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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Al-nassar, S.The discovery of underlying topics within Coronavirus-related articles
Bergman, O.CHAD-net: Continuous Human Action Detection in RGB video
Buurman, D.Threat Intelligence Feed For Mobile Applications
Dirker, K.Monitoring wildlife of the Oostvaardersplassen through trap-camera and computer vision
Doting, R.Minority Report at the border: An ethical analysis of the iBorderCtrl-project
Hamdi, A.Fault analysis for a new MsC course using the ChipWhisperer
Nouweland, L. van denAutomating the process of defining the aesthetic quality of an image in a numerical way
Ram, J.Sim-to-Real autonomous driving in CARLA using Image Translation and Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
Rooijakkers, L.Evaluating AutoML methods on hybrid inversion of PROSAIL RTM on Landsat-7 data for AGB estimation
Schaap, A.Programmeren voor Blinde en Zwaar Slechtziende Leerlingen
Vink, E. deSolving Breakthrough Using Binary Decision Diagrams and Retrograde Analysis
Wheeler, M.Detecting Sarcomere Structures in Cardiomyocytes
Zwart, M. van derA library for BDDs and SDDs