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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Hulsker, K.A first draft for an evaluation method for SMEs to select a SIEM solution

Student Thesis Content
Bavelaar, C.Using machine learning to predict rainwater damage in urban areas
Bieger, V.Phishing prevention in mobile messaging platforms by the Dutch banking sector
Doek, A.Classification of Android applications using the Koodous data set
Hagen, K.Thanks for the gold, kind stranger! Predicting the receipt of community recognition for social media comments
Kats, T.Differentiating Commercial and Editorial Content
Koster, O.Explainable Artificial Intelligence: a Checklist for the Insurance Market
Kropf, K.An AI based approach to Customer Data Cleaning A Case Study in Master Data Management at Nationale-Nederlanden
Kubatz, L.Involving the crowd in Requirements Engineering
Middelkoop, R.Parallel algorithm portfolios in Sparkle
Ponse, K.Automated Rotational and Localised Symmetry Detection from Global Reflection Symmetries from 2d Images
Roos, M. deManaging the Robotic Process Automation Life Cycle: A Case Study for a Thesis
Schaaf, R.Programmeermisconcepties in Hedy
Schamhart, M.Weather as a Trigger for Migraines: Predictive Modelling on Migraine E-Diaries using Machine Learning
Schrijver, L.Modeling of the rating of perceived exertion for training sessions in wheelchair tennis
Wu, J.Reading Strategy and Reading Focus of Novice Programmers: An Exploratory Study

Student Thesis Content
Boot, R.F.Het Effect van Aanwezigheid bij Colleges op de Prestaties van Studenten
Bos, M.Analytics Using OLAP and Data Mining Techniques for Transactional Data
Bosdijk, B.Diculties of Screen Readers in Primary School Computer and Typing Education by Children with Visual Disabilities
Bruin, L.M.W. deAnalyse van de Kennis en Opvattingen van Docenten in het Nederlands Basis- en Middelbaar Onderwijs (K12) over de Vakintegratie van Computational Thinking
Cheng, T.Y.Delivery Optimisation Through Data Mining for Micro-sized Restaurants in the SME Sector
Deve, C.Classifying Medical Misinformation on Health Forums
Driessen, R.UML Class Models as First-class Citizen: Metadata at Design-time and Run-time
Holtes, J.Using datamining for predicting traffic jams on Dutch highways
Huijs, W.P.Het Effect van een Programmeerzomerkamp op Self-efficacy, Stereotype en Toekomstige Carrière Keuze bij Meisjes
Huiskens, T.J.M.Adaptive AI in Game Tutorials
Laros, J.Originality in News Media Compared to University Press
Lommen, Y.V.Visualization Tool for Motifs in Multilayer Temporal Networks
Meurs, M.G.M. vanClassifying Film Scripts by Genre Using Word Features and Structured Features: a Text Mining Approach
Plas, L.P. van derThe Influence of Behavioral Richness on Human's Perception of Reception Robots
Sijpesteijn, B.K.Accessibility of Subgroup Discovery on Housing Data Through Bar Visualization
Spierings, L.Classifying Strength Exercises Performed by Wheelchair Users Using Accelerometer Data of Wearables
Turner, B.Misconcepties van Onervaren Programmeurs over While Loops
Weterings, T.The Acceptance of Robotic Process Automation Software Explained by the Technology Acceptance Model

Student Thesis Content
Angenent, M.N.From Financial Statements to Business Sector Prediction: a Data Mining Approach
Bakker, T.B.Microgrid Blockchain Enabled Solar Panel Electricity Trading
Blinde, R.JA Comparison of Algorithms for Visualizing Large Social Networks in Web-based Environments
Bosch, M.R.Detection of Suspicious Behaviour from Ship Transponder Data
Brochard, M. Analysing Time Series Data of Children Speaking in Public to Learn More about Social Anxiety
Duyn, M. vanVisual Classification of E-discovery Images with Neural Networks
Klein Essink, C.J.Real-time Assignment of Service Engineers Based on Multiple Criteria Optimisation
Krabbendam, T.S.Programming Misconceptions of Children from Ages 8 to 11
Oosterhoorn, T.Data Science in the Field of Heart Disease PLN
Randel, O.R.Petri Nets & Property Directed Reachability
Schaalje, B.Successful Knowledge Management: A practically Applicable Measurement Method
Schut, F.G.B.Machine Learning and Technical Analysis for Foreign Exchange Data with Automated Trading
Sytstra, J.P.Data Governance voor het Rijksvastgoedbedrijf - CONFIDENTIAL
Toussaint, G.The Risks and Rewards of Pressure in Football.
Van Vlokhoven, W.Critical Success Factors and Hosting Cost Reduction for a Cloud Based Platform as a Service
Zandbelt, R.A.Analyzing Referral Letters Using Text Mining
Zetten, W. vanAnalysis of Tactical Behavior in Soccer: Capturing and Analysing Space

