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Student Thesis
Abulzahab, Abdulhadi Blockchain Technology and Its Implementation within Enterprise Information Systems
Ajodhia, Kaylesh Addressing Internet of Things Challenges in a Smart City based on a Novel Architectural Approach
Atef Ibraim, Mohamed Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Telecommunications Service Management
Bakkenes, Robin Towards (limited) IT centralisation in decentral organisations - CONFIDENTIAL
Bhattarai, Suraj Business Models with Blockchain: Exploring the Business Models of the Applications of Blockchain Technology in Start-up Enterprises
Boon, Benjamin Data Driven Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL
Bos, Ralph Building and Evaluating an Enterprise Search Application – A Case study at UL Transaction Security
Boven, Bas van Robust Real-time Action Classification using Single-Shot Convolutional Neural Networks - CONFIDENTIAL
Brouwer, Hugo Product Traceability: Use case assessment for blockchain technology – confidential
Cammel, Simone Measuring the status quo of big data analytics in Dutch academic hospitals
Çolakoğlu, Hüseyin Exploring information gathering behavior of niche players within IT ecosystems
Dekker, Bram Interaction-based pattern analysis in a smart office environment CONFIDENTIAL
Deviani, Vanessa A Framework for M-Government Citizen Complaint System. A Case Study in Jakarta Public Services - CONFIDENTIAL
Duwi Ari Haryanto IT Consumerization: Analyzing the Determinants of BYOD-Program Acceptance in Large Scale Company from Employees Perspective and its Effect on Company Attractiveness - CONFIDENTIAL
Gao, Mingming Contingency Factors’ Impact on Data Governance Design and Implementation Success Factors - A case study in Digital Security Company - CONFIDENTIAL
Gersen, Léon Analysis of Data Sources and Processes for Cash Flow Prediction in Small Seasonal Businesses
Himah, Andrews mHealth Applications: Keeping Personal Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices Confidential and Secure
Kharitonov, Artem A framework for strategic intra- and inter-organizational adoption of the blockchain technology - CONFIDENTIAL
Khoenkhoen, Sunny Exploring the impact of Business Intelligence and Data-analytics in the Emergency Department - CONFIDENTIAL
Koning, Patrick de No Need to Read: Measuring the effects of Municipality Safety Plans on Crime Rates - CONFIDENTIAL
Kortekaas, Leon Impact of cloud on the traditional Shared Service Center - CONFIDENTIAL
Koutsougeras, Paris Assessment of Master Data Quality in a Multinational Environment - CONFIDENTIAL
Kreuse, Roy Information Security Reporting at Strategic Level in the Dutch Financial industry - CONFIDENTIAL
Li, Sufeng Data Quality Evaluation Framework for End-User Computing. A Case Study in a Dutch Insurance Company - CONFIDENTIAL
Lindert, Dylan te Smart energy management as a means towards improved energy efficiency
Liu, Ziwei A Maturity Model for Attribution Modeling Maturity Assessment
Malikbaba, Navid The Beginning of Mobile 2.0: Exploring the determinants of consumer intentions with respect to conversational commerce on the WhatsApp platform
Mushofi Hasan, Ahmad Rapid Prototyping in Agile Product Development: A Case Study on Agile Software Companies - CONFIDENTIAL
Okot, Petra Describing Hawala as Mobile Money (an ICT Innovation) - CONFIDENTIAL
Retnawati, Fia Understanding Intermediary Mobile Applications Technology Adoption– a UTAUT2, Self-Efficacy and Involvement Application in A Case Study of Indonesia OTA - CONFIDENTIAL
Rutten, Tom Enhancing project portfolio selection in Agile environments -CONFIDENTIAL
Snelderweert, Jeroen Applying Project Controls In Exploratory Projects - CONFIDENTIAL
Sufit, Adelaido Decisions Factors in ERP Migration to SaaS, a Case Study at Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Indonesia’s State Electricity Corporation) - CONFIDENTIAL
Tsogas, Kostas Conceptualization and validation of a set of metrics to assist Data Driven Decision Making in an Agile setup. A case study of KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
Velden, Thijs van der Comparing Municipalities: Who is your partner in crime?
Vennemans, Maurice How can machine learning be used in the data analysis pipeline to analyze and improve service desk processes? - CONFIDENTIAL
Westbroek, Lucien IT value in the merger and acquisition process, the pre-merger phase and impact on the strategy - CONFIDENTIAL
Xypolytos, Achilleas A Security Assessment Framework
Yan, Sixue Analyzing experience as moderating variable for the relationship of s-commerce characteristics and trust
Yildirim, Huseyin Privacy concerns and factors influencing individuals behavioral intention to use wearable devices at work - CONFIDENTIAL
Zheng, YUNPENG An Empirical Study of Customer Co-creation in Social Media Based Product and Service Development - CONFIDENTIAL
Zhu, Hanyu Comparing the Use of Technology Among Industry Branches