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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Bergman, R.Exploring Technological Futures: The Use of Different Media, Text, Physical Object or Hybrid
Bont, A. deOnline Persuasive Learning: A Study into the Effectiveness of Social-proof Based Online Persuasion in a MOOC Course
Bouzias, G.Uniqueness in Air-Drawing of Symbols
Brinkman, C.The Truth, the Whole Truthiness and Nothing But Alternative Facts
Chocholi, A.Pursuing Pleasure through Fear: Can Being Scared in the Virtual World Make You Happier in Real Life?
Elid Della Monica, T.Instagram Happiness Index: Do People Portray Themselves Happier than They Really Are? Ranking Countries on Happiness Based on Instagram Hashtag Analysis
Gurbanzadeh, M.Trust Me If You Can: Exploratory Study on the Effects of Anthropomorphism in Embodied Social Robots on Self-disclosure of Users in Dyadic Communication
Hees, M. vanDisciples of the Heinous Path: Social Network Structure and Genre Hierarchy in Heavy Metal
Hilgers, M.Using Bicoloured Text to Improve Reading Abilities and Experience
Koyuncu, K.An Analysis of Artistic Research Published in Online Journals Based on Henk Borgdorff’s Body of Work
Lanen, M.Virtual Reality as a Context for Memorizing: It Can Make a Difference
Lee, P.Bring You Closer to Me: Does Visually Co-located Video-mediated Communication Draw More Attention to the Conversation?
Lei, D.Stigmatization in Internet Language: The Effect of Adding Insulting Quasi-affixes After Group Names to Invent New Words
Linden, S. vanPersonality as a Factor for Knowledge Sharing Behaviour in Novices
MartĂ­n Holguin, L.Communicating Artificial Intelligence Through Newspapers: Where is the Real Danger?
Moraal, W.Privacy for Burdened Minds: Exploring the Effects of Online Privacy Trade-offs on Cognitive Bandwidth
Paardekoper, M.The Influence on Attitude Towards Piracy: A Sentiment Analysis of Dutch Media Outlets
Ritmeester, R.The Wrong Face: Contextual Framing of Facial Expressions within Pervasive Narratives
Roele, M.Tweet with a Smile and a Unicorn: The Use of Emoji on Twitter in the Netherlands and England
Roeleveld, R.Wayfinding Abilities and Gamer Skills in Portal 2
Schelling, J.Going Native: Doing Data Science to Understand User Behaviour
Silvester, C.Music as Strategy for Memorizing Objective Time
Szabo, M.Sound and Shape: Implementing Findings from Crossmodal Research
Tienhoven, S. vanMelodic Swarms: Generation of Melody in Harmonic Context using Swarm Algorithms
Trommelen, H.On Design and Effectiveness of a Patient Self-management App for Reducing Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections
Xiong, Y.Gamified Learning: Using Narrative to Enhance Second Language Learning