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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis
Boom, B.V. van den Supervised Outlier Detection in Financial Regulatory Data
Bosch, N.F.A. van denSocial Network Analysis of Criminal Contact Networks
Dimitriadis, P. Predicting Graft Survival in Kidney Transplantation using Neural Networks and Semantic Modelling
Engelen, J.E. vanSemi-supervised Ensemble Learning
Huibers, J.A. Strategies for Restricted Nim
Huybers, R. A Parallel Relation-Based Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimulation Minimization
Kanhai, S.P.W. Reach and content of Dutch junk news on Facebook
Lan, J. Critical Water Infrastructure Sensor Placement Optimization
Verhoef, W.G.C.Convolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Classification of Radar Signals in Time Domain: Learning the Micro-Doppler Signature of Human Gait