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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis
Boom, Bernard van den Supervised Outlier Detection in Financial Regulatory Data
Bosch, Nick van denSocial Network Analysis of Criminal Contact Networks
Dimitriadis, PetrosPredicting Graft Survival in Kidney Transplantation using Neural Networks and Semantic Modelling
Engelen, Jesper vanSemi-supervised Ensemble Learning
Guo, XinA New Approach Towards the Combined Algorithm Selection and Hyper-parameter Optimization Problem
Hader, MounirBayesian Optimization for Automatic Configuration of Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification
Hijmans, BartConstructing Monitors for Reo Circuits
Huibers, JarnoStrategies for Restricted Nim
Huybers, RichardA Parallel Relation-Based Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimulation Minimization
Kanhai, SoeradjReach and content of Dutch junk news on Facebook
Lan, JacobCritical Water Infrastructure Sensor Placement Optimization
Meeuwsen, JuliëtteStimulating the Adoption of A/B Testing in a Large‐Scale Agile Environment
Okai, JeremiahBuilding robust prediction models for Activity Recognition and Energy Expenditure from raw accelerometer data using Gated Recurrent Units and Long Short Term Memory Neural Networks
Özer, MuhammetPrediction of overtopping volume of waves approaching a crest using a sequence of frames
Parsania, MinaPerformance Evaluation of Transcript-level RNA-Seq Aligners ‘HISAT vs STAR’
Post, MartijnTax data and reinforcement learning
Ramesar, PrashandRisk score propagation algorithms for domain-domain networks
Ramgolam, RenukaData Visualization Without Privacy Violation
Verhoef, WilcoConvolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Classification of Radar Signals in Time Domain: Learning the Micro-Doppler Signature of Human Gait
Xu, YuanminFormal Analysis and Improvement of the PKMv3 and 5G AKA Protocols