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Student Thesis
Arno Spierenburg The learning-effects of ICT mediation on the formal and network governance of the buyer and seller of information intensive systems in long-term business relationships
Bin Li Constructing a high-level, fundamental, generic, and secure e-commerce software architecture by using UMLsec for the small and midsize logistic enterprises
Daniel van Hilten What is the impact of cultural differences on multi-site software development?
Giljan Val ICT for the innovative office - using models in a study on the innovative office and its ICT aspects
Harm Snippe IT-governance in executive agencies
Hendrik Engels Data warehousing in The Netherlands: stages of growth and associated issues
Jeroen Prommenschenckel Risk analysis in information security
Lina Sun Making the right offer to the right customer: strategies for real world multi product decision
Lodewijk Benjaminse Creating and sharing knowledge with expertpanels
Marinus Riemens Communicating with enterprise architecture. About how enterprise architecture can be used for decision support
Matthijs Kerkvliet Differences in success of executed ICT projects
Meikun Jia IT outsourcing to China - risk assessment
Min Xie Specification of e-business process model for the PayPal online payment process using Reo
Patrick Koen Sarbanes-Oxley; getting a grip on technical IT infrastructure
Robin van Koppen Business chain intelligence
Sergio Prieto Ballon Crime data mining
Shanshan Wang Trust improving extension for B2B e-marketplaces: a case study in China
Susanne Stevens Change impact analysis and enterprise architecture. The Archimate model
Wei Ren How to use CobiT in health care organization's IT auditing
Wei Shen Peer-to-peer based knowledge management system
Wei Zhang Evolving trading rules with a hybrid genetic programming and evolution strategies approach
Willem Volkeri What is the impact of cultural differences on multi-site software development?
Yongzhi Li Specification of coordination behaviors in software architecture using the Reo coordination language
Zhaochun Sun Improve data reliability for fused data in data mining