Students supervised by Bonsangue, prof.dr. M.M. (Marcello)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
PhD Computer Science2024second supervisorBian, J. (Jinting)Reasoning about Object-Oriented Programs: From Classes to Interfaces
Master Computer Science2024second supervisorRemmerswaal, FloydValidation & Simulation of Software-Defined Network Specifications in ...
Bachelor Data Science an...2023second supervisorTuk, M. (Mattias)Usability of VR in the construction of category theoretical diagrams
PhD Computer Science2023promotorDokter, K.P.C. (Kasper)Scheduled Protocol Programming
Bachelor Informatica2023supervisorWuhrer, J. (Jakob)Extending methods for approximate determinization of weighted automata...
Bachelor Informatica2023first supervisorTatman, A. S. (Andrew)Formal Specification and Analysis of OpenJDK’s BitSet Class
PhD Computer Science2022promotorChen, X. (Xueqin)Information Diffusion Analysis in Online Social Networks Based on Deep...
Bachelor Informatica2022second supervisorSchaap, L. (Lennard)Formalised Semantics of Lustre
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorHijmans, BartConstructing Monitors for Reo Circuits
Master Computer Science2019first supervisorXu, YuanminFormal Analysis and Improvement of the PKMv3 and 5G AKA Protocols
Bachelor Informatica2019supervisorTurkenburg, R.T.C. (Ruben)Greibach Normal Form for Weighted Context-Free Grammars [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2019supervisorWeijer, W. (Wessel) de A Decision Procedure for Weighted Automata Equivalence [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2019first supervisorBouman, J.Q. (Jeffrey)Recovering from Controllers Failures in Software Defined Networks
Master Computer Science2017first supervisorLatour, A.L.D. (Anna)Incremental Algorithms for Solving Stochastic Constraint Optimisation ...
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorFokkinga, D.B. (Daniel)Towards Learning Software Models: making documentation easier
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorMuinck Keizer, D. (David) deA Control Flow Graph Generator for Java Code
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorKappé, T.W.J. (Tobias)Logic for Soft Component Automata
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorMohorko, D. (Dennis)Specifying and Analyzing Paradigm Diagrams through UML Diagrams
Master Computer Science2016second supervisorNes, M.W. (Matthijs) van deDeveloping Efficient Concurrent C Application Programs using Reo
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorKoschny, J. (Julius)Design and Analysis of a Controller for the iRobot Create
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorWoerden, W. (Wessel) vanThe Closest Vector Problem in Cyclotomic Lattices [IW]
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorWerf, U.M. (Ulbo) van derDescribing Heaps using Kleene algebra with Tests
PhD Computer Science2015copromotorRot, J.C. (Jurriaan)Enhanced Coinduction
Bachelor Informatica2015first supervisorBurger, J. (Jelco)Context Free Guarded Languages: A System for Determining Guarded Strin...
Master Computer Science2014first supervisorDelft, L. (Leroy) vanSimulation and Mathematical Structures for Asynchronous Stream Circuit...
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorVinkhuijzen, L. (Lieuwe)Reducing Copying and Network Traffic in Reo Circuits
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorJochems, J. (Jennifer)Partial Derivatives for KAT Expressions
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorRensen, M. (Michel)An On-Line Parsing Algorithms for Conjunctive Grammars
Bachelor Informatica2014first supervisorStuivenberg, A. (Arthur)Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions using Non-Deterministic Fi...
PhD Computer Science2013copromotorGouw, C.P.T. (Stijn) deCombining Monitoring with Run-time Assertion Checking
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorBuijsman, S. (Stefan)Typing Streams
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorKappé, T. (Tobias)Linear Stream Circuits and Rational Streams: there and back again
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorLeuven, J. (Joost)Testing of Channel Based Service Connectors
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorRijn, S. (Sander) vanImplementing a Model Checker for Simple Recursive Languages
Master Computer Science2012first supervisorHoek, R. (Robin) van derIntegrating Testing and Quality Assurance into the Agile Software Deve...
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorDelft, L. (Leroy) vanEfficient Equivalence Checking of Regular Expressions
PhD Computer Science2011copromotorIzadi, M. (Mohammad)Model Checking of Component Connectors
Master Computer Science2011supervisorRot, J.C. (Jurriaan)Automated Verification of Pointer Programs
Master Computer Science2011first supervisorNobakht, B. (Behrooz)Deploying Active Objects onto Multicore
PhD Computer Science2010copromotorGrüner, A. (Andreas)Testing Object Interactions
Bachelor Informatica2010third supervisorRot, J.C. (Jurriaan)A Pushdown System Representation for Unbounded Object Creation
PhD Computer Science2009copromotorStam, A.W. (Andries)Interaction Protocols in PARADIGM: Extensions to a Modeling Language t...
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorStafleu, J. (Jasper)UML Specification of and UML Tooling for Paradigm
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorGouw, S. (Stijn) de and Helvensteijn, M. (Michiel)Automatic Program Verification in Mist
PhD Computer Science2008copromotorJacob, J.F. (Joost)Domain Specific Modeling and Analysis
PhD Computer Science2007copromotorGuillen Scholten, J.V. (Juan)Mobile Channels for Exogeneous Coordination of Distributed Systems
Master Computer Science2007first supervisorRikkers, E. (Edwin)Robocop Components Trust and Simulation
Master Computer Science2006second supervisorWolf, L. (Leo)Design of a System for Processing and Retrieving Medical Narrative Dat...
Master Computer Science2005first supervisorBruin, J.S. (Jeroen) deA Simulator for Component Based Systems
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorCheung, K.H.E. (Kok Hing)Business Modelling with Testbed and UML
Master Computer Science2002supervisorWijk, H.J. (Henk Jan) van derGedistribueerde Architecturen en het ‘Mobil Channel Model'