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PhD Computer Science

Student Thesis
Bezirgiannis, NikolaosAbstract Behavioral Specification: Unifying Modeling and Programming
Stein, Bas vanData Driven Modeling & Optimization of Industrial Processes

Student Thesis
Ben Ruijl Advances in computational methods for Quantum Field Theory calculations
Dejan Radosavljevik Applying data mining in telecommunications
Di Liu Latency, energy, and schedulability of real-time embedded systems
Fuyu Cai Fuzzy systems and unsupervised computing: exploration of applications in biology
Jelena Spasic Improved hard real-time scheduling and transformations for embedded streaming applications
Kaifeng Yang Multi-objective Bayesian global optimization for continuous problems and applications
Yanming Guo Deep learning for visual understanding
Yuanhao Guo Shape analysis for phenotype characterization from high-throughput imaging

Student Thesis
Behrooz Nobakht Actors at work
Bilal Karasneh An online corpus of UML Design Models: construction and empirical studies
Christina Weber Real-time foresight: preparedness for dynamic innovation networks
Claudio Pinho Rebelo de SáPattern mining for label ranking
Emanuele Cannella Semi-partitioned scheduling and task migration in dataflow networks
Jan van Rijn Massively collaborative machine learning
Jonathan Vis Algorithms for the Description of Molecular Sequences
Mohamed TleisImage analysis for gene expression based phenotype characterization in yeast cells
Song Wu Large scale visual search
Sung-Shik Jongmans Automata-theoretic protocol programming
Zhiwei Yang Meta-heuristics for vehicle routing and inventory routing problems

Student Thesis
Christoph Stettina Governance of Innovation Project Management: Necessary and Neglected
Enrique Larios Vargas Design and development of a comprehensive data management platform for cytomics
Hafeez Mohd Bin Osman Interactive Scalable Condensation of Reverse Engineered UML Class Diagrams for Software Comprehension
Jerome Gard Corporate venture management in SMEs: evidence from the German IT consulting industry
Jurriaan Rot Enhanced Coinduction
Rafael Viana de Carvalho Computational Modelling of Mycobacterium Infection and Innate Immune Response in Zebrafish
Rudy van Vliet DNA Expressions – A formal notation for DNA
Staas de Jong Computed fingertip touch for the instrumental control of musical sound
Teddy Jiali Zhai Adaptive Streaming Applications: Analysis and Implementation Models
Ugo Vespier Mining Sensor Data from Complex Systems
Yuan Yuan Zhao Modelling the dynamics of the innovation process

Student Thesis
D. GaidaDynamic real-time substrate feed optimization of anaerobic co-digestion plants
F.W. TakesAlgorithms for analyzing and mining real-world graphs
K.F.D. RietveldA versatile tuple-based optimization framework
LU CAOBiological model representation and analysis
M. HelvensteijnAbstract delta modeling : software product lines and beyond
M.A.M. BamakhramaOn hard real-time scheduling of cyclo-static dataflow and its application in system-level design
M.P. SchraagenAspects of record linkage
N. KieftEvaluation of different design space description methods for analysing combustion engine operation limits
R. Etemadi IdgahiQuality-driven multi-objective optimization of software architecture design: method, tool, and application
S. MiaoStructural health monitoring meets data mining
T.O. HolzmannMatchmaking for open innovation : perspectives on multi-sided markets

Student Thesis
A. BalevicExploiting multi-level parallelism in streaming applications for heterogeneous platforms with GPUs
A.E. NezhinskyPattern recognition in high-throughput zebrafish imaging
E.J.J. ReehuisGuiding evolutionary search towards innovative solutions
K. YanImage analysis and platform development for automated phenotyping in cytomics
MATTIAS HOLMOptimizing Pointer Linked Data Structures
P. KochEfficient tuning in supervised machine learning
S. de GouwCombining monitoring with run-time assertion checking
S.J.J. van HaastregtEstimation and optimization of the performance of polyhedral process networks
W. DuivesteijnExceptional model mining
ZHAO ZHOUTechnology Entrepreneurship - A Process Framework

