Students supervised by Kosters, dr. W.A. (Walter)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Bachelor Informatica & E...2024second supervisorOmmen, B. van (Bram) Machine Learning for Football Player Scouting
Bachelor Data Science an...2023second supervisorBonsu, E. (Enrico)Simulating driving behaviour using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Bachelor Data Science an...2023first supervisorVelden, L. (Liva) van derGenerating and Solving PushPush Puzzles
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorAlwer, SalehGraph Neural Networks for Modelling Chess
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorPrins, VincentDungeons & Firearms: AI-Directing Action Intensity of Procedural Level...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2023second supervisorZon, P. J. van der (Pedro)Assisting the Creation-process of Fictional Characters with Large Lang...
Bachelor Informatica2023supervisorBroek, A. van den (Amber)Hex Circles Winning Strategies for Variants of Hex using Pure Monte-Ca...
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorAzzegarh, O. (Oualid)A Concurrent Visual Programming Language
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorHegeman, M. (Meili)Generating Pipes puzzles using maze-generating algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorBoogaard, D. van den (Daniel)Solving Rullo, A Mathematical Puzzle
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorSlangen, F. (Femke)Strategies for the Deck Building Game Dominion
PhD Computer Science2022promotorLin, J. (Jiadong)Algorithms for Structural Variant Detection
Master Computer Science2022first supervisorKoschny, J. (Julius)Synchronous Hackenbush
Bachelor Informatica2022supervisorLenstra, X. (Xander)A Program for Analysing Combinatorial and Synchronized Games [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorMourits, R. (Rob)Solving and Generating the Nurimeizu puzzle
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorVink, E. (Elze) deSolving Breakthrough Using Binary Decision Diagrams and Retrograde Ana...
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorWetten, F. (Fien) vanRepresenting the State Space of the Domino Cube in Graph Using BDDs
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorZwart, M. (Michael) van derA Library for BDDs and SDDs
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorKientz, L. (Lily)Neural Networks for Auto Battlers
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorKlaver, M. (Marten)Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Freecell
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorWensveen, R. (Roos)Probing Sequences for Nonograms
Bachelor Informatica2021supervisorJong, A. (Aron) deAn Analysis of the Cooperative Card Game The Crew [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2021supervisorMol, T. (Thomas) deSynchronized Cherries [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorPrins, V. (Vincent)Using Heterogeneous Primordial Particle Systems to Analyse Life-like B...
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorArntzenius, R. (Robert)Agents for the Strategy Game Onitama
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorAyg├╝n, T. (Tayfun)Optimizing Monte Carlo Agents for the Game Katarenga
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorKrebbers, S. (Said)Monte Carlo Tree Search for Dots-and-Boxes
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorNieuwenhuizen, D. (David)The Effect of Monte Carlo Tree Search on Modern Board Game Elements
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorReijtenbach, R. (Rob)Determining the Success Rate for the Game of Solitaire
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorZwaag, J. (Job) van der Finding a Way Through the Changing Maze of Labyrinth
Master Computer Science2020second supervisorBoekhout, H. (Hanjo)Exploring Scientific Mobility in Co-authorship Networks using Multilay...
Master Computer Science2020first supervisorKyziridis, G. (Georgios)Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for the Train Unit Shunting Pro...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2020second supervisorLommen, Y.V. (Yven)Visualization Tool for Motifs in Multilayer Temporal Networks
Bachelor Informatica & E...2020second supervisorPlas, L.P. (Leendert) van derThe Influence of Behavioral Richness on Human's Perception of Receptio...
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorSchous, V. (Vera)Understanding and Discussing Weaknesses in Deep Neural Networks
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorWanjun Xu, C. (Cassie) Efficient Parallel Cycle Detection
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorWink, T. (Thomas)OpenML-Connect: A C++ Connection Library for OpenML
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorZweeden, J. (Joos) vanDetecting Facial Features in Infrared Imagery
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorBors, P.P. (Philippe)Analysis of Nonsimple Nonograms
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorKluiver, S. (Sem)Solving and Generating Ice Block Puzzles
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorSnelleman, T. (Thijs)Strategic Gambling in DiminishingBridge
Master Computer Science2019third supervisorPeters, L.J. (Bert)Deep Mammography: Applying Deep Learning to Whole Mammogram Classifica...
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorEdixhoven, L. (Luc)Checkerboard Patterns and Binary Decision Diagrams for the Game 2048
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorHuibers, J. (Jarno)Strategies for Restricted Nim
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorColli, M.M. (Mitchel)Dynamic Real-time Videostream Stitching Using Multiple Uncalibrated Ca...
