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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Alvarez Rodriguez, S.F. (Sebastiaan)Static Security Analysis Methods in Android Systems: a Comparison
Bergman, P. (Patrick)Scalable Architecture for Event Management Systems
Blankestijn, M.A.N. (Max)Polyomino Packing using a Tetris-like Ruleset
Blok, J. H. (Jaap)Multi-valued Decision Variables and Redundant Coding in Evolutionary Algorithms
Boks, R.M. (Rick)Performance Comparison of Configurable Particle Swarm and Differential Evolution Algorithms
Bouman, J.Q. (Jeffrey)Recovering from Controllers Failures in Software Defined Networks
Campmans, A.J. (Tony)(In)effciënte Bewijsstrategieën
Colli, M.M. (Mitchel)Dynamic Real-time Videostream Stitching Using Multiple Uncalibrated Cameras
Deering, G. (Galen)Applications of Monte Carlo on the Board Game Six
Delzenne, M.J. (Mees)Optimizing the Citra Emulator by Decompiling Shader Machine Code
Dofferhoff, R.M.J. (Rens)A Performance Evaluation of Platform-Independent Methods to Search for Hidden Instructions on RISC Processors
Domela Nieuwenhuis. D.O. (Damian)Improving Public Speaking Performance by Facial Emotion, Body Language and Speech Recognition based Feedback
Dubbeldam, S. (Stef)Using Program Animation to resolve misconceptions in K-12 students.
Flesher-Clark, A.C. (Alec)3D Hand Pose Estimation on a Robotic Platform
Göebel, M.A. (Michael)Developing and Verifying Methods to Search for Hidden Instructions on RISC Processors
Graaf, S. (Sylvester) deCracking the Mastermind Code
Hamer, V. (Vincent) denHiding in Plain Sight: How Location affects Memory Error Detectability by Fuzzers
Huijben, M. (Marcel)Efficiently combining compiler-based zero-day defenses
Jonckheere, L.S. (Luc) deEfficiently Generating the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Jong, R.G. (Rachel) deComparing Two Algorithms for Finding Maximal Matchings in Bipartite Graphs
Kannangara, A.R. (Aaron)Comparing Strategic Agents for Dominance
Maan, G.C. (Gijsbert)Hardware Acceleration of Matrix Multiplication
Merckens, T. (Tim)A Further Look into Mouse Mazes
Meyer, S (Samuel)Psychology-Inspired Memory Sampling in a Deep Q Network
Neuteboom, V.O. (Victor)Personalized Modeling of Training Load and Physical Capacity of an Elite Rower
Nolden, L.S.J. (Luuk)Finding Seneca in Seneca
Peters, O.R.L. (Orson)Image Compression with Neural Networks
Plug R.B.F. (Ruud)ECG Anomaly Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory based Recurrent Neural Networks
Poslavsky, V.J.A. (Victor)System for Analysing Off-the-ball Performance of Individual Football Players using Spatiotemporal Tracking Data
Sinnige, J.A. (Jelle)GPS Referencing and Data Storage Manipulation
Strating, M.W. (Martijn)Analysis of Submissions of the Dutch Olympiad for Informatics with a Special Focus on Heuristics
Swenne, M.M. (Marijn)Solving SAT on Noisy Quantum Computers
Tijssen, L. (Lars)Analyzing Offensive Player- and Team Performance in Soccer Using Position Data
Turkenburg, R.T.C. (Ruben)Greibach Normal Form for Weighted Context-Free Grammars [IW]
Varkevisser, F.E. (Florian)Using Monte Carlo Tree Search to Play Cops & Robbers
Vlasakker, R.A. (Rintse) van de Bomb-cover Een verzamelingenoverdekkings-probleem in de Bombermanwereld
Voetter, R.F. (Robin)Volumetric Ray Tracing with Vulkan
Weijer, W. (Wessel) de A Decision Procedure for Weighted Automata Equivalence [IW]
Zande, E.R. (Elgar) van derExamining out of Bounds Defense Systems' Performance against Independent CVEs