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Student Thesis
Alaeikhanehshir, Mohammad Business Intelligence Improvement: How to systematically maturate Business Intelligence within an organization - CONFIDENTIAL
An, Ran Exploratory Research on the Concept of IT Debt
Andreyev, Alexander Applying constellation of practices as the lens to understand agile transformation: case study - CONFIDENTIAL
Bacaoanu, Andrada STEEP-M: a risk analysis framework for e-Participation projects
Bockhoven, Sandra Organizational Implementation Fundamentals: a Case Study Validation at Jeugdzorg Nederland - CONFIDENTIAL
Cheloi, Raman Assessing Cloud Computing Adoption in Governments via Enterprise Architecture Motivation Modeling. A Dutch Government Case Study - CONFIDENTIAL
Cui, Xi Identification of Essential References Based on the Full Text of Scientific Papers and Its Application in Scientometrics
Douramanis, Michalis Risk assessment for the cyber threats to networked critical infrastructure
Egmond, Dick van IT Value Management through the total life cycle of investments at Dutch municipalities
Gkikas, Orestis The Rubik‘™s cube model: A metadata driven approach to access control in modern ECM systems
Günther, Wendy Measuring Enterprise Architecture Effectiveness: A Focus on Key Performance Indicators
Huang, Yunwei Capability Maturity Model for Software Usage
Ibraimov, Sabri Developing assistive technology products for visually impaired people from users‘ and stakeholders' perspectives
Ivanova, Elitsa Business Performance Management at the Dutch Customs A Case Study on Continuous Monitoring methods related to the Big Learning Circle - CONFIDENTIAL
Khaoya, Zipporah Data Privacy challenges in Mobile Money Transfers-The Kenyan Experience - CONFIDENTIAL
Kiousis, Georgios Systems of Engagement: Smart Process Applications, Managing collaborative activities
Koeldiep, Warsha Improving the creation of innovative IT solutions within Dutch universities Via a soft IT perspective
Kruitbosch, Eric Assessing the decisions made prior to the use of Enterprise Architecture as a means to govern IT projects
Ladchartabi, Reza JAMES, A Novel Way-Finding System for the Visually Impaired - CONFIDENTIAL
Liu, Fei Coalition Formation during Technology Adoption
Long, Yu Modeling Data Lineage in Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL
Major, Vera Service-Oriented Architecture. For Healthcare Governance a Thesis
Malik, Sharjeel Transformative business models: bridging the gap between vendors, suppliers and customers - CONFIDENTIAL
Meuldijk, Leon Infrastructure management according to Enterprise Architecture
Mooij, Bram de Using Serious Games to raise awareness, train and reflect on Agile Project Management Methods in practice
Oedit Doebé, Amiet Living Labs. Engaging the end user with Social Media
Osta, Jan-Paul van Solving Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems in Practice
Paris Soares, Iria A reference model for physical asset management - CONFIDENTIAL
Ralli, Zoi The IT aspect of Operational Risk
Rijnboutt, Eric Interorganizational enterprise architectures
Silinskyte, Jurate Understanding Bitcoin adoption: Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) application
Taal, Jesper Business Transformation: From Strategy to Enterprise Architecture - CONFIDENTIAL
Tom Altena Cloud computing en MKB-organisaties in Nederland: hebben we een match? - CONFIDENTIAL
Trixie, Levina Security in the Implementation of Electronic Health Records in Indonesia
Vasileios Large scale identification of organizational name variants in bibliographic databases – CONFIDENTIAL
Visser, Leonard A grounded theory research into the adoption of Continuous Auditing by internal auditors -CONFIDENTIAL
Vliet, Rody van der Improving the effectiveness of ERP systems in organizations through the practical integration of business process models. An in-depth case study at a 3PL.