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorMeyer, S (Samuel)Psychology-Inspired Memory Sampling in a Deep Q Network
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorBlankestijn, M.A.N. (Max)Polyomino Packing using a Tetris-like Ruleset
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorDeering, G. (Galen)Applications of Monte Carlo on the Board Game Six
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorKannangara, A.R. (Aaron)Comparing Strategic Agents for Dominance
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorMerckens, T. (Tim)A Further Look into Mouse Mazes
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorPlug R.B.F. (Ruud)ECG Anomaly Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory based Recurrent Neu...
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorVarkevisser, F.E. (Florian)Using Monte Carlo Tree Search to Play Cops & Robbers
Master Computer Science2018first supervisorWansink, B.J. (Bob)Finding Minimal Conflicting Teacher Sets for Dutch High School Timetab...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2018second supervisorGriffioen, P. (Pepijn)Aligning an Industry Data Model with Applications in Real Estate
Bachelor Informatica & E...2018second supervisorHelmonds, J. (Joep)Predicting No-shows in Brazilian Primary Care
Bachelor Informatica2018supervisorSpelier, P. (Pim)The Complexity of Root-Fi nding in Orders [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2018second supervisorDijkhuizen, T. (Tom) vanOpenPhoneMap Het Bereik van Mobiele Zendmasten op de Kaart Gezet
Bachelor Informatica2018second supervisorKleijn, K. (Kelvin)Solving and Constructing Kamaji Puzzles
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorDamhuis, L.P. (Laurens)Using the Rectified Linear Unit Activation Function in Neural networks...
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorDijk, M. (Marco) vanAgents for Kuhhandel
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorJanssen, E. (Egon)The Leprechaun Hatting Problem
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorTaleb, R. (Rafi)The Effect of Activation Functions and Network Configurations on the P...
Master ICT in Business a...2017second supervisorXypolytos, A. (Achilleas)A Security Assessment Framework
Master Computer Science2017third supervisorLucchesse, R. (Roberto)Analyzing the Resilience of Board Interlock Networks Under Imperfect D...
Master Computer Science2017second supervisorRijn, F.W. (Frank) vanLearning to Play Hearthstone using Machine Learning
Master Computer Science2017second supervisorWitte, B. (Boyd)Algorithms for Detecting and Analyzing Multiplex Motifs in Large-scale...
Master Computer Science2017first supervisorHeuvel, J. (Jeroen) van denFinding Business Processes in Computer Usage Data using Frequent Seque...
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorDijk, S.J. (Stef) vanSolving Puzzles Using Cellular Automata
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorOedayrajsingh Varma, V. (Vinay)A Survey of Classical Public-key Cryptography and Post-quantum Lattice...
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorOut, N.F. (Nils)A Monte Carlo Strategy for the Game of Hive
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorSoelaksana, E. (Erik)Analyzing Privacy Awareness of Twitter Users Through Their Given Locat...
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorBeljaards, L. (Laurens)AI Agents for the Abstract Strategy Game Tak
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorCastelein, K.J.B. (Koen)Determinization for Monte Carlo Tree Search n the Card Game Tichu
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorEtoeharnowo, T. (Teddy)Neural Networks for Clobber
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorHoogenboom, C. (Cedric)Using Probabilities to Enhance Monte Carlo Search in the Dutch Card Ga...
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorSpaendonck, M. (Michiel) vanAspects of Tectonic
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorTeunisse, J. (Joris)Agents for the Card Game of Hearts
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorVos, M.S. (Michiel)Retrograde Analysis and Proof Number Search Applied to Jungle Checkers
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorCroes, X.Y. (Xander)Tree Search Methods for Diplomacy Agents
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorHelwerda, L.S. (Leon)Mobile Radio Tomography: Autonomous Vehicle Planning for Dynamic Senso...
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorKalmeijer, J.G. (Jan)Visualizing Features Learned by Convolutional Neural Networks
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorMeij, T. (Tim) van derMobile Radio Tomography: Reconstructing and Visualizing Objects in Wir...
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorZeegers, M.T. (Mathe)Theoretical Properties of 2048
Bachelor Informatica & E...2016first supervisorLopes Carreiro, V. (Vanessa)Examining Different Strategies for the Card Game Sueca
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorBavdaz, A. (Alenka)Comparing Markov Chain and Recurrent Neural Network Algorithms for Tex...
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorOostdam, J. (Jasper)Design and Simulation of an Embedded Controller for the iRobot Create ...