Student Thesis
A. KallergiConnecting the dots : playful interactions with scientific image data in repositories
D. NadezhkinParallelizing dynamic sequential programs using polyhedral process networks (2012-12-20)
H. RahmaniAnalysis of protein-protein interaction networks by means of annotated graph mining algorithms
I. GrabeStatic analysis of unbounded structures in object-oriented programs
I.M. HeinleApplication of evolutionary strategies to industrial forming simulations for the identification and validation of constitutive laws
J.W. KruisselbrinkEvolution strategies for robust optimization
KSAWERY MULINSKIDesigning Structural Supply Chain Flexibility
L.M.F. BertensComputerised modelling for developmental biology : an exploration with case studies
M.D.J. WitsenburgHybrid similarities : a method to insert relational information into existing data mining tools
M.N. TranWorkload modeling and performance evaluation in parallel systems
V.T. VuOpportunities for performance optimization of applications through code generation
W. HeijstekArchitecture design in global and model-centric software development

Student Thesis
A.A.J. OerlemansContent-based retrieval of visual information
CHRISTIAN KRAUSEReconfigurable Component Connectors
E. StupkaFish genomes : a powerful tool to uncover new functional elements in vertebrates
JOSÉ M.P. PROENÇASynchronous Coordination of Distributed Components
Julia DmitrievaAspects of Ontology Visualization and Integration
Jun WangSpiking Neural P Systems
LACRAMIOARA ASTEFANOEIAn executable theory of multi-agent systems refinement
MOHAMMED IZADIModel Checking of Component Connectors
STEPHANIE KEMPERModelling and Analysis of Real-time Coordination Patterns
W. MensinkSubject of innovation or: how to redevelop 'the patient' with technology
Y. ZhangHeterogeneous data analysis for annotation of microRNAs and novel genome assembly
YOUNG-JOO MOONStochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors

Student Thesis
H.L.A. van der SpekTransparent Restructuring of Pointer-Linked Data
A. GrünerTesting object Interactions
A. NugrohoThe effects of UML modeling on the quality of software
B. ThoméeA picture is worth a thousand words : content-based image retrieval techniques
E.M.W. LameijerInteractive evolutionary algorithms and data mining for drug design
J.S. de BruinService-oriented discovery of knowledge : foundations, implementations and applications
M.M. JaghooriTime at your service : schedulability analysis of real-time and distributed services
Maxime KaplanCommercieel Onderhandelen: Een Transdisciplinaire Aanpak
P.W.H. van der PuttenOn data mining in context : cases, fusion and evaluation
Ron BreukelaarInteraction and Evolutionary Algorithms
S. MeijerTransformations for polyhedral process networks

Student Thesis
Andries StamInteraction Protocols in PARADIGM - Extensions to a Modeling Language through Tool Development
Fabrice ColasData Mining Scenarios for the Discovery of Subtypes and the Comparison of Algorithms
Hristo N. NikolovSystem-Level Design Methodology for Streaming Multi-Processor Embedded Systems
J.F.J. LarosMetrics and visualisation for crime analysis and genomics
Jos RohlingNetwork Properties of the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Mounia BelmamouneSpatio-Temporal Framework for Integrative Analysis of Zebrafish Developmental Studies
Nicole RöttmerInnovation Performance and Clusters - A Dynamic Capability Perspective on Regional Technology Clusters
PETER KINNEIntegratives Wertemanagement
Rui LiMixed-Integer Evolution Strategies for Parameter Optimization and Their Applications to Medical Image Analysis
T.K. CocxAlgorithmic tools for data-oriented law enforcement

Student Thesis
A.E. KhedrAdoption of new technologies in a highly uncertain environment
C. Zissulescu-IanculescuSynthesis of a parallel data stream processor from data flow process networks
E.H. DE GRAAFMining semi-structured data
Hui LiWorkload Characterization, Modeling, and Prediction in Grid Computing
J. KAZIUSComputers and Drug Discovery: Construction and Data Mining of chemical and Biological Databases
J. LemaitreModel-based specification and design of large-scale signal processing systems
J.J. JACOBDomain Specific Modeling and Analysis
M.L. CristeaParallel and Distributed Processing in High Speed Traffic Monitoring
O.M. ShirNiching in Derandomized Evolution Strategies and its Applications in Quantum Control
R. BrijderModels of Natural Computation: Gene Assembly and Membrane Systems
V.D. ŽivkovićExecution Platform Modeling for System-Level Architecture Performance Analysis
X. MAPatterns of Enterprise system Implementation

Student Thesis
A. TurjanCompiling Nested Loop Programs to Process Networks
D.J. BroekensAffect and Learning: A Computational Analysis
J.V. Guillen ScholtenMobile Channels for Exogeneous Coordination of Distributed Systems
M.C.M. WELTENSpatio-temporal gene expression analysis from 3D in situ hybridisation images

