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Student Thesis
Damhuis, L. P. Using the rectified Linear Unitactivation function in Neural networks for Clobber
Gopal, N.A.A. Analyzing and classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining paradigms
Groeneveld, L.C. Visualization of Patterns in Scrum Software Development
Jaegar, D. N. Evaluating Protein Structure Prediction Algorithms
Neerbos, K.J.W. Organizing and classifying historical Butterfly collections from indonesia
Noordover, K. Analysis and viualisation of spatio-temporal hockey data
Numan, N. A comparative Performance Analysis of Feature description Algorithms Implemented in Open CV
Ronde, S. J. P. M. Detecting anomalies with recurrent neural networks
Tetteroo, J. Sentiment Mining on Chinese product reviews
Zwanenburg, E. Analyzing and classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining paradigms

Student Thesis
Baasdam R.W.H. Numerics and continuationfor Reaction-Diffusion equations
Beljaards, L. AI agents for the abstract strategy game Tak
Bolster, Y. Automatically finding the best blocking size for matrix multiplication
Borst, R.C.P. Robust self-balancing robot mimicking
Brandt O. Comparing algorithms: calculating the minimal coverability set of Petri nets
Buwalda, N. Open source systems for dialogue systems
Cames van Batenburg D.F. J. Identificaton of Transposable Element Insertion into the enod40 RNA
Castelein, K.J.B. Determinization for Monte Carlo Tree Search n the Card Game Tichu
de Muinck Keizer, D. A Control Flow Graph Generator for Java Code
Dekkers, C.H.J. Creating Models of Interaction for a Video Wall
Dijk, S.J. van Solving Puzzles using Cellular Automata
Draijer W. J.W. Integrating, Structuring and Visualising Cancer Data
Etoeharnowo, T. Neural Networks for Clobber
Fokkinga, D.B. Towards Learning Software Models: making documentation easier
Hal, R.M. van Finish Photo Analysis for Athletics Track Events using Computer Vision Techniques
Heijungs, S. Tape-quantifying Turing machines in the arithmetical hierarchy
Hoogenboom, C. Using probabilities to enhance Monte Carlo search in the Dutch card game Klaverjas
Jansen, B.A. The state of Bufferbloat in the Netherlands
Jonkman, J.L. Interacting with BigEye: Using gesture-based input methods to control applications on a videowall
Kesteloo, M.E. Using Convolutional Autoencoders to Detect Anomalies in Sewer Images
Khalass,N. Metaprogramming in Modern Programming Languages
Klijn,M. A perfect information Scrabble game
Martens, J.R.M. ETA: A modular approach to analyzing time series data
Meerkerk, R. Design, Analysis, and Optimization of an Embedded Processor
Meeuwsen,J. Design and Implementation of 3D reconstruction from axial views on the Leiden Life Science Cluster
Muusse, I.J. An algorithm for balancing a binary search tree
Oost,K. Analysing data to predict processing times of vessels and barges in liquid bulk terminals
Out, N. F. A Monte Carlo strategy for the game of Hive
Peters, L. J. Utilizing a tuple-based optimization framework for graph algorithms
Putman, K. Implementing an interface for virtual input devices into the MGSim simulator
Riet, J.C.A. Anomaly Detection with Deep Belief Networks
Ruijter, F.E.C. Symbolic Regression of Implicit Functions
Schipper, L. Compact descriptors for (near) duplicate image detection
Soelaksana, E. Analyzing privacy awareness of Twitter users through their given location precision
Spaendonck, M. van Aspects of Tectonic
Suanet, L. Finding Anomalies in Sequential Data using Local Outlier Factor
Teunisse, J. Agents for the card game of Hearts
Vermetten, D. Position detection optimization in the context of sensor based location systems
Verweij, G. J. W. Comparison of the effectiveness of shared memory optimizations for stencil computations on NVIDIA GPU architectures
Waal, P.R. v/d A study of different approaches for improving the stitching of spherical panoramas
Zaeem, S.A.F. Diverse subgroup discovery for big data
Zandvliet, J.J.M. Vectorized Sparse Matrix Kernels using Hybrid Data Layouts
Zwitser, l. Quantum Computing

