Students supervised by Hoogeboom, dr. H.J. (Hendrik Jan)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Bachelor Informatica & E...2023second supervisorBeek, T. ter (Tijmen)A Novel Technique for Life Course Reconstruction using Historical Reco...
Bachelor Informatica2023second supervisorJol, C. (Casper)How to Solve and Generate Marupeke Puzzles
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorHegeman, M. (Meili)Generating Pipes puzzles using maze-generating algorithms
Bachelor Informatica2022first supervisorWetten, F. (Fien) vanRepresenting the State Space of the Domino Cube in Graph Using BDDs
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorBurgh, R. (Rogier) van den Bomb-r-cover Expanding the difficulties of Bomberman
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorKrebbers, S. (Said)Monte Carlo Tree Search for Dots-and-Boxes
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorNieuwenhuizen, D. (David)The Effect of Monte Carlo Tree Search on Modern Board Game Elements
Bachelor Informatica2021second supervisorReijtenbach, R. (Rob)Determining the Success Rate for the Game of Solitaire
Master Computer Science2020second supervisorRoos, DennisProtocol Link Nets: A Flexible Method for Composing Petri Nets
Bachelor Informatica & E...2020second supervisorHuiskens, T.J.M.Adaptive AI in Game Tutorials
Bachelor Informatica2020second supervisorBors, P.P. (Philippe)Analysis of Nonsimple Nonograms
Master Computer Science2019second supervisorHuibers, J. (Jarno)Strategies for Restricted Nim
Bachelor Informatica2019second supervisorVlasakker, R.A. (Rintse) van de Bomb-cover Een verzamelingenoverdekkings-probleem in de Bombermanwerel...
Master Computer Science2018first supervisorHoogendorp, NathanRecognition of Hybrid Sequences that are Generated during PCR
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorBrandt, O. (Oscar)Comparing Algorithms: Calculating the Minimal Coverability Set of Petr...
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorEtoeharnowo, T. (Teddy)Neural Networks for Clobber
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorHoogenboom, C. (Cedric)Using Probabilities to Enhance Monte Carlo Search in the Dutch Card Ga...
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorDijk, S.J. (Stef) vanSolving Puzzles Using Cellular Automata
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorHeijungs, S. (Simon)Tape-quantifying Turing Machines in the Arithmetical Hierarchy
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorMuusse, I.J. (Ivo)An Algorithm for Balancing a Binary Search Tree
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorOut, N.F. (Nils)A Monte Carlo Strategy for the Game of Hive
Master ICT in Business a...2016second supervisorYang, ShuoLinking Science and Technology: Reference Matching for Co-citation Net...
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorZeegers, M.T. (Mathe)Theoretical Properties of 2048
Bachelor Informatica2016supervisorGent, D. (Daan) vanGraph Isomorphism in Quasi-polynomial Time [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorBannenberg, L. (Lou)Checking for Compatibility in Team Automata
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorEdixhoven, L. (Luc)Attacking the n-Puzzle Using SAT Solvers
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorHuybers, R. (Richard)Mario (of hoe je een Programmeerwedstrijd kunt Winnen)
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorWerff, C.R.A. (Chivany) van derTetris Strategies in a Multiplayer Environment
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorRoos, D. (Dennis)Transformation of Membrane Systems
PhD Computer Science2015copromotorVliet, R. (Rudy) vanDNA Expressions: A Formal Notation for DNA
Bachelor Informatica2015second supervisorDekker, V. (Victor)A Difficulty Measure for Light Up Puzzles
Master Computer Science2014second supervisorDelft, L. (Leroy) vanSimulation and Mathematical Structures for Asynchronous Stream Circuit...
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorJochems, J. (Jennifer)Partial Derivatives for KAT Expressions
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorRensen, M. (Michel)An On-Line Parsing Algorithms for Conjunctive Grammars
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorEngelen, J. (Jesper) vanGuided Rewriting in Families of Languages
Master Computer Science2012second supervisorRijn, J. (Jan) vanPlaying Games: The Complexity of Klondike, Mahjong, Nonograms and Anim...
Master Computer Science2012second supervisorRuiter, J. (Johan) deCounting Classes of Klondike Solitaire Configurations
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorMassop, E. (Erik)Hilbert's Tenth Problem
PhD Computer Science2011copromotorWang, J. (Jun)Spiking Neural P Systems
Bachelor Informatica2011second supervisorStein, B. (Bas) vanThe Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
Bachelor Informatica2011second supervisorVlugt, S.H.W. (Sander) van derCoverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
Master Computer Science2010second supervisorDonkersteeg, P.B. (Pieter Bas)Klondike Strategies using Monte Carlo Techniques
Master Computer Science2010second supervisorTakes, F.W. (Frank)Applying Monte Carlo Techniques to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Pro...
Bachelor Informatica2009second supervisorRietveld, K.F.R. (Kristian)Distributed Approaches for Discovering Unique Factors in the Human Gen...
PhD Computer Science2008copromotorBrijder, R. (Robert)Models of Natural Computation: Gene Assembly and Membrane Systems
Master Computer Science2008first supervisorOosten, M. (Maarten)Verleden Namen
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorHalm, E. (Eyal)Genetic Algorithm for Predicting Protein Folding in the 2D HP Model
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorLaraghy, S. (Susan)Refining Probability Motifs for the Discovery of Existing Patterns of ...
Master Computer Science2007second supervisorSamwel, B. (Bart)Pebble Scope and the Power of Pebble Tree Transducers
Master Computer Science2007first supervisorVuurden, K. (Klaske) vanSearching for Unique Strings of Variable Length in DNA using Pruned an...
Master Computer Science2005first supervisorGao, Y. (Yan)P. Systems with Non-reactive Objects
PhD Computer Science2004copromotorFrisco, P. (Pierluigi)Theory of Molecular Computing. Splicing and Membrane Systems
Master Computer Science2004supervisorLaros, J.F.J. (Jeroen)Unique Factors in the Human Genome
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorBilanovic, V. (Vedran)Temporal Difference Driving Exam
Master Computer Science2004second supervisorHaazebroek, P. (Pascal)Web Event Based Usability Analysis
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorBrijder, R. (Robert)Characterizing Reducibility of Gene Patterns in Ciliates
Master Computer Science2003second supervisorBatenburg, K.J. (Joost)An Evolutionary Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
PhD Computer Science2002copromotorVugt, N. (Nike) vanModels of Molecular Computing
Master Computer Science1999first supervisorWoestijne, C.E. (Christiaan) van deA formal characterisation of the Delilah system
Master Computer Science1996second supervisorDassen, J.H.M. (Ray)Molecular Computation and Splicing Systems
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorVugt, N. (Nike) vanGeneralized Context-Free Grammars
PhD Computer Science1995copromotorPas, P. (Paulien) tenTrees and Texts
Master Computer Science1994first supervisorBouknecht, G.N. (Gerrit)Trace-monoiden en het Doorsnedeprobleem