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorEdixhoven, L. (Luc)Attacking the n-Puzzle Using SAT Solvers
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorHuibers, J. (Jarno)AI Agents for the Card Game Love Letter
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorWerff, C.R.A. (Chivany) van derTetris Strategies in a Multiplayer Environment
Master Media Technology2015supervisorGroen, T. (Tom)Measuring Implicit Personalisation on Google News
Master Computer Science2015second supervisorSmeden, F. (Frank) vanA Framework for Scheduling and Analysis of Real-Time Applications with...
Master Computer Science2015first supervisorEs, E.K. (Eli) vanAn Improved Maximum-Likelihood Solver for the Analysis of Graph Ensemb...
Master Computer Science2015first supervisorLiu, W. (Wei)An Evaluation Method for Nodes in Multiple Dynamic Networks
Master Computer Science2015first supervisorMus, D.A. (Derk)Autonomous Simulated Car Racing through Apprenticeship Learning
Bachelor Informatica2015supervisorBergh, M.J.H. (Mark) van denHanabi: A Co-operative Game of Fireworks [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2015supervisorKortsmit, M. (Marieke)Strategies for Klondike Solitaire [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2015second supervisorBurger, J. (Jelco)Context Free Guarded Languages: A System for Determining Guarded Strin...
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorBos, R. (Ralph)Compact Decision Trees for Dou Shou Qi Tablebases
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorCammel, S. (Simone)Predicting the Outcome of the Game Othello
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorDekker, V. (Victor)A Difficulty Measure for Light Up Puzzles
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorHaddou, S. (Sarah)Using Outcome Weights in Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multiplayer 3D He...
PhD Computer Science2014copromotorTakes, F.W. (Frank)Algorithms for Analyzing and Mining Real-world Graphs
Master Media Technology2014supervisorSmulders, B. (Bobbie)Annotade Code: Introducing a System for Code-stepping Based Visualizat...
Master Computer Science2014first supervisorEekhout, W. (Wouter)Automated Multi-Label Classification of the Dutch Speeches from the Th...
Master Computer Science2014first supervisorHekke, P. (Piet) vanTime-interval Sequential Patterns in Insurance Data
Bachelor Informatica2014supervisorBakker, T. (Thomas)Plagiarism Detection in Source Code [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2014supervisorHeijden, R. (Roelof) van derAn Analysis of Dominion [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorBoven, B. (Bas) vanSolving Jungle Checkers
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorHelwerda, L.S. (Leon)Theory and Applications of Deep Learning Networks
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorLiu, L.-Y. ( Lai-Yee)An Automatised Process for Constructing Recognisable Nonograms
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorMeij, T. (Tim) van derConstructing an Open-Source Toolchain and Investigating Sensor Propert...
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorMilburn, A. (Alyssa)Algorithms and Models for Radio Tomographic Imaging
Master ICT in Business a...2013first supervisorVeger, E. (Edwin)Mining Path Traversal Patterns in Wikipedia
Master Computer Science2013second supervisorStein, B. (Bas) vanA Mobile Smart Care Platform: Home Spirometry by using the Smartphone ...
Master Computer Science2013second supervisorZandvliet, E. (Erik)Intelligent Agents in a Large State Space: A Case Study on Magic: The ...
Bachelor Informatica2013second supervisorLeznar, A. (Alexander)A Start List Scheduling and Optimization Algorithm for Equestrian Even...
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorWitte, B. (Boyd)Plagiarism Detection in C++ Programs
Master Computer Science2012first supervisorLuiten, M. (Menno)Topical Influence on Twitter: A Feature Construction Approach
Master Computer Science2012first supervisorRijn, J. (Jan) vanPlaying Games: The Complexity of Klondike, Mahjong, Nonograms and Anim...