Student Thesis
Bannenberg, L. Checking for Compatibility in Team Automata
Bavdaz, A. Comparing Markov Chain and Recurrent Neural Network Algorithms for Text Generation
Boom, B. van den Dutchism Detector
Bosch, N.F.A. van den A comparison of hashing algorithms
Chow, K.L. Multiobjective Pattern Mining in Bitcoin Data and Genetic Landscapes
Duba, D. Retting PIPE: Extending the Petri Net tool PIPE 5
Edixhoven, L. Attacking the n-puzzle using SAT solvers
Faas, M.
Gent, D. van Graph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time
Huibers, J. AI Agents for the Card Game Love Letter
Huybers, R. Mario (of hoe je een programmeerwedstrijd kunt winnen)
Koschny, J. Design and Analysis of a Controller for the iRobot Create
Lamers, Ch. Quantum Cryptography
Latenko, A. Explorative study on Hierarchical temporal memory
Louwe, A. Constructing Petri net models from biological literature using structured annotation
Nibbeling, J. Implementation of A Parallel Back Substitution Solver on GPUs
Oostdam, J. Design and Simulation of an Embedded Controller for the iRobot Create robot by Integrating ROS in Gazebo
Persoon, R. Design and Implementation of Website Backup as a Service
Post, M. Mythbusting data mining urban legends through large scale experimentation
Roos, D. Transformation of Membrane Systems
Ruijter, S. Dynamically evolving L-system generated plant visualizations
Staalduinen, J. van Gathering and Managing Spatiotemporal Data
Veen, S. van Anomaly Detection in Cybersecurity
Visser, T. Workforce Survey Data Analysis: Potentials and Pitfalls
Vreumingen, D. van Real time force field simulation for stm controlled molecular electronics experiments using Cuda gpu programming
Werf, U.M. van der Describing heaps using Kleene algebra with tests
Werff, C.R.A. van der Tetris Strategies in a Multiplayer Environment
Woerden, W. van The closest vector problem in cyclotomic lattices
Wubben, S.J. Predicting the Risk of Overload in Overcommitted Server Clusters
Zwaan, D. van der Developing an integrated environment for OPT image reconstruction

Student Thesis
Berge, Michiel van den An algorithm for morphing audio
Bergh, Mark van den Hanabi: A co-operative game of fireworks
Boekhout, Hanjo Combining graph mining and deep learning in molecular activity prediction
Bos, Ralph Compact Decision Trees for Dou Shou Qi Tablebases
Buitelaar, Ruben Combined Neural Networks for Movie Recommendation
Burger, Jelco Context Free Guarded Languages: A system for determining Guarded Strings
Cammel, Simone Predicting the Outcome of the Game Othello
Dekker, Victor A Difficulty Measure for Light Up Puzzles
Es, David van Deploying Phenotype Analysis On LLSC
Haddou, Sarah Using Outcome Weights in Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Multiplayer 3D Hex
Kanhai, Soeradj Mining a scientific conference
Klaver, Simon Analysing Electron Tomography with IMOD on the LLSC
Kortsmit, Marieke Strategies for Klondike Solitaire
Marsdon, Bob A Generalized Hough Transform for the Recognition of Cars in Images
McGlinn, Tama Analysing the difficulty of mazes using a web application
Partodikromo, E. Datamining the Peptide Sequenome
Post, Mark Analysis and Visualisation of Data of an Outdoor Sports Mobile Application
Rooijen, A.L. van
Schade, Derek Image Similarity Using Color Histograms
Scholtes, Sem Integrating data modeling with data analysis in Taverna workflows
Sener, Huseyin Building an administrative system in a scientific workflow system
Stevenson, Claire Learning software design: Is abstraction ability key?
Stout, Patric Ontology Viewer: Van proof-of-concept naar layered software
Strien, Bart van Exploring scheduling alternatives for a Computer Vision application on Embedded MPSoCs
Veenman, Christian A Framework for Cross-Platform Dynamically Loaded Libraries
Zabel, Terry Video rating and sorting with a genuine approach

Student Thesis
Bakker, Thomas Plagiarism Detection in Source Code
Bosch, Pieter van den Automation of use case diagram recognition from images
Boven, Bas van Solving Jungle Checkers
Buitenhuis, Taco The Constraint-Relation Modelling Language and its relation to Petri Nets
Heijden, Roelof van der An Analysis of Dominion
Helwerda, Leon Theory and Applications of Deep Learning Networks
Jochems, Jennifer Partial derivatives for KAT expressions
Liu, Lai-Yee An Automatised Process for Constructing Recognisable Nonograms
Luik, Lars van Implementing I/O Infrastructure Improvements for S.M.A.C.K.
Meij, Tim van der Constructing an open-source toolchain and investigating sensor properties for radio tomography
Meijer, Ricardo A comparison of search engine user interfaces
Milburn, Alyssa Algorithms and models for radio tomographic imaging
Moerkerk, Paul Finding correspondence in stereo image pairs using an adaptive window comparison algorithm
Nieuwenhuijzen, Bas Auto-vectorization using polyhedral compilation for an embedded ARM platform
Obbens, Willem Inference in Markov Networks
Rensen, Michel An On-Line Parsing Algorithms for conjunctive grammars
Robijn, Jonathan Detailed crowd simulation and spatial hashing for large-scale collision detection
Samwel, Niels Mining Bitcoins with Natural Computing Algorithms
Stuivenberg, Arthur Equivalence checking of regular expressions using non-deterministic finite automata
Veen, Neal van Deploying Single Particle Analysis on the LLSC
Vinkhuijzen, Lieuwe Reducing copying and network traffic in Reo circuits
Wijden, Kevin Video Recommendation, A comparison between collaborative filtering algorithms

