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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Angenent, MitchA Turnkey Explainable AI System for AI Compliance in the Financial Sector
Bakker, TimonHedy programming language introducing the Gradual Feedback Model (GFM)
Beer, ELiasMeasuring the impact of five factors on success for nearshoring projects
Blinde, RobertDevOps Unravelled: A Study on the Effects of Practices and Technologies on Organisational Performance
Blom, Bianca The influence of change and adoption on the flexible budget
Bonte, AshleyAnalysis and characterization of the Service Control Tower concept
Boot, Renée Technology Trend Research & Forecasting Using Text Mining as Input for Scenario Planning
Cammeraat, JonathanWhen to update? A model to support nonfunctional software update decision
Cassens, LionDue Diligence for AI-based software systems
Dabbas, YasminA global rollout methodology for low-code /no-code platforms for a business with high local autonomy
Doesburg, MaxIntermodality and Transport Delays, A Case Study Integrating a Big Data Approach to Supply Chain Analytics
Fileli, Chrysoula The impact of AI on the Business Model and Operating Model of AI companies.
Germino, FilippoThe role of Design Thinking in digital transformation during pandemic times: a case study
Griffioen,PepijnGenerating process models from textual requirements using transformer based natural language processing
Groot de, MauritsEvaluating the Skills Gap in the Labor Market
Halm van, NicoleExplaning Market Share Prediction A Study On the Use of Machine Learning in ECommerce to Predict Market Share and the Connected Implementation of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Increase Interpretability of these Predictions for Business Stakeholders with a Non-Technical Background
Hasangi, UdaraAnalysis of success and failure factors in Robotic Process Automation: A case study
Heijnen, CasperThe change in B2B sales capabilities since COVID-19
Hohgräfe, NilsInsights-Driven Enterprises: Characterization and analysis of the link between BI&A capacity and innovation capacity
Hu, JohnnyA data governance framework from the perspective of privacy and security in an Artificial Intelligence-integrated CRM system
Ihsan, FalihSecurity Challenges in a Smart Home IoT
Kannangara, AaronQuantifying team performance by process mining Scrum board data: An architectural design and case- study from data extraction towards a machine learning application
Kiefer, DavidObserving leadership in practice: Comparing behavioural leadership patterns to theoretical frameworks in organisations undergoing an agile transformation
Le, DangHigh-Performing Teams in Technology Consulting Firms
Mulder, HiddeThe contribution of organizational structure components whilst implementing a disruptive technology within a central governmental context
Nijhuis, JasperEffective Police Checks at Internal Schengen Borders using Information-Driven Enforcement
Nodehi, Sara A methodology for integrated business-technology planning
Noteboom, DylanEvaluating the adoption of a Digitised Preboarding Program for New Employees: a Case Study at Centric Netherlands
Pang, AliciaBehaviour models of consultants and developers about privacy-by-design and data minimisation in the ERP system
Peeters, DucoState of the practice in cyber security risk quantification and qualification in the Netherlands and beyond
Poot, TimUnderstanding the Impact of Large-Scale Agile Transformations
Satriadi, AndreasEvidence-Based Approach in Prioritizing Project Location in Indonesia Development Planning Process (Study Case: Telemedicine Project)
Schaalje, BasA deeper understanding of pandemic programming
Schouten, MartijnA System for Preprocessing Requirements Documents for Automatic UML Modelling
Schut, Fabian Arbitrage in Electricity Markets using AI and Photo-Voltaic Battery Energy Storage Systems
Sijtstra, JelleQuantifying the effectiveness of low-code development platforms in the Dutch public sector
Steenbergen van, Wouter Harnessing the power of data for government real estate
Tsingani, PinelopiA process approach towards GDPR and PSD2 compliance for Banking Organizations in the Netherlands
Verschuur, LuitTowards a cybersecurity assessment framework for IoT-based environments
Wu, Wanyi What to do when recommendation systems become gatekeepers? The impact on news consumption
Zetten, van WesselInterpretable Machine Learning and Bias Detection for Machine Learning Applications in the Financial Indus- try: mortgage fraud detection at a Dutch insurer
Zhang, YiProviding Insights into Software Usage through Data Mining: Use Case Based User Profiling