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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Avoird, S. (Stan) van derPrediction and Technical Analysis of the Bitcoin Crypto Currency Using Machine Learning
Bak, R. (Romke)Finding Shortest Paths in Parallel
Blom, M. (Miguel)Hybrid Classical-Quantum Speedups for the Random k-SAT Problem using Smaller Quantum Computers
Bors, P.P. (Philippe)Analysis of Nonsimple Nonograms
Bouwman, K. (Koen)Q-learning with Parameterized Quantum Circuits: Design, Implementation and Benchmarking
Coret, T. (Thomas)The Effect of Social Reward on Swarm Robots in a Foraging Task
Corsel, C.W. (Christof)YOLO-based Obstacle Avoidance for Drones
Doesburg, M. (Max)Optimization of the Reconstruction of Zebrafish on the LLSC Using the VAST Microscope
Donkers, J. (Jeroen)Real-time Melody Harmonization in an Improvisational Context
Driessen, W.A.M. (Wampie)How Example Set Size Influences the Effectiveness of the AFL Fuzzer
Ende, D. (Dyon) van derScraping Scratch: A Dataset of Comments and their Sentiment
Gramsbergen, D.S. (Danielle)Subcoinductive Types [IW]
IJpelaar, M. (Mariska)An Initial Exploration of the Importance of Program Instruction Order for Dynamically Scheduled Processors
Keizer, A. (Alex)Coalgebras of Session Types: Defining a Syntax Independent Framework
Kluiver, S. (Sem)Solving and Generating Ice Block Puzzles
Marchand, Y. (Yannik)Towards Parallel Generation of DFS Orders Using Verifiers
Meijhuis, M.J. (Mark)Using Machine Learning to Predict Price Trends in Foreign Exchange Rates
Mkrtchyan, W.K. (Wahagn)Systems of Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Skyline Queries
Otten, D.D. (Daniel)Type Theory: W-types and Bisimulation [IW]
Plas, N. (Niek) van derClassifying Citizen Complaints using Pre-trained Language Models
Polen, T. (Tim) van GPS Referencing and Data Storage Manipulation
Poot, T. (Tim)Deep Text Matching in E-Commerce
Rooij, L (Lucas). vanPredicting the Characteristics of Successful Cyclists in Multi-week Races
Schep, D. (David)Fusion Approaches for Monocular Depth Estimation
Schonenberg, J. (Jerry)Differential Siamese Network for the Avoidance of Moving Obstacles
Schous, V. (Vera)Understanding and Discussing Weaknesses in Deep Neural Networks
Simons, T. (Thijs)Training Optimization in Professional Road Cycling through Time Series Prediction and Quantification
Singh, H. (Hargurjit)Setting Up a FAIR Data Point in LIACS
Snelleman, T. (Thijs)Strategic Gambling in DiminishingBridge
Stee, J. (Jesper) vanCreating an AI for the Rhytm Game osu!
Stokman, W. (Wouter)Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Using Image Processing on Embedded Systems
Tettelaar, K. (Kean)Towards Multi-objective Bayesian Global Optimization for Space Missions
Tubergen, J. (Jeroen) vanAssessing the Fitness of Web-applications within the Context of Mobile Phones, on Performing Spatially Distributed, Co-located, Collaborative, Audio-related Activities
Verschuur, L. (Luit)The Impact of the Naturalness of a Robot’s Voice on Human-Robot-Interaction
Wanjun Xu, C. (Cassie) Efficient Parallel Cycle Detection
Wassenaar, G. (Guido)Empirical Performance Evaluation of the Linkage Tree Genetic Algorithm
Wink, T. (Thomas)OpenML-Connect: A C++ Connection Library for OpenML
Zoete, B. (Bart) deImproving Twitter Stream Filtering using Pseudo-Relevance Feedback
Zweeden, J. (Joos) vanDetecting Facial Features in Infrared Imagery
Zwetsloot, M. (Marnix)Predicting the Outcome of the Card Game Klaverjas