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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Amerongen, R. van (Roos)Error message needs of novice programmers in gradual programming languages
Beek, T. ter (Tijmen)A Novel Technique for Life Course Reconstruction using Historical Record Linkage
Bekker, K.K. (Kas)Towards a Practical Solution for Ensuring Traceability of Automated Outcomes in the Dutch Insurance Industry
Boer, J. (Julian) de Interactive and explorative visualisations for researchers with unexpected questions
Boone, M. (Max)Euridice (Extensible Data Cleansing Framework) Intuitive data quality classification and cleansing
Braakman, N. (Nina)An in-depth investigation of social media content and engagement: the case of TikTok videos.
Braams, V. (Viola)Fake news during the Dutch elections: automatic classification and government strategies
Bruinsma, M. (Menno)Exploring Themes of CEO Social Media Communication
Cheung, J.F. (Jun Fei)Incentives for Crowd-sourced Drivers
Dieles, T. (Tristan)Identifying Successful Football Teams in the European Transfer Market: A Network Science Approach
Doekes, D. (Derk)AI Legislation in the EU Financial Sector: Challenges and Compliance Strategies
Dreumel, L. van (Liam)Visualisation tools to support historical research on a linked dataset about Leiden University
Fransen, T. (Tess)Would you unconsciously go green? A research about which factors influence the buying behaviour of the consumer towards carbon labelled food products
Hessels. F. (Floris)Modelling Gentrification in Dutch Neighbourhoods: Investigating the Role of Neighbourhood Amenities
Janssen, M. (Martin) Data Quality Analysis for the Dutch Algorithm Register
Klumperbeek, S. (Simeon)The Impact of Social Media Discourse on Market Reactions to Data Breach Announcements: An Empirical Analysis
Koçak, Y. (Yasin)The Correlation between Market and Public Sentiment; the Intercommunication of the Russo-Ukrainian War
Kraayeveld, K. (Kevin)Truck factor analysis for business continuity planning in SMEs
Lee, S. (Scottie)Developing an MVP in an Established Company: A Case Study
Macquiné, D. (Dylan)CEOs’ Use of Visual Cues in Tweets and Market Reactions
Mast, T. de (Teun)Lowering the Resolution of Damage Data in a Model that Predicts Rainwater Damage
Mehciz, J. (Jordy)Integrating digital accessibility in document creation tools
Molling, P. (Pi)Using Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Rainwater Damage Instances
Oosting, J. (Jens)Finfluencers and their impact on the Stock Market
Piké, R. (Rens)Benchmarking Large Language Models for Domain-Specific Summarization
Putten, W. (Wessel) vanPredicting football matches with the use of weather conditions
Sedigi, K. (Kousar)Evaluating a New Javascript Feature for a Thesis Evaluating
Visser, B. (Boele)AI and Avatars: The Effects of Gender Appearance, Collaboration and Disclosure on Motivation
Vonk, J. (Justin)Meal delivery, customer experience versus driver’s welfare
Zon, P. J. van der (Pedro)Assisting the Creation-process of Fictional Characters with Large Language Models
Zwan, O. van der (Odens)Refinement of GPS with GPS beaconing for small-scale environments