Student Thesis Content
Abukari, MarcusPredicting Tax codes using Machine Learning
Griffioen, PepijnAligning an Industry Data Model with Applications in Real Estate
Groeneveld, L.Visalization of Patterns in Scrum Software Development
Groot, Maurits. deHet Verbeteren van het Proces rond de Evaluatie van Zorgaanbieders
Heijnen, Casper & Neerbos, K.J.W.Organizing and classifying historical Butterfly collections from indonesia
Helmonds, JoepPredicting No-shows in Brazilian Primary Care
Jaeger, D.Evaluating Protein Structure Prediction Algorithms
Klijn, RubenComparing Ways of Finding Patterns in Flight Delays
Meijerink, C.J.H.Quantum Rules!
N.E. SchuurmansThe Value of Earned Media
Ottervanger, Gilles B.ACE: Academic Collaboration Explorer. An Author-centered View on Academic Collaboration
P.S.J. ‘t JongANWB Connected Analyses: Evaluating driving behavior to distinguish motorists
Putten, Stephan. van derTopic Modelling and Clustering for Error Recognition in System Logs
Rudolphij, ElardoEvent Experience with Data Improving and Expanding Information flows Between Emergency Services
Sonsbeek, Heleen. vanData-driven Prediction and Visualization of Rheumatoid Arthritis Flares
Tjebbes, J.A.Lessons learned in Moving to Continuous Auditing, Applicable for the Public Sector
Visser, ArjanTeam Configuration & Creativity: Ability, Specialisation, Diversification and Knowledge Overlap
Vlak, MartijnStudying Player Interactions and Correlations during Ball Possession in Soccer.

Student Thesis Content
Blom, ChantalExperience of events with data
Capel, Oscar vanImproving event experience using app data - CONFIDENTIAL
Claessens, PimExploratory Data Analysis and Visualization for Cyber Security Log Files
Efferen, Lennart vanAdaptive Cyber Security: Machine Learning Techniques for a Flow-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection System
Gonesh, ClemensApplication of Subgroup Discovery: Finding Patterns using Heart Rate Time Series - CONFIDENTIAL
Lieuw-Hie, GivanOptimizing the Customer Journey to Events
Liu, JodyData-driven Estimation of Consultation Time using Regression
Luijtgaarden, Nick van deOptimizing the core business processes of financial asset management companies using blockchain technology
Maduro,GregoryFinding Consensus for Financial Models Time Series-Prediction
Massar, JeroenDifference in code obfuscation between different programming languages
Miljoen,JoostDanger detection with different data feeds
Nijhuis, Jasper vanToepassing van data mining bij het vinden van onrechtmatige declaraties in de farmaceutische sector
Oedayrajsingh Varma,VinayA survey of classical public-key cryptography and post-quantum lattice-based cryptography
Onderwater,ChrisFinding and visualizing patterns in Borderline Personality Disorder fMRI Images
Ramautar,VijantiAnalysis of BPMN collaboration diagrams using Petri nets
Rasenberg, MarkDatamining in data van de Intensive Care: Wel of geen bloedtransfusie?
Sieraal,VincentData Preparation of Financial Accounts to Predict Bankruptcy of Companies
Tang,Wai-YipPredicting Interest in Rental Apartments - CONFIDENTIAL
Vorm,Yorick van derPredicting Dangerous Traffic Situations By Analyzing Car Driver's Braking Behaviour - CONFIDENTIAL

Student Thesis Content
Fonhof, AlainAn Attempt to Detecting Patterns Among Children on the Playground using Attributed Graph Mining
Hopman, LarsETA: A machine learning oriented platform for highdimensional time series analysis
Jansma, LaurensAnalyzing flight recorder data: A data-driven safety analysis of mixed fleet flying
Ligthart, MaartenReal-time voorspelling van het aantal OV-Chipkaart reizigers bij NS - CONFIDENTIAL
Lopes Carreiro, VanessaExamining different strategies for the card game Sueca
Mil, Jelle vanFinding and visualizing patterns in Borderline Personality Disorder fMRI images
Özer, MuhammetPerformance of Imputation Techniques on Numerical Values
Pelt, Harmen vanReducing false positives using time-dependent sample weighting for cost-optimized detection of internet fraud - CONFIDENTIAL
Ramesar, PrashandEvaluating the feasibility of HTML5 for the visualization of bio-imaging and image-model data
Sijtstra, FemkeCare pathways in enterprise scheduling software - CONFIDENTIAL
Winter, Roy deAnalysing Possession Switches in Football using Subgroup Discovery

Student Thesis Content
Ackermans, MaartenVisualizing implicit associations between biomedical concepts
Blok, RachelleFully Automatic Machine Learning: Hyper-parameter Optimization and Model Selection with Scikit-learn
Helling, ThomasPublic health triangulation: integrating multiple Ebola-related data sources
Prikkel, ThomasRating-inference: Predicting the rating of online consumer reviews
Verhoef, WilcoCooperative Swarm-based and Gradient-based Multi-objective Optimization: Visualization and Comparison of Search Dynamics

Student Thesis Content
Heuvel, Jeroen van denDynamic 3D Visualization of Mycobacterium Marinum Infection Modelling in Zebrafish using the Petri Net Formalism
Spek, Thierry van derAdvancing Algorithms for the Multi-Objective Generation of Bicycle Routes
Vries, Alice dePortfolio Selection from Large Molecular Databases using Genetic Algorithms

Student Thesis Content
Vos, MichielSelf-Tracking with Multiple Sensor Systems
Zijdemans, Shi HaoContracting in Agile Software Projects: Current Challenges and New Possible Solutions

Student Thesis Content
Offerman, TyronMaintaining a Software System with the Use of Domain-Specific Languages
Osta, Jan-Paul vanRouting with Ant Colony Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
Rozemond, DuncanMultiple Objective Portfolio Optimization using Evolution Strategies
Zadelhoff, Arjan vanUML Class Diagram Simplification: A Survey Study