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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Adrichem, Adam vanBinary classification and t-SNE for cancer datasets
Aktau, AliyaDesigning a FAIR Data point for Digital Health in Kazakhstan
Bastiaan, AlbanAn Exploration of Multiple Unsupervised Algorithms in a Financial Auditing Context
Beljaards, LaurensMulti-Task Learning for Joint Image Registration and Segmentation in Adaptive Radiotherapy - CONFIDENTIAL
Bernatavičius, AndriusRLIF: Reinforcement learning-based RNA design tool
Bijl, YannickEstimating Cell Type Abundance of Heterogeneous Gene Expression Data using DOGS (Deconvolution of Gene Signatures) - CONFIDENTIAL
Boekhout, HanjoExploring scientific mobility in co-authorship networks using multilayer temporal motifs - CONFIDENTIAL
Buwalda, NiekA network-driven understanding of user interaction in topical online communities
Cames van Batenburg, DiederikVNTR prediction on sequence characteristics using long-read annotation and validation by short-read pileup
Chios, IoannisInvestigating the Explainability Potentials of the Deep Relevance Matching Model
Etoeharnowo, TeddyA Random Forest Approach for Dealing with Missingness: a Case Study in Primary Care Data
Fokkinga, DaniëlProgramming a Stochastic Constraint Optimisation Algorithm, by Optimisation
Hu, YutingNamed Entity Recognition on Chinese Biomedical Patents Using Pre-trained Language Models
Jonkman, JacobThe effects of music listening on program comprehension
Khairullah, Mohamed ZehniOn the Potential of Feature-based Algorithm Selection for Pseudo-Boolean Problems
Kyziridis, GeorgiosDeep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for the Train Unit Shunting Problem
Leeftink, WouterClassifying sequences of football play using boosted LSTMs
Lou, YitanA GE Benchmark and an automated GE comparison system
Louwe, AnneloesUtilizing unstructured information from Electronic Medical Records for the prediction of stroke
Martens, JoostDetecting Fragmentation in the Secured Money Market using Fairness-Aware Machine Learning - CONFIDENTIAL
Mazhar, HebaDetecting Critical Driving Events using Messy Smartphone Sensor Data
Müller-Brockhausen, MatthiasComparing AI approaches for Tetris Link
Nobel, Jacob deInvestigating the Behaviour of the CMA-ES through Time Series Analysis
Papathanasiou, NikSequence Prediction Under Multiple Constraints
Perk, MatsFrom whole-tissue measurements to cell composition and functionality identification in mouse leg muscle - CONFIDENTIAL
Roos, DennisProtocol Link Nets: A Flexible Method for Composing Petri Nets
Santiago Rojo, Juan deExhaust Gas Temperature modeling, a symbolic regression approach
Schmidt, ZacharyEsports Match Result Prediction for a Decision Support System in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Spaink, HermesIdentifying a Novel Class of Cancer Dependencies: Paralog Genes Interacting with Common Essentials
Suryadikara, RayanFalse News Classification and Dissemination Analysis: The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election
Tan, MingkangStreamlining Computational Workflow of Dual CRISPR Screen Library Design and Screen Analysis
Tsiaousis, Michail Learning Context for Weakly-Supervised Action Detection Using Graph Convolutional Networks
Vermetten, DiederickIntegrating Algorithm Selection and Configuration: A Proof of Concept for the Modular CMA-ES
Verweij, GeertenFaster Community Detection Without Loss of Quality: Parallelizing the Leiden Algorithm
Veth, OlgaUsing machine learning to identify brain patterns related to autistic traits
Wageningen, Simon vanQuantifying Network Complexity: An Evaluation of Measures
Wang, DapengFirst Steps towards Hybrid Quantum-Classical Optimization
Wang, MingkangEvaluating and Optimizing Electric Bicycle Designs by Coupling Machine Learning and Evolutionary Strategy
Wijnbergen, DaniëlComparison of expression deconvolution methods
Wu, JichenEvolutionary Isolation Forest for Interactive Anomaly Detection
Xu, HanyunBioinformatics analysis of whole genome and whole exome sequences in sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis - CONFIDENTIAL
Yang, Zhao Historical Information for Enhancing Q-learning in Maze Navigation Tasks
Zandvliet, JosAdapting IC3 for Combinatorial Two-Player Games
Zhu, MinDeveloping a computational framework to identify muscle-specific gene expression modules in RNA-seq data