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Master ICT in Business

Student Thesis Content
Basten, Hans vanExplaining driving behavior in a connected car
Browne, RoosExplainable AI Techniques for ML-based Financial Forecasting
Egberts, JariBridging the gap between risk assessment and security operations
Farag, SeifTowards Microservices architecture: A case study to improve decision-making
Hadi, PutuImproving Satu Data Indonesia With FAIR Elements: A Model to Extend Satu Data Indonesia Principles in COVID-19 Data Management
Hasanovic, MirhadTechnology Legitimation of Electronic Medical Records in Dutch Healthcare Settings
Hobbs, RichardData Privacy Transformation – Legislations to Controls
Horssen, Daan vanCoping with Integrating Enterprise Architectures in Case of Mergers & Acquisitions
Jahangier, DominicContinuous Financial Monitoring using Data Analytics in SMEs
Kerckhoffs, RutgerModelling of Software Package Implementation: A Case Study
Klaver, MartijnTraditional BI vs. advanced analytics competency centers
Kleisterlee, WietzeScaling down Doughnut Economics to Sustainable IT at the Organizational Level
Lale, RajeshBimodal Architecture: The first Reference Architecture for setting-up a Bimodal IT platform
Mayar, MatinQualitative Research on: eMental care Trust Barriers and Mitigation Measures Within the Dutch Mental Healthcare
Mohamed, JousufA GDPR cloud migration risk strategy for retail banks
Prevaes, DennisCybersecurity in the pension fund sector
Ramsaransing, BrendonImproving the Quality of Integrated Reporting A Mixed-Method Report on How Readability is Perceived Within Dutch Accountancy Companies.
Samnani, MalikE-mail marketing in the post-GDPR era - A study of residual risks and recommended best practices
Sklaveniti, StefaniaThe Relationship of Learning Agility and 21st Century Skills in the IT Industry’
Tang, TiantianFrom Natural Language to UML Class Models: An Automated Solution Using NLP to Assist Requirements Analysis
Tang, TiantianFrom Natural Language to UML Class Models: An Automated Solution Using NLP to Assist Requirements Analysis
Timmers, LennartMigrating and transforming self-hosted software products into a SaaS solution
Touhami, Mounaim BenQuantifying the Effectiveness of Cyber Security Awareness on Human Behavior
Vermaase, MurielThe value of anomaly detection with Isolation Forest in the financial audit
Visser, ArjanA Perceived Architecture Description Development Process