Student Thesis
Alexander Leznar A Start List Scheduling and Optimization Algorithm for Equestrian Events
Bart Hijmans Multi-objective Generation of Bicycle Routes
Benjamin van der Burgh An Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding Diverse Sets of Molecules with User-Defined Properties
Boyd Witte Plagiarism Detection in C++ Programs
Erik Hollander Multi-scale map visualization
Florian Treurniet The Leiden Zipper a bridging Architecture
Jesper van Engelen Guided Rewriting in Families of Languages
Joost Leuven Testing of Channel Based Service Connectors
Mark Hoekveen Infinite 3D Worlds
Mathé Zeegers A kinetic Monte Carlo implementation of the Cellular Potts Model with SciQL
Mathijs van de Nes Coverability and Extended Petri Nets
Michiel Vos Self-Tracking with Multiple Sensor Systems
Nuno Rico Image Classification on Flickr using TOP-SURF Visual Word Kit
Pepijn van Heiningen Evaluation of Image Quilting Algorithms
Ruud Heesterbeek A Genetic Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem with Area Constraints
Sander van Rijn Implementing a Model Checker for Simple Recursive Languages
Shi Hao Zijdemans Contracting in Agile Software Projects: Current Challenges and New Possible Solutions
Stefan Buijsman Typing Streams
Tobias Kappé Linear Stream Circuits and Rational Streams: there and back again
Tom Groentjes Holography and Kinect
Umut Ozaydin Robustness in Salient Point Detection

Student Thesis
Arjan van Zadelhoff UML Class Diagram Simplification: A Survey Study
Duncan Rozemond Multiple Objective Portfolio Optimization using Evolution Strategies
Erik Massop Hilbert's tenth problem
Erik Zandvliet Developing an Ant System with Visual Support
Erwin Haas Automated Classification of Skin Diseases using Tile-Based Texture Features
Fee Yun Wong Using Software Design Principles for Software Systems
Floris Kleyn An Investigation into Recommendation Algorithms
Frank van Rijn Niching for Finding Robust Optima
Jan Kalmeijer Extracting Information from an Energy Expenditure Dataset
Jan-Paul van Osta Routing with Ant Colony Algorithms in Continuous Spaces
Jouke Witteveen Minng Hyperintervals: Getting to Grips with Real-Valued Data
Leroy van Delft Efficient Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions
Lucas van der Meer Ready for the future in health informatics: towards semantic interoperability in dermatology
Maja Jakobik Novius Model in Archimate
Martin Wimmers Designing and Implementing a System for the Evolutionary Optimization of an Airfoil
Matthijs van Drunen Porting S.M.A.C.K. to the x86 Architecture
Paul Kasteleyn
Piet van Hekke On the Scalability of Evolution Strategies on High-Dimensional Problems
Ramon de Graaff Authorship Attributing using Compression Distances
Stefan Schrama Shikaku
Thijs van Ommen The Assignment Problem on Sets of Strings
Tyron Offerman Maintaining a Software System with the Use of Domain-Specific Languages
Xander Croes 3D Visualization of Mycobacterium infection on Zebrafish

Student Thesis
Anton Hunsucker Investigation into a Domain-Specific Language for Securities Trading Operations
Bas van Stein The Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
Bertram Bourdrez Improving MAPNIK with Label Placement Algorithms
Bogumila Sobolewska When Applications are Business Processes: An ArchiMate Based Explanation
Chris Mulder Challenges of Web Application Development: How to Optimize Client-side Code
Christiaan Schouten Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet
Derk Geene The NLP-Editor: A case study about Eclipse Plug-In development
Edwin Veger Hashing Methods in Sokoban
Hugo Schoonewille Software Architecture Documentation: A Cognitive Perspective
Iris Hupkens Identifying Prominent Actors in Social Networks
James Lo Automated Safety Analysis for Supporting Design of System Architectures
Jonathan Neuteboom Analysis of Pre-Genome Assembly of Lymnaea Stagnalis
Joppe Kroon Build Structuur voor Compaan met Eclipse CDT
Maarten Groeneweg Active Guided Evolution Strategy for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems
Martijn Keizer A Database and Interface System for Gathering and Providing Sampling Data on Volcanic Lakes
Rene Verhage: Analysis and Execution of Reverse Engineering Software Code to Generate Software Documentation
Rick van der Zwet Exploratory Research on Embedding CUDA code Into Heterogeneous MP-SoC Architectures Programmed with the Daedalus Framework
Roy Kensmil Modeling Kahn Process Networks in the Dynamic Dataflow Formalism
Sander van der Vlugt Coverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
Xiwen Cheng High Density Multi-Cell Wireless Networks

