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Bachelor Bioinformatica

Student Thesis Content
Meyer, T. (Tomke)Early Detection of Celiac Disease in Children
Onderwater, J. High throughput acquisition of zebrafish larvae using VAST

Student Thesis Content
Aydin, A. (Aylin)Ethical Discussion on Current Protocols for Crohn’s Disease in the Use of CAM Therapies
Jiang, C.J.R. (Chen)Finding Consensus Knowledge in the Huntington’s Disease Pathway
Lin, D. (David)Gradual OverPy: A Proof of Concept of Applying a Gradual Method on the Overwatch Workshop
Venemans, W.R.D. (Willem)Classifying Protein Topology Matrices Using AI
Versluis, R. (Robbert)Comparing and Improving Different Analysis Workflows for High Compound Screening Data
Yarim, M. (Metin)Bioinformatics Analysis of the Core Hallmarks of Cancer Genes

Student Thesis Content
Belle, N. (Niels) vanThe Bioinformatic Search for ENOD40 Genes in the Rosales Order and Possible Insertions of Transposable Elements
Biesot, N. (Nienke)Actionable Pharmacogenomic Variation Present in the General Population
Boonstra, N.J.L. (Niels)Is the Linux Completely Fair Scheduler Ready for Serverless Workloads?
Faas, M. (Marije)Training Logical Operations through Gameplay
Freeke, K. (Karl)Exploring Hallmark Connections through Pathway Enrichment in a Cancer Gene PPI-network
Homma, R. (Rutger)Exploring the Feasibility of Pharmacogenomic Data Analysis
Kossen, D. (Dylan)Network Analysis of polyQ Proteins in the Human Brain
Vijfvinkel, D. (Daan)Discovery of ENOD40 RNA in Poaceae

Student Thesis Content
Cheung, M. (Menco)Mining Structural Patterns in a Non-coding RNA Related to Influenza Virus Infection and Cancer Development
Engwegen, L.R. (Laurens)Investigating the Hallmarks of Cancer Using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
Heijnen, L.S.E.M. (Lucas)Revisiting the Evolution and Function of Polyglutamine Repeats
Janssens, L.M.I. (Luka)A Network Analysis Approach to Studying PolyQ Protein Interactions
Nuijten, P. (Pascal)The Relationship Between Prognostic Genes in Human and Mouse Cancer

Student Thesis Content
Boer, W.F.H. (Wilco) deEvaluation and Improvement of Methods and Models for Segmentation of Zebrafish Larvae
Dekker, L. (Loes)Optimization of High-Throughput Zebra sh Imaging on a Distributed Computer
Paul, V. (Valerie)Predicting the Discharge Date of Patients using Classification Techniques
Wesselman, S. (Sjoerd)The Intestinal Flora of the Zebrafish

Student Thesis Content
Spaink, H.A.J. (Hermes)Age Classification of Zebrafish Larvae using Machine Learning from HOG Features