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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Aggelen, B. van (Bram) Enabling data-driven wireframe prototyping using Model Driven Development
Anderson, R. (Rens) Investigating the difference among implementations of Particle Swarm Optimisation and Differential Evolution and their impact on empirical performance
Baar, R. van Predicting sentiment on written medical self-assessments by elderly people using BERT and LIWC
Boone, M.Euridice (Extensible Data Cleansing Framework) Intuitive data quality classification and cleansing
Burghouwt, N. Spatial Subgroup Discovery
Cluistra, N. The Impact of Sustainable Information on Customer Behaviour
Doorn, M. van Transforming natural language rules into executable code at run-time
Haasnoot, F. Predicting Fake News via Stance Detection
Hörchner, F. Het gebruik van Sonic Pi door kinderen met een visuele beperking
Hordijk, L. How to create an agent for the game of Klaverjas using Random Forests
Hulsker, K.A first draft for an evaluation method for SMEs to select a SIEM solution
Jong, T. deThe classification of integration aspects regarding systems in healthcare organizations
Keijzer, M. deAn exploratory research on Reading Code
Lommers, L. Applying social network analysis to Twitter data to identify phases in crisis communication
Luit, R. van derSelf-efficacy en motivatie voor informatica bij middelbare scholieren ten opzichte van andere vakken
Manintveld, E. Finding points of interest using GPS data
Redelaar, F. Designing and implementing a debugger for the Hedy programming language
Schreuder, R.R.J. Design of a database supporting the exploration of historical documents and linked register data
Spruijt, T. A Runtime Engine for Interpreting UML activity Meta Data for Prototype execution
Vennema, M. A Machine Learning and XAI approach for creating personalized retention strategies in subscription-based businesses
Vogt. M.W. A conversational agent for fixing omissions in requirements specification models
Wang, X.J. Interaction to enable a dynamic User Interface frontend communicating with a backend UML runtime engine
Wordragen, C. van Human Social Characteristics of Conversational Agents for Elderly Users: The case of Welzijn.AI