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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Abukari, MarcusClassifying general practitioner notes using support vector machines and pre-trained language models
Aldabergenov, OlzhasBroad Language Support for Automatic Translation Insight Extractors of Complex Language Patterns
Alvarez Rodriguez, SebastiaanGeneric, End-to-end Computation Offloading between Processing and Storage Systems
Arp, LaurensA Markov Reward Process-Based Approach to Spatial Interpolation
Barbouch, MohamedIntegration of BERT and WordNet for improving Natural Language Understanding
Beelen, AnoukImage analysis of cell interactions and modeling of oxygen consumption - CONFIDENTIAL
Boks, RickDynamic Configuration of Operators and Parameters in Differential Evolution through Combined Fitness and Diversity-Driven Adaptation Methods
Bovo, FrancescoClinical Temporal Relation Extraction: Towards a Patient’s Timeline Creation
Chander, AnkitaHuman Activity Recognition under Free-Living Conditions using Smartphone Accelerometers
Chen, JingsenModern Machine Learning for Anti-Money Laundering
Chen, XinAutomatic Segmentation of Recordings for Text-to-Speech Model Training
Covrig, Bogdan-Ionel3D Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks in real-time and time
Dekker, LoesFormal Semantics of ALCH
Dekkers, CasDesigning Information Visualizations for Generating Business Value in Agile Software Development
Dias Cirilio, AlexandreUncovering epigenetic drivers of cardiometabolic traits through histone and DNA methylation quantitative trait loci integration
Dong, SiyuanLearning Transferable Architectures for Image Denoising
Drogtrop, JimmyPredicting Successful Sequences in Soccer using Boosted LSTM Networks
Gogou, EvangeliaA Clinical Prognostic Decision Support System for the Prediction of the Prognosis of Patients with Endometrial Cancer
Guo, ZhenyuWhen can BERT beat SVM? Replication of four text classification papers and fine-tuning RobBERT on Dutch language datasets
Hanse, GideonEfficiently solving Expensive Multi-Objective Black-Box Optimization Problems using Optimally Weighted Ensembles of Surrogate Models
Helmonds, JoepDetecting energy grid anomalies using convolutional neural networks
Hubai, ZsoltComparison of Speaker Verification Models using Smartphone Recordings Collected in Healthy Human Subjects
Huijben, MarcelParallel Code Generation on the GPU
Huisman, MikeRevisiting Learned Optimizers in Few-Shot Settings
Jin, KeyanPredicting Stock Price Movement with Multi-source Information
Jong, Rachel deMeasuring Structural Anonymity in Complex Networks
König, OliverFew-shot transformers
Kulkarni, AtishGraph pattern mining for blockchain networks
Li, JichengFeature Extraction from Spectrums for Speech Emotion Recognition
Li, YichaoSemi-Supervised Consistency Training for Image Segmentation in 3D CT Scans
Li, YijiaImage segmentation using regression models, fuzzy c-means clustering, and deep learning methods
Liang, YanAutomated Machine Learning of Customer-Specific Gaussian Mixture Models for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
Liang, YanAutomated Machine Learning of Customer-Specific Gaussian Mixture Models for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
Liebens, AnneFeature Reduction Methods for Cyber Attack Detection
Lin, Mei-ChenDeep Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Traffic Light Control
Lubben, JelleAutomatic ship plume detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Maagdenberg, Helle van denExploring Practical Identifiability in Target-Mediated Drug Disposition Models
Mandloi, TusharFAIRification of genetic data and comparison of breast cancer and normal samples within families
Matar, MonaMeasuring architectural change and maintainability in networks of evolving software
Meer, Oscar van derAlphaGo-like inverse RNA folding algorithms
Meij, YangjieEmpirical Study of Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection Methods for Evolution Strategy in High Dimension
Ottervanger, GilesMultiETSC: Automated Machine Learning for Early Time Series Classification
Ouwerkerk, JasperPredicting Disease Progression in Huntington’s Disease
Palacios Salinas, NellyAutomated Machine Learning for Satellite Data: Integrating remote sensing pre-trained models into AutoML systems
Peters, OrsonQuantum speedups for Monte Carlo Tree Search
Piaskowski, BartoszBenchmarking for Efficient Global Optimization Algorithms on Mixed-Integer Problems - CONFIDENTIAL
Rook, JeroenCaching in Model Counters: A Journey through Space and Time
Santamaria Hernandez, PedroAutomated Regression Pipeline for Time-Series problems with Real-World applications
Schillemans, JanMulti-aspect monitoring of machine learning models in operation
Schröder, DominikDynamic Algorithm Selection for Continuous Black-box Optimization
Skevofylax, PavlosHindsight Policy Gradient Interpolation
Staalduinen van, JanClassifying Breast Cancer Tissue using Imaging Mass Cytometry and Graph Neural Networks
Sun, JiakunAutomatic Named Entity Recognition for ASR output in the Political Domain
Suryadikara, RayanFalse News Classification and Dissemination Analysis: The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election
Swenne, MartijnNew Decision Diagram-based Techniques for the Simulation of Quantum Computations
Tang, ShangyiIdentification of Scratch projects’ Similarity using Clustering Algorithms
Trajanoska, MarijaDesign and analysis of high-throughput defect inspection algorithms for the semiconductor industry - CONFIDENTIAL
Vlasakker, Rintse van deOperational Semantics of GHOPFL
Voetter, RobinParallel Lexing, Parsing and Semantic Analysis on the GPU
Vries, Joery deHierarchical Multistep and Q(λ)
Walen, RubenIntersegmental RNA-RNA interactions in influenza A virus genomes: a bioinformatics perspective
Wang, ChenUsing ensemble models with structural information in social media to aid rumour stance classification
Wang, JianingCount-Based Exploration for Multi-Agent Learning
Xie, ShixuanExploring the presence and effect of treatment selection bias for localized prostate cancer data from Netherlands Cancer Registry
Xiong, YuxinAdversarial Detection and Defense in Deep learning
Yu, HainanMulti-Agent Cooperation and Information Exchange in Partially Observable Games
Zandbelt, RikTracking long track ice skaters in the bend
Zeng, ShutongLocating multiple local minima in the “optical lens deign problem” - CONFIDENTIAL
Zhao, XueyuThe effect of robot role and reading comprehension on children's learning outcomes
Zhao, YuxuanWould Rather be More than Less: On-Demand Container Resizing
Zwanenburg, EwoutDiagnosis and Prognosis of Induction Motors and Bearing using Fast Fourier Transform and Machine Learning Techniques