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Bachelor Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

This list includes theses in the former specialization "Kunstmatige Intelligentie" of the Bachelor Informatica.

Student Thesis Content
Lelasseux, M. (Maxine) Analyzing offenses against life data: a machine learning approach on data extracted from the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) database
Martens, I. (Ivar)Evaluation methods and model performance for imbalance price forecasting

Student Thesis Content
Aaldering, B. (Bart)The Performance of Information Set Monte Carlo Tree Search in the Game Klaverjas
Beusichem, L. (Luuk) van The effect of humanoid embodiment on the perceived intelligence, usability, likability and animacy of reception robots
Boef, B.M. (Bart) denGenerating metadata for UML class models from natural language requirements texts using NLP
Bonsu, E. (Enrico)Simulating driving behaviour using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Braam, I. (Isaac)BlockStep, An A* Algorithm toward Minecraft Optimal World Traversal for Speedrunning
Dijkstra, R. (Rachel)The integration of facial expression recognition as a game mechanic in video games
Eeckhout, S. (Sanne)Feature Extraction Methods as Backbone in Image Forgery Detection
Janssens, L. (Lex)Crossy Road AI: How will the chicken cross the road?
Kaddouri, S. (Sayf) ElStructural Systematicity under Varying Meaning Spaces
Kandhai, A. (Ayush)Improving STag’s Occlusion Resilience for Augmented Reality
Lee, J. (Jennifer)Adapting Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Boss Fights in Hollow Knight: a reward shaping approach
Oey, E. (Elyanne)Hypernetworks for binary neural networks
Özdemir, B. (Burak)Improving Migraine Diagnosis by using Binary and Multi-Class Classification of Machine Learning
Paqué, S. (Sven) The Generation of Evolving Drum Sequences Using Artificial Intelligence
Suttorp, S. (Sharanda)Quantifying the Effect of Super-Resolution on Aerial Scene Classification
Terentev, M. (Maksim)Emergent Theory of Mind in Large Language Models
Tsang, D. (Donny)Analyzing ChatGPT’s output: a study on its psycholinguistic dimensions and personality traits
Tuk, M. (Mattias)Usability of VR in the construction of category theoretical diagrams
Velden, L. (Liva) van derGenerating and Solving PushPush Puzzles
Wallaard, L. (Lisanne)Model Deployment of a Predictive Machine Learning Model for Clinical Decision Support