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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Burgh, B. (Benjamin) van derEntity Resolution in Unstructured Data
Croes, X.Y. (Xander)Tree Search Methods for Diplomacy Agents
Drunen, W.M. (Matthijs) vanLegacy Applications on General-Purpose GPU Platforms using Optimized Libraries
Enyinnaya, R.C. (Richard)A Topic-based Sentiment Analysis Approach to Conversation Recommendation
Georgiou, T. (Theodoros)Unsupervised Segmentation and Texture Visualization of 3D Medical Images using Textural Features
Heiningen, P. (Pascal) vanComparative Study of Metamodels for Simulation-based Optimization. How Expensive is your lunch?
Helwerda, L.S. (Leon)Mobile Radio Tomography: Autonomous Vehicle Planning for Dynamic Sensor Positions
Kalmeijer, J.G. (Jan)Visualizing Features Learned by Convolutional Neural Networks
Kappé, T.W.J. (Tobias)Logic for Soft Component Automata
Kavvadias, A. (Alexandros)Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm
Kleyn, F. (Floris)Mining and Visualizing Sequential Healthcare Data
Kondyli, A. Interactive Evolutionary Computing on the Design of Car Shapes
Liu, K. (Kaihua)Exploratory Data Analysis on Multivariate Data
Meij, T. (Tim) van derMobile Radio Tomography: Reconstructing and Visualizing Objects in Wireless Networks with Dynamically Positioned Sensors
Mirtar, M. Mining Population Movement Patterns from Cellphone Data During Natural Disasters
Mohorko, D. (Dennis)Specifying and Analyzing Paradigm Diagrams through UML Diagrams
Nes, M.W. (Matthijs) van deDeveloping Efficient Concurrent C Application Programs using Reo
Platanias, P. (Pavlos)DDoS Detection using Time-series Analysis
Rijn, S.J. (Sander) vanEvolving the Structure of Evolution Strategies using a Genetic Algorithm
Vietor, J. (Jaron)A Formal Representation and Calculation Method for Generic Petri nets
Vos, M.S. (Michiel)Retrograde Analysis and Proof Number Search Applied to Jungle Checkers
Zeegers, M.T. (Mathe)Theoretical Properties of 2048
Zhang, Y.An Automated System for 3D Zebrafish Larvae Reconstruction Based on the Extended Probabilistic Model