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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Aalst, B. van (Bas)Ultrasound Indoor Positioning System for Localization of a Moving Object
Abhelakh, Z. (Zoë)Uncovering Influential Artists and Musical Communities in an Artist Co-Follower Network
Azzegarh, O. (Oualid)A Concurrent Visual Programming Language
Baronner, T. (Thomas)Finite accessibility of Higher-Dimensional Automata and unbounded parallelism of their languages [IW]
Beek, R. van der (Rutger) Monocular Depth Estimation Neural Networks: a Comprehensive Analysis
Berg, J. van den (Joren)Expanding Side-Channel Data Sets Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Berg, P. van den (Perri)Exploring Optimal Strategies for Dice of Doom
Bingen, Z.A. (Zahir)Verification of Combinational and Sequential Circuits in LEAN3
Boere, S. (Stijn)Bootstrapping Speech Synthesis Training
Boogaard, D. van den (Daniel)Solving Rullo, A Mathematical Puzzle
Bot, A.J. (Anthony)Performance of Reinforcement Learning Agents within Gameworlds of Differing Coarsnesses
Broch, G. (Gijs)Deep and Shallow Features for Image Classification
Broek, A. van den (Amber)Hex Circles Winning Strategies for Variants of Hex using Pure Monte-Carlo [IW]
Capelle, J. van (Jelle)Detecting Phase Transitions using Forward-Forward Neural Networks
Ende, D. van den (Dirck)Towards a Compiler for Partial Differential Equations for Analog Computers [IW]
Feijen, R. (Romke)Counting Winning Hands in Rummikub
Goemans, L. (Luca)Scalability of Music Genre Classification Algorithms
Gravesteijn, J. (Joris)On the vulnerability of open-source eFPGAs to malicious attacks based on power-hammering designs
Halsema, M.S. (Martijn)Demystifying the Raven Roost Metaheuristic
Hegeman, M. (Meili)Generating Pipes puzzles using maze-generating algorithms
Hepkema, S. (Sven)Enabling Collaboration in a Model Design Environment
Hermans, I.F. (Skandar)Soft Skills in Computer Science
Hu, Y. (Yvo)Measuring functional volume of a general programming language based on framework code
Isleyen, Y. (Yunus)A cross-case analysis of the integration of computational thinking in the English subject
Jol, C. (Casper)How to Solve and Generate Marupeke Puzzles
Jonkman, L. (Leonie)Gender stereotypes: an analysis of Python programming books for children in the Netherlands
Klaassen, H.J.R. (Rutger)Using sentiment analysis on tweets for predicting cryptocurrency price movements: A case study
Kling, A. (Alano)Automatically Deriving Sorting Algorithms in tUPL
Kompier, M. (Mark)High-resolution SRCNN Hyperparameter Optimisation
Kooistra, S. (Sara)Achieving the Maximal Score in Azul
Lawson, D. (Dominique)Formalizing the Van Kampen Theorem for Directed Topology [IW]
Lim, X.N. (Nuan) Parallel code generation using SIMD on multi-core CPUs
Liu, J. (Jingwen)Evaluating the Zero-shot Performance of Three Transformer Models in Reddit Posts
Martens, C. (Christian)Ground State approximation with Product States using Graph Theory
Massa, R. (Rajeck)Implementation and Evaluation of a Detection Tool for Data Hiding Techniques in EXT4 File Systems
Meza Orellana, S.G. (Stephan)ADTLang: A Declarative Language to Describe Attack Defense Trees
Mohalaia, M. (Marwa)Implementing a User Interface for Attack-Defense Tree WebApp Using Human-Computer Interaction Principles
Mulders, W.M. (Wouter)Het Handelsreizigersprobleem opgelost met behulp van reinforcement learning [IW]
Nasrat, O. (Omid)Hedy: De implementatie van een syntax highlighter
Nielen, N. van (Nick)Visualizing, Analysing and Constructing L-systems from Arborized 3D Models using a Web Application
Oei, J. (Jimmy)Automated Dynamic Analysis of Java Exploit Proof-of-Concepts
Oppenhuis, K. (Koen)Variants of Monte Carlo Tree Search in the Game ColorShapeLinks
Reijalt, P. (Petter)Effect of Initial Sampling on Short-term Behaviour of Differential Evolution
Remmelzwaal, B. (Bart)Using simulated training data in deep learning networks
Ruigrok, L. (Lars)Benchmarking Lightweight Cryptography for TLS
Schaik, C. van (Camiel)CompAI: A user-friendly software tool to support the CapAI procedure for AI Act conformity assessment.
Schuitemaker, R. (Ruben)Quantum Money from Knots [IW]
Simpeh, J. (Jeremiah)A New Way of Learning English: Integration of Computational Thinking Through Digital Storytelling
Skulj, T. (Toni)Implementing skipping faulty code for the Hedy programming language
Slangen, F. (Femke)Strategies for the Deck Building Game Dominion
Steennis, C. (Christian)Identifying the phase change of the Ising model using a Spiking Neural Network
Tatman, A. S. (Andrew)Formal Specification and Analysis of OpenJDK’s BitSet Class
Tseng, R. (Rayden)Comparing human opinions to GPT-3.5 generated opinions on Dutch news articles
Vermeulen, S.C. (Sam)Self-Monitoring Automated Algorithm Configuration
Vertegaal, L. (Lieke)Vecs2Pauli - An Algorithm for Finding Stabilizers and Transformations of Quantum States
Wong, K.M. (Kah Ming)Efficacy and Characteristics of Search Algorithms in Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe
Wuhrer, J. (Jakob)Extending methods for approximate determinization of weighted automata to other semirings [IW]
Zee, Q. (Quinten)Development of Computational Thinking Curricula in Primary Schools
Zeidi, S.S. (Seyed)Synergizing UML Class Modeling and Natural Language to Code Conversion: A GPT-3.5-powered Approach for Seamless Software Design and Implementation