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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Bergman, P.Data mining paper meta-data: a novel model for large scale paper meta-data research
Domela Nieuwenhuis Nyegaard, D.A Genetic Algorithm Parameter Control Method using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance Planning
Groot, M. deModelling Startup Growth and Spending by using Markov Decision Processes
Hou, Y.Stance Detection on Twitter for COVID-19 Misinformation
Huang, Q.Multi-surrogate Assisted Efficient Global Optimization: A Positional Study on Discrete Problems
Jong, R. deMeasuring Structural Anonymity in Complex Networks - CONFIDENTIAL
Kok, R.A Cell-Based Model of Angiogenesis Suggests That Vascular Stabilisation Can Result From Flow-Based Inhibition of Chemotaxis
Koole, M.The automatic labelling of medical entities in Dutch endoscopy reports
Koschny, J.Synchronous Hackenbush
Li, H.Standardizing Nature-inspired Algorithms — a unified framework UNIOA for seven swarm-based algorithms
Likhi, T.Effects of the power distance index on multicultural software engineering teams
Moradi, A.Federated Learning: literature review and hyperparameter importance.
Neuteboom, V.AutoML for creating hybrid Earth science models
Tetteroo, J.Automated machine learning for COVID-19 forecasting - CONFIDENTIAL
Vos, L.Automatically testing libraries symbolically