Students supervised by Lew, prof.dr. M.S. (Michael)

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master Computer Science2024second supervisorBreukel, WytzeA camera based Safety Assist System for bicycles
Bachelor Data Science an...2023second supervisorKandhai, A. (Ayush)Improving STag’s Occlusion Resilience for Augmented Reality
Bachelor Data Science an...2023first supervisorEeckhout, S. (Sanne)Feature Extraction Methods as Backbone in Image Forgery Detection
PhD Computer Science2023first supervisorLao, M. (Mingrui)Exploring Deep Learning for Multimodal Understanding
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorBax, M. A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Potential Biomarkers for Neuro...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorCorsel, William Exploiting Temporal Context for Tiny Object Detection - CONFIDENTIAL
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorDelzenne, MeesA research platform for autonomous navigation of pedestrian spaces
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorEpure, Irina-Mona Increasing Visual Tracking Algorithm Robustness to the Challenges of A...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorFargose, KennethTransfer Learning in Time-Series Forecasting
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorGmelig Meyling, ThomasEnginetron: realtime car exhaust note synthesis using on-board diagnos...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorHavenaar, B.D.Electrogan: Towards High Fidelity Electronic Music Generation with Sty...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorJain, PriyanshData Augmentation for training Audio Classifiers
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorPal, T. TCNA: Analysing patterns in time series using TCN and Self-Attention
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorPohl, LeonardoFESD: A Fault Estimation Pipeline for Human Pose Estimation
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorStokman, WouterMultivariate Time Series Classification in Radial Drilling Application...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorWang, JialiangAutomatic speech recognition for the low-resource language Frisian usi...
Master Computer Science2023second supervisorWibisono, ArvindevaMusic Album Review Rating Prediction Using Transformers
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorBoere, S. (Stijn)Bootstrapping Speech Synthesis Training
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorGoemans, L. (Luca)Scalability of Music Genre Classification Algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorBeek, R. van der (Rutger) Monocular Depth Estimation Neural Networks: a Comprehensive Analysis
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorRemmelzwaal, B. (Bart)Using simulated training data in deep learning networks
PhD Computer Science2022promotorPu, N. (Nan)Exploring Open-World Visual Understanding with Deep Learning
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorJonckheere, L. deReal-time monophonic pitch estimation for guitar driven sound synthesi...
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorKolettis, M.Multi-modal Emotion Recognition
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorNarendra, S.SNet : An Attention Mechanism Based Deep Neural Network For URL Classi...
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorWijngaarden, E. vanWhisper to Speech Conversion Conditioned on Predicted Pitch Contours -...
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorZande, E. van derdynSLAM: Robust 2D Lidar SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Master Computer Science2022first supervisorWaal, R. van derEvaluating and Quantifying Biped Locomotion Naturalness in neural nets...
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorBergman, O.T.C. (Oscar)CHAD-net: Continuous Human Action Detection in RGB video
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorRam, J. (Jochem)Sim-to-Real Autonomous Driving in CARLA using Image Translation and De...
PhD Computer Science2021promotorChen, W. (Wei)Exploring Deep Learning for Intelligent Image Retrieval
PhD Computer Science2021promotorGeorgiou, T. (Theodoros)Multi-Dimensional Feature and Data Mining
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorChen, XinAutomatic Segmentation of Recordings for Text-to-Speech Model Training
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorLi, JichengFeature Extraction from Spectrums for Speech Emotion Recognition
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorXiong, YuxinAdversarial Detection and Defense in Deep learning
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorCovrig, Bogdan-Ionel3D Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks in real-time and tim...
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorLi, YichaoSemi-Supervised Consistency Training for Image Segmentation in 3D CT ...
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorMaas, K. (Kalvin)Full-Body Action Recognition from Monocular RGB-Video: A multi-stage a...
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorSchwarze, Y. (Yenebeb)The Voice Within the Neural Network
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorHuang, A. (Andrew)Segmentation based Image Retrieval using Low level image features
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorStarkenburg, B. (Berend) vanInterest Point Detectors and Descriptors: an Evaluation
Master Computer Science2020third supervisorTan, MingkangStreamlining Computational Workflow of Dual CRISPR Screen Library Desi...
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorCorsel, C.W. (Christof)YOLO-based Obstacle Avoidance for Drones
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorSchonenberg, J. (Jerry)Differential Siamese Network for the Avoidance of Moving Obstacles
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorStokman, W. (Wouter)Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Using Image Processing on Embedded Sy...
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorSchep, D. (David)Fusion Approaches for Monocular Depth Estimation
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorSchous, V. (Vera)Understanding and Discussing Weaknesses in Deep Neural Networks
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorFlesher-Clark, A.C. (Alec)3D Hand Pose Estimation on a Robotic Platform
PhD Computer Science2018promotorLiu, Y. (Yu)Exploring Images with Deep Learning for Classification, Retrieval and ...