Master Computer Science2012first supervisorRuiter, J. (Johan) deCounting Classes of Klondike Solitaire Configurations
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorGraaff, R. (Ramon) deAuthorship Attributing using Compression Distances
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorKalmeijer, J. (Jan)Extracting Information from an Energy Expenditure Dataset
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorOmmen, T. (Thijs) vanThe Assignment Problem on Sets of Strings
Master ICT in Business a...2011first supervisorHofman, M. (Marco)Text Mining in Dutch Reports with a Specific Vocabulary
Master ICT in Business a...2011first supervisorKentsch, A. (Adrian)Exploratory Recommendations Using Wikipedia's Linking Structure
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorHenstra, S. (Sjoerd)From Image to Nonogram: Construction, Quality and Switching Graphs
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorVis, J. (Jonathan)Discrete Tomography: A Neural network Approach
Bachelor Informatica2011second supervisorHupkens, I. (Iris)Identifying Prominent Actors in Social Networks
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorBourdrez, B. (Bertram)Improving MAPNIK with Label Placement Algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorVeger, E. (Edwin)Hashing Methods in Sokoban
Master Computer Science2010supervisorBodegom, R. (Ruben) vanAutomated Document Classification of Medical Reports
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorDonkersteeg, P.B. (Pieter Bas)Klondike Strategies using Monte Carlo Techniques
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorKensmil , R. (Roy)Developing Software for Detection of Bitmap Based Patterns Within Pict...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorTakes, F.W. (Frank)Applying Monte Carlo Techniques to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Pro...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorWitteman, E. (Emiel)Compression of DNA Sequences with Genetic Programming
Bachelor Informatica2010second supervisorBruin, O. (Oswald) deCalculating and Predicting. Five or More
Bachelor Informatica2010first supervisorKaraca, Z. (Zeki)Discovering Intelligence in a Natural Environment
Bachelor Informatica2010first supervisorRuiter, J. (Johan) deOn Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles and Related Topics
PhD Computer Science2009copromotorCocx, T.K. (Tim)Algorithmic Tools for Data-Oriented Law Enforcement
PhD Computer Science2009copromotorLaros, J.F.J. (Jeroen)Metrics and Visualisation for Crime Analysis and Genomics
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorVries, T. (Timo) dePredicting High-Level Cognitive Decisions using Low-level Features fro...
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorWang, X. (Xuan)An Emperical Study on the Relation Between the Quality of UML Models a...
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorVink, R. (Ron)Temporal Pattern Analysis using Reservoir Computing
Bachelor Informatica2009first supervisorDenizmen, K. (Kerem)VN Movie Recommender
Bachelor Informatica2009first supervisorMorsink, T. (Timo)Hashiwokakero
PhD Computer Science2008copromotorGraaf, E.H. (Edgar) deMining Semi-Structured Data
Master Computer Science2008second supervisorOosten, M. (Maarten)Verleden Namen
Bachelor Informatica2008second supervisorLaraghy, S. (Susan)Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of ...
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorDam, R. (Ramon) vanTakegaki
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorDrift, B. (Bart) van der3D Worlds for Collaborative Work
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorGroenen, J. (Johan)Nurikabe
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorLi, A. (Andrew)Neuraal Winkelen
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorMets, J. (Jeroen)Monte Carlo Stratego
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorMeurs, T. (Tim) vanComparing Methods for Solving Kuromasu Puzzles
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorTakes, F.W. (Frank)Sokoban: Reversed Solving
PhD Computer Science2007copromotorBroekens, D.J. (Joost)Affect and Learning: A Computational Analysis
Master ICT in Business a...2007second supervisorXu, N. (Ning)Explanation Interfaces in Recommender Systems
Master Computer Science2007first supervisorNezhinsky, A. (Alexander)How Rules Determine the Operator
Bachelor Informatica2007first supervisorHelvensteijn, M. (Michiel)Applying Data Mining to the Study of Joseki
PhD Computer Science2006copromotorNijssen,S.G.R. (Siegfried)Mining Structured Data
Master Media Technology2006second supervisorUmanski, D. (Daniil)Computer Game Development for Speech Therapy Support
Master ICT in Business a...2006second supervisorGao, C. (Chong)Simulation and Optimization on Analytical and Collaborative Customer R...
Master ICT in Business a...2006second supervisorMaat, B. (Bastiaan)The Need for Fusing Head & Neck Cancer Data
Master ICT in Business a...2006second supervisorRui ChenApplication of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm in Bioinformatics
Master Computer Science2006second supervisorWitsenburg, T. (Tijn)Unravelling the Genetic Structure of NP-completeness
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorCox, M. (Martijn)Simulated Evolution: A model of Evolution Focussing on Neural Networks
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorZon, M. (Matthijs) van derAdding Robustness and Scalability to Existing Data Mining Algorithms f...
Bachelor Informatica2006first supervisorHenstra, S. (Sjoerd)Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Applied to No-limit Texas Hold...
Bachelor Informatica2006first supervisorLi, T.L. (Tsoe Loong)Using Aritifical Intelligence to Solve Gin Rummy
Bachelor Informatica2006first supervisorZwan, R. (Robin) van derArtificial Intelligence and Data Mining Applied to No-limit Texas Hold...