Student Thesis
Anton den Hoed Parsing and Conversion of SMILES-Strings to Molecular Graphs
Barry van Veen Multiobjective Particle Swarm Algorithm for Building Design Optimization
Ben Kwint How do we look at UML?
Derk Geene The NLP-Editor: A Case Study about Eclipse Plug-In-Development
Derk Mus Signal Browser
Giso Dal An Approach to Map Sequential Applications onto Multi-Processor Platforms
Harma Everts Art or Artificial
Jaron Vietor Multithreading voor iedereen
Johan de Ruiter On Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles and Related Topics
Johan IJsveld Camera Controlled Robot
Jurriaan Rot A Pushdown System Representation for Unbounded Object Creation
Menno Luiten The Anatomy of a Collaborative Image Search System
Oswald de Bruin Calculating and Predicting. Five or More
Robert Marijt Multi-objective Robust Optimization Algorithms for Improving Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort of Buildings
Robin van den Broek Visualizing the Level of Detail in UML Models
Simon Zaaijer Bundle Tracing using Geometric Algebra
Thijs Vermeulen, Jelle Oosterhof Image optimization, feature extraction and classification in Neurobiology: Dendritic spines under stress
Wouter de Zwijger Demonstration Tools for Petri Nets
Wouter Zomervrucht De Complexiteit van Buchbergers Algoritme
Zeki Karaca Discovering Intelligence in a Natural Environment

Student Thesis
Abbas Peymani Cluster 2.0: Collaboration makes Innovation Happen
Frank van Gemeren High-Performance Framework for Web Applications
Hans Wortel and Thomas Dorsman From Closed-Loop Video to 3D Model Via Silhouettes
Jens van de Water Subsumption Architecture-Based Social Interactive Robot Arm
Jonathan Vis Particle Swarm Optimizer for Finding Robust Optima
Kerem Denizmen VN Movie Recommender
Kristian Rietveld: Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Pieter Jordaan The Animated Abacus
Sjaak Wolff Cell-Forum: Collaborative Multi-User Virtual World Applications
Sjoerd van Egmond Smart Autofill for Photos in Albums
Stefan Wink Analysis and visualisation of defects in software projects
Timo Morsink Hashiwokakero

Student Thesis
Amit Oemraw SubCVS: Merging version control systems in a servlet-based repository browser
Andrew Li Neuraal Winkelen
Arjan Assink Comparing today's most used web development languages
Bart van der Drift 3D Worlds for Collaborative Work
Edgar Reehuis Multiobjective Optimization of Water Distribution Networks
Erik Gast, Stijn de Gouw Hoge kwaliteit video op een lage bandbreedte verbinding
Erik Jongsma Automatically Checking Group Diffie-Hellman and Xor in the Strand Space Model
Eyal Halm Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Protein Folding in the 2D HP Model
Frank Takes Sokoban: Reversed Solving
Jasper Stafleu Paradigm
Jeroen Mets Monte Carlo Stratego
Johan Groenen Nurikabe
Jori van Lier Supporting the Designer in: writing Nested Loop Programs using Eclipse
Michiel Pouw Aspect-oriented Programming in PHP
Mladen Vavic Bridge between C and Java applications by means of XML
Ramon van Dam Takegaki
Ronald Huizer Libptrace-Across-platform process manipulation API
Saskia Hiltemann Multi-coloured Cellular Automata
Susan Laraghy Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of DNA
Tim van Meurs Comparing Methods for Solving Kuromasu Puzzles

Student Thesis
Bas Kaptijn Generative Programming through Inheritance
Joris Huizer Jorix Kernel: real-time scheduling
Klaas-Dirk van Opstal Digibeter
Michiel Helvensteijn Applying data mining to the study of joseki
Timo de Vries Digibeter

Student Thesis
A. van Beelen Lightning Engine-Ray tracing with KD-trees
J. Cormont Content Management Systeem
J. Guzman Carmona Bridge between C and Java applications by means of XML
J. Louw Description with UML for a Hotel Reservation System
J. Stafleu Paradigm
M. Vijfhuize SubCVS: merging version control systems in bases repository browser
S. Henstra, R. van der Zwan Artificial intelligence and data mining applied to no-limit Texas Hold'em
S. van Haastregt An Interactive Approach to Area and Performance Optimization for Superscalar Processors
T.L. Li Using Aritifical Intelligence to solve Gin rummy