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Student Thesis
A. Clairmont A process oriented approach for identifying the expected business value of an IT investment: The POVI method
A. Hannink Service innovation management in MVNOs
A. Soekhoe Client-oriented innovation in the Dutch home care ‘“ Archimate contributes to the design of an ECT care platform
Ch. Satbhai Mainframe capacity planning
G. Vasquez The role of datamining in the provision of relative value of growth
H. van Doorn Relevant factors for developing and implementing a policy for corporate social responsibility, The role of the ICT department
J. Harders Planning in disruptive environments
K.-J. Molendijk Matching project stuation and software development methods
M. Stolwijk Organizational and automation modelling aspects of the ANSI RBAC standard
M.Y. (Casey) Yap An exploratory study: virtual worlds and political participation
N. Xu Explanation interfaces in recommender systems, model in ABN AMRO
R. Siebeling Organizational knowledge creation and transfer through distributed systems
R. Sneijers Strategic alignment from an enterprise architecture perpective: An investigation in the Dutch casualty insurance industry
R. Sparnaaij Bridging the gap between intra-organizational mobile collaboration scenarios and tools
S. Blom Corporate social responsibility and online shopping
S. Butt Business software integration maturity model
S. van den Belt Analysing IT risk management tools
W. Heijstek Empirical investigations into rational unified process effort distribution in industrial software engineering projects
Y. Zhang An empirical study on abnormal returns from M&A activities in ICT industry
Z. Ni Recommendations for an improved transactional forecasting tool
Z. Xu Secure employee knowledge exchange in multinational cooperation ‘“ A theoretical model