PhD Computer Science2005copromotorEggermont, J. (Jeroen)Data Mining using Genetic Programming: Classification and Symbolic Reg...
Master ICT in Business a...2005second supervisorPrieto Ballon, S. (Sergio)Crime Data Mining
Master ICT in Business a...2005second supervisorSun, L. (Lina)Making the Right Offer to the Right Customer: Strategies for Real Worl...
Master ICT in Business a...2005second supervisorSun, Z. (Zhaochun)Improve Data Reliability for Fused Data in Data Mining
Master Computer Science2005second supervisorMeuleman, W. (Wouter)Integration and Analysis of Zebrafish Microarray Data
Master Computer Science2005first supervisorRoestenburg, R. (Robin)Particle Swarm Optimization: Finding Optimal Poker Strategies
Master ICT in Business a...2004second supervisorMeng, L. (Lingjun)Artificial Immune System for Knowledge Discovery
Master Computer Science2004supervisorLaros, J.F.J. (Jeroen)Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorNetten, C.P.M. (Niels)Towards Believable Virtual Characters using a Computational Model of E...
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorBilanovic, V. (Vedran)Temporal Difference Driving Exam
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorCocx, T. (Tim)Automated Generation and Analysis of Logical Puzzles: The Flats Puzzle
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorHaazebroek, P. (Pascal)Web Event Based Usability Analysis
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorBatenburg, K.J. (Joost)An Evolutionary Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorDmitrieva, J. (Julia)Het Toepassen van het TD (lambda) Algoritme op het Spel Vier-op-een-ri...
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorHaverkorn van Rijsewijk, J.W. (Jeroen)Evolution of Game Strategies using Genetic Programming
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorKoning, P.J. (Peter)Neurale Netwerken voor Baggerschepen
PhD Computer Science2002copromotorWezel, M.C. (Michiel) vanNeural Networks for Intelligent Data Analysis: Theoretical and Experim...
Master Computer Science2002second supervisorJacob, J.F. (Joost)A Scriptable Planner: Using Phyton as a Problem Definition Language
Master Computer Science2002second supervisorVaart, M. (Martijn) van derDistributed Gameplaying using Genetic Programming
Master Computer Science2002first supervisorBurg, M. (Mathijs) van derGenetic Algorithms for Nonograms
Master Computer Science2002first supervisorBurg, R.S. (Rogier) van derCalculating Supports for Itemsets using a Neural Network
Master Computer Science2001supervisorWitteman, J.J.W. (Jeroen)Frequent Iternsets: Taxonomies, Interestingness, Fuzzy Logic and Time ...
Master Computer Science2001second supervisorJansen, M.L.M. (Mischa)Determining an Observation-Scheduling Strategy for the LOFAR Radio Tel...
Master Computer Science2001second supervisorPelt, X. (Xander) vanThe Fusion Factor: A Constrained Data Fusion Approach
Master Computer Science2001first supervisorPalomo van Es, D. (Daniel)Fuzzy Association Rules and Promotional Scales Data
Master Computer Science2000second supervisorHeurn, G.A.C. (Gijsbert) vanHet Eindspel in het Schaken: Van Database tot Regels
Master Computer Science2000second supervisorNijssen, S.G.R. (Siegfried)Data Mining using Logic: Tightening the Gap Between Logic and Speciali...
Master Computer Science1999first supervisorKesteren, B.A.F.J. (Bernard) vanThe Clustering Problem in Dutch High Schools: Changing Metrics in Sear...
Master Computer Science1998supervisorEggermont, J. (Jeroen)Rule-extraction and Learning in the BP-SOM Architecture
Master Computer Science1998supervisorJong, M.B. (Michiel) deAdaptive Sampling on the Similarities Between Learning and Evolving
Master Computer Science1998first supervisorJankie, R. (Rokesh)Solving a University Timetabling Problem using Local Search
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorBerends, M.J. (Martel)Attribuutselectie als Basis voor Datamining
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorNeuteboom, E.A. (Edzko)Begripvorming van Klantgedrag met Behulp van Neurale Netwerken
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorOut, M. (Maurits)Kostenschatting voor het Wegbeheer met Behulp van Neurale Netwerken
Master Computer Science1996second supervisorNieuwenhuizen, A.W.J.G.M. (Lex) van denGestructureerd Testen van Objectgeorienteerd Ontworpen Systemen
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorKnoops, N. (Nico)Algoritmen voor het Maken van Roosters
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorSman, P. (Peter) van derHet Effect van Vertragingen voor Treinreizigers: Het RVM-model