Master Computer Science2018first supervisorÖzaydın, UmutLocal Feature Detection using Neural Networks
Master Computer Science2018first supervisorPost, M.G.S. On-line and incremental learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
Bachelor Informatica2018second supervisorScholman, R. (Renzo)Autonomous Navigation of the Spherical Robot BB-8
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorNuman, N. (Nels)A comparative Performance Analysis of Feature Description Algorithms I...
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorVermeulen, W.D. (Wouter)Toward a Massive Multiplayer Framework
PhD Computer Science2017copromotorGuo, Y. (Yanming)Deep Learning for Visual Understanding
Master Computer Science2017second supervisorSevastakis, D. (Dimitrios)Gene Prediction using Unsupervised Deep Networks
Master Computer Science2017first supervisorAssal, W. (Wadie)Deep Learning for Emotional Analysis
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorBorst, R.C.P. (Robbin)Robust self-balancing robot mimicking
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorSchipper, L. (Lisette) deCompact descriptors for (near) duplicate image detection
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorWaal, P.R. (Ruben) van derA Study of Different Approaches for Improving the Stitching of Spheric...
PhD Computer Science2016copromotorWu, S. (Song)Large Scale Visual Search
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorGeorgiou, T. (Theodoros)Unsupervised Segmentation and Texture Visualization of 3D Medical Imag...
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorBosch, N.F.A. (Nick) van denA Comparison of Hashing Algorithms
Master Computer Science2015second supervisorNeuteboom, J. (Jonathan)Protein Structure Prediction by Iterative FragmenT Asssembly (PITA)
Master Computer Science2015first supervisorCheng, X. (Xiwen)Application of Text Mining on Spatial Visual Sentences
Master Computer Science2015first supervisorHarenslak, B.P. (Bas)Content-based Tag Recommendation Algorithms for Unstructured Data
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorBuitelaar, R. (Ruben)Combined Neural Networks for Movie Recommendation
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorSchade, D. (Derek)Image Similarity Using Color Histograms
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorLiu, L.-Y. ( Lai-Yee)An Automatised Process for Constructing Recognisable Nonograms
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorMoerkerk, P. (Paul)Finding Correspondence in Stereo Image Pairs using an Adaptive Window ...
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorWijden, K. (Kevin)Video Recommendation, A Comparison Between Collaborative Filtering Alg...
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorMeijer, R. (Ricardo)A Comparison of Search Engine User Interfaces
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorRobijn, J. (Jonathan)Detailed Crowd Simulation and Spatial Hashing for Large-Scale Collisio...
Master Computer Science2013first supervisorAnemaet, F. (Frank)Geometry-Preserving Algorithms for CBIR
Master Computer Science2013first supervisorZaaijer, S. (Simon)GPU Based Generation and Real-time Rendering of Semi-Procedural Terrai...
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorHeiningen, P. (Pepijn) vanEvaluation of Image Quilting Algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorHoekveen, M. (Mark)Infinite 3D Worlds
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorOzaydin, U. (Umut)Robustness in Salient Point Detection
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorKleyn, F. (Floris)An Investigation into Recommendation Algorithms
PhD Computer Science2011copromotorOerlemans, A.A.J. (Ard)Content-based Retrieval of Visual Information
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorJi, Y. (Ye)Panoramic Image Stitching
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorLi, Z. (Zhengyang)Learning Visual Concepts from Social Images
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorTao, R. (Ran)Image Retrieval using Local Feature Correspondences
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorWortel, H. (Hans)Optimizing Octree Updates for Visibility Determination on Dynamic Scie...
PhD Computer Science2010copromotorThomée, B. (Bart)A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Content-based Image Retrieval Tec...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorGast, E.R. (Erik)A Framework for Real-time Face and Facial Feature Tracking using Optic...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorHuo, Y. (Yinghe)Multilabel Image Categorization for General Concepts using Bag of Word...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorLaraghy, S. (Susan)Content-Based Image Retrieval in Image World
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorKaziliunas, A.DISCUS: A Grade Management System
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorWang, L. (Liang)Across Browsers SVG Implementation
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorChen, X. (Xiaojing)Binary and Nonbinary Description of Hypointensity in Human Brain MR Im...
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorGao, R. (Ruoyun)Dynamic Feature Description in Human Action Recognition
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorSteenbergen, T. (Thomas)Analysis of using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet App...
Master ICT in Business a...2006first supervisorTristen RaboenA wireless short message framework model in electronic business
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorBerg, A. (Arjan) van denEvolutionary Strategies in Peer-to-Peer Search
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorMoerland, T. (Tijmen)Color Constancy from Local Invariant Regions
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorOerlemans, A. (Ard)Detecting and Identifying Moving Objects in Real-Time
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorSun, Y.Neural Networks for Emotion Classification
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorVerburgt, A.J. (Alexander)An Unwaypointed Data Structure for Tactical Movement
Master Computer Science2002first supervisorRest, J.H.C. (Jeroen) vanVideo Indexing and Retrieval using Signatures
PhD Computer Science2001copromotorSebe, N.W. (Nicu)Improving Visual Matching. Similarity Noise Distribution and Optimal M...
Master Computer Science1998first supervisorAdoram, M. (Meirav)Image Retrieval using Shape