Students supervised by Laarman, dr. A.W. (Alfons)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
PhD Computer Science2024third supervisorHiep, H.A. (Hans-Dieter)New Foundations for Separation Logic
Master Computer Science2024third supervisorRemmerswaal, FloydValidation & Simulation of Software-Defined Network Specifications in ...
Bachelor Informatica2023supervisorSchuitemaker, R. (Ruben)Quantum Money from Knots [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorBingen, Z.A. (Zahir)Verification of Combinational and Sequential Circuits in LEAN3
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorVertegaal, L. (Lieke)Vecs2Pauli - An Algorithm for Finding Stabilizers and Transformations ...
Master Computer Science2022second supervisorVisser, L.Near-term quantum algorithms for regression, overfitting analysis and ...
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorAllison, L. (Lucas)Proxy Caching in Accenture’s Employee Evolution Tree Project
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorVink, E. (Elze) deSolving Breakthrough Using Binary Decision Diagrams and Retrograde Ana...
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorZwart, M. (Michael) van derA Library for BDDs and SDDs
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorDekkers, CasDesigning Information Visualizations for Generating Business Value in ...
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorVlasakker, Rintse van deOperational Semantics of GHOPFL
Master Computer Science2021first supervisorSwenne, MartijnNew Decision Diagram-based Techniques for the Simulation of Quantum Co...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2021third supervisorKubatz, L.Involving the crowd in Requirements Engineering
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorEgmond, D. (Diego) vanEfficient conversion between vtrees
Bachelor Informatica2021first supervisorKolenbrander, M. (Marcel)The Design of a Modular Game Platform for the QuantumRules! Lab
Master Computer Science2020first supervisorZandvliet, JosAdapting IC3 for Combinatorial Two-Player Games
Bachelor Informatica & E...2020second supervisorDriessen, R.UML Class Models as First-class Citizen: Metadata at Design-time and R...
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorBak, R. (Romke)Finding Shortest Paths in Parallel
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorMarchand, Y. (Yannik)Towards Parallel Generation of DFS Orders Using Verifiers
Bachelor Informatica2020first supervisorWanjun Xu, C. (Cassie) Efficient Parallel Cycle Detection
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorBrand, SebastiaanWaiting Time in Quantum Repeater Chains
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorEdixhoven, L. (Luc)Checkerboard Patterns and Binary Decision Diagrams for the Game 2048
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorMardirosian, SevakQuantum-enhanced Supervised Learning with Variational Quantum Circuits
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorXu, YuanminFormal Analysis and Improvement of the PKMv3 and 5G AKA Protocols
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorDijk, Stef vanSolving Othello using BDDs
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorHuybers, RichardA Parallel Relation-Based Algorithm for Symbolic Bisimulation Minimiza...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2019first supervisorBakker, T.B.Microgrid Blockchain Enabled Solar Panel Electricity Trading
Bachelor Informatica & E...2019first supervisorRandel, O.R.Petri Nets & Property Directed Reachability
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorCampmans, A.J. (Tony)(In)effciënte Bewijsstrategieën
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorSwenne, M.M. (Marijn)Solving SAT on Noisy Quantum Computers
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorJong, R.G. (Rachel) deComparing Two Algorithms for Finding Maximal Matchings in Bipartite Gr...
Bachelor Informatica & E...2018second supervisorMeijerink, C.J.H.Quantum Rules!
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorSteffens, B. (Benjamin)Dynamic Reductions for More Efficient Software Verification
Bachelor Informatica2018first supervisorWester, M. (Martijn)Depth First Search Characterizations