Student Thesis
M. HanedaStatistical compiler tuning
M. KyasVerifying OCL specifications of UML models
P.J. van der MarkCode generation for large scale applications
S.NijssenMining structured data
V.H. BerkProcess query systems

Student Thesis
C.V. HENKELExperimental DNA computing
E. ÁBRAHÁMAn Assertional Proof System for Multithreaded Java - Theory and Tool Support
J. EGGERMONTData Mining using Genetic Programming; Classification and Symbolic Regression
TJ.E. GELSEMAEffective Models for the Structure of pi-Calculus Processes with Replication

Student Thesis
P. FriscoTheory of Molecular Computing. Splicing and Membrane systems
S. MANETHModels of Tree Translation
T.P. STEFANOVConverting weakly dynamic programs to equivalent process network specifications

Student Thesis
D. CHERESIZComplex Streamed Media Processor Architecture
M.H. ter BeekTeam automata : a formal approach to the modeling of collaboration between system components
S. ALLIOTArchitecture Exploration for Large Scale Array Signal Processing Systems
S.M. BOHTESpiking Neural Networks

Student Thesis
D.R. TauritzAdaptive Information Filtering; concepts and algorithms
E. RijpkemaModelling task level parallellism in piece-wise regular programs
J.I. van HemertApplication of evolutionary computation to constraint satisfaction and data mining
M.C. van WezelNeural Networks for Intelligent Data Analysis; Theoretical and experimental aspects
N. van VugtModels of Molecular Computing
R. van SteeOn-line Scheduling and Bin Packing
T. KisukiIterative compilation in program organization

Student Thesis
J. HageStructural Aspects for Switching Classes
N.W. SebeImproving Visual Matching. Similarity Noise Distribution and Optimal Metrics
P.J. 't HoenTowards Distributed Development of Large Object-Oriented Models
F. BregJava for High Performance Computing
M. JelasityThe Shape of Evolutionary Search: Discovering and Representing Search Space Structure
M. LamersNeural Networks for Analysis of Data in the Environmental Epidemiology

Student Thesis
E.T.M. van SoestDetermination of Vessel Location, Diameter and Flux from Magnetic Resonance Flow Data for Angiography

Student Thesis
G.J. KamsteegFormalization of Process Algebra with Data in the Calculus of Constructions with Inductive Types
C.H.M. van KemenadeRecombinative Evolutionary Search

Student Thesis
A.C.N. van DuinParallel Sparse Matrix Computations
R.A. van EngelenCtadel: A Generator of Efficient Numerical Codes

Student Thesis
B.H.H. JuurlinkComputational Models for Parallel Computers

Student Thesis
N.W. KeesmaatVector Controlled Concurrent Systems
A.J.C. BikCompiler Support for Sparse Matrix Computations
M.A.A. AndriesGraph Rewrite Systems and Visual Database Languages

Student Thesis
P. ten PasTrees and Texts

Student Thesis
G.J. RamackersIntegrated Object Modelling
P.W. HoogersBehavioural Aspects of Petri Net

Student Thesis
P.J.A. MorssinkBehaviour Modelling in Information Systems Design: Application of the Paradigm Formalism
J.M.A. SassenDesign Issues of Human Operation Support Systems

Student Thesis
E. de JongTransaction-based Programming
M.E.A. CorthoutPoint Containment and the PHAROS chip
E.J.D. PolPoint Containment and the PHAROS chip
R.C. VeltkampClosed Object Boundaries from Scattered Points

Student Thesis
H. JenseInteractive Inspection of Volume Data

Student Thesis
J. ZuidwegConcurrent System Verification with Process Algebra
G. LeihGraph Grammers and Petri Nets with References
P. van OosteromReactive Data Structures for Geographic Information Systems
H.J. SchoutenGraphical Interaction in a User Interface Management System
I. HermanThe use of Projective Geometry in Computer Graphics

Student Thesis
M. van SteenModelling Dynamic Systems by Parallel Decision Processes
M. van der NatQuicker than Quicksort. An Appraisal of Linear Time Sorting Methods
W.J.M. TeunissenA Hierarchical Modelling System for Raster Graphics

Student Thesis
Aalbersberg, IJsbrand JanStudies in Trace Theory
Hoogeboom, Hendrik JanCoordinated Pair Systems

Student Thesis
H.C.M. KleijnSelective Substitution Grammars based on Context-Free Productions

Student Thesis
Th.P. van der WeideDatastructures: An axiomatic approach and the use of binomial trees in developing and analyzing algorithms
M. OsingaDocumentation of Chemical Reactions