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Student Thesis
Alexandra Caraghiulea Strategic Business!IT Alignment:Defining an innovative alignment model for IT governance improvement in major financial groups
Andres Hernan Zapata Chavez IT Estimation process: Accuracy and Value Creation
Georgios Valaouras Financial Bootstrapping in small Technology-based Firms. Exploring the practices