cognition in education.
Roy van RooijenNumberstand Personalized Number Explanations
Tamara Pinos CisnerosSynthetic Emotions Bicycle (SEB): Building a Human-Bicycle emotional Bond Through Abstract Expression of Affect
Terrence LeticheTalking in Circles: A communication experiment on the effects of direct visual feedback-loops on group dynamics
Thomas te BraakeThe Simultaneous Perception of Music via the Tactile and Auditory Senses: Creating a Musical Experience
Xiaotong (Scarlett) ShangThe Effect of Recreational Video Watching on Adult Dutch Learners: An in situ DELFTSE METHODE Classroom Observation