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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Assal, W. (Wadie)Deep Learning for Emotional Analysis
Barbanson B.A. (Buys) deTracing Scar-lineages and Collapsing Read Error
Bismpikos, N. (Nikolaos)Estimating Tool Damage and Remaining Useful Life of a CNC Milling Cutter by Applying Time-Frequency Analysis, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Optimization
Carbajo Martinez, M. (Manuel)Aneuploid Chromosome Copy Number Estimation with Dynamic Coverage Analysis: Steps towards Improved Short Read Aneuploid Assembly
Dijke, N.T. (Niels) tenConvolutional Neural Networks for Regulatory Genomics
Griffioen, K.T.3D Reconstruction Techniques to Aid Biological Research
Heuvel, J. (Jeroen) van denFinding Business Processes in Computer Usage Data using Frequent Sequence Mining
Hommelberg, A.G.M. (Anne)Using the Forelem Framework to Express and Optimize K-means Clustering
Latour, A.L.D. (Anna)Incremental Algorithms for Solving Stochastic Constraint Optimisation Problems with Probabilistic Logic Programming
Liang, C. (Chao)Classification of Wood from Wood Anatomy using Deep Learning
Liu, Y. (Yazhou)RNNs of Heart Rate Modeling as a Function of Body Movement
Lucchesse, R. (Roberto)Analyzing the Resilience of Board Interlock Networks Under Imperfect Data
Mokveld, T.O. (Tom)Improving Sequence Alignment through Population Graph Inference
Nieboer, M.M. (Marleen)Reconstructing the Subclonal Evolution of Tumors from Targeted Sequencing Data
Ozir, J.K.F. (Jordi)Adaptive Recombination Weighting Schemes Applied to the CMA-ES
Parag, R.M. (Raymond)Sequential Recognition and Scoring of Archery Shots
Parschiakos, S. (Stylianos)Comparing Sensor Networks for Activity Recognition
Partodikromo, E. A Metalearning Approach to the Chip Production Scheduling Problem
Rijn, F.W. (Frank) vanLearning to Play Hearthstone using Machine Learning
Sevastakis, D. (Dimitrios)Gene Prediction using Unsupervised Deep Networks
Spierenburg, M.J. (Manuel)Virtual Machine for Secure Embedded Systems
Strien, B.E. (Bart) vanDeriving Highly Efficient Implementations of Parallel PageRank
Treurniet, F.P. (Florian) Transposition Driven Scheduling: Back to the Future? A Study on Vectorization and Shared CPU Programming
Versteeg, A.A.B.Integrating the Microbiome and Metabolome using Dataming and Network Analysis Approaches
Wang, Y. (Yali)A New Approach to Target Region Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Witte, B. (Boyd)Algorithms for Detecting and Analyzing Multiplex Motifs in Large-scale Corporate Networks
Yuan, Y. (Yuan)Medical Entity Recognition from Patient Forum Data
Zuure, N.B. (Niek)An Automated Pipeline for Face Recognition and Classification of Affect