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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Arntzenius, R. (Robert)Agents for the Strategy Game Onitama
Aygün, T. (Tayfun)Optimizing Monte Carlo Agents for the Game Katarenga
Bax, P. (Pim)Can a rule-based algorithm accurately correct whitespace errors?
Boel, M. (Marc)Energy expenditure estimation for wheelchair users using activity type classification
Bolt, J. (Julia)Blind leren programmeren: Een studie naar de Computational Practices van kinderen met een visuele beperking bij het programmeren van muziek in Sonic Pi
Bouter, D. (David)Knowing the difference between news and opinion An explorative research project into classifying news and opinion
Burgh, R. (Rogier) van den Bomb-r-cover Expanding the difficulties of Bomberman
Burghoorn, G. (Gijs)Exploration of the ChipWhisperer Lite ARM board for education on Side-Channel Power Analysis
Ebing, W. (Wouter)Analysing Classification Of Episodes From Electronic Health Records With The Use Of Text Mining
Egmond, D. (Diego) vanEfficient conversion between vtrees
Heath, C. (Cheyenne)Depression prediction using twitter data: Comparing LIWC and Bag-of-Words features
Honert, N. (Nils) van derBenchmarking default implementations of pseudorandom number generators in commonly used programming languages.
Honig, B. (Bram)A Network-based Approach for Ship-type Modelling
Huang, A. (Andrew)Segmentation based Image Retrieval using Low level image features
Jong, A. (Aron) deAn Analysis of the Cooperative Card Game The Crew [IW]
Kolenbrander, M. (Marcel)The Design of a Modular Game Platform for the QuantumRules! Lab
Krebbers, S. (Said)Monte Carlo Tree Search for Dots-and-Boxes
Maas, K. (Kalvin)Full-Body Action Recognition from Monocular RGB-Video: A multi-stage approach using OpenPose and RNNs
Malkoç, M. (Melda)Prestatietest Ontwikkeling voor de Evaluatie van Python Vaardigheden van Middelbare Scholieren voor het Vak Nederlands
Moison, O. (Okke)Scratch of Scottie Go!: een vergelijking tussen twee manieren om te leren programmeren
Mol, T. (Thomas) deSynchronized Cherries [IW]
Moser, D. (Dennis)Optimization algorithms for solving incremental box placement problems.
Nadif, A. (Amine)Computational thinking integreren in de schoolvak Engels: verhaal vertellen via programmeren in Scratch
Nieuwenhuizen, D. (David)The Effect of Monte Carlo Tree Search on Modern Board Game Elements
Ottevanger, L. (Laura)Continuing levels of the programming language Hedy
Peet, L. (Louise) van derMore than a one-time heist Identifying the current state of Android CPU cryptojacking
Planken, D. (Daan)Reducing the required number of qubits for a quantum algorithm for topological data analysis
Poelsma, J. (Julian)Optimizing a Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm using machine learning
Prins, V. (Vincent)Using Heterogeneous Primordial Particle Systems to Analyse Life-like Behaviour.
Reijtenbach, R. (Rob)Determining the Success Rate for the Game of Solitaire
Remmerswaal, F. (Floyd)Can a human-computer hybrid outperform the LTM tiling algorithm?
Schendel, B. (Bob) vanQualitative data from quantitative seed oxygen measurements
Schwarze, Y. (Yenebeb)The Voice Within the Neural Network
Sevingil, C. (Cem)A Comparison of Breadth-First Search Implementations for Real-World Networks on a Modern GPU
Smit, T. (Thera)Creating a Framework for Sublevels in Hedy
Spek, C. (Corne)Analyzing the Code Coverage of Android Apps using the Exerciser Monkey
Staaij, A. (Arthur) van derComposing instrumentation tools for Android apps
Starkenburg, B. (Berend) vanInterest Point Detectors and Descriptors: an Evaluation
Talsma, M. (Marit)Quantum topological data analysis on near-term devices
Vink, T. (Thomas)Identifying anomalous trajectories from bird tracking data sets.
Vrins, M. (Michiel)Querying Frequent Itemsets in the Browser
Zwaag, J. (Job) van der Finding a Way Through the Changing Maze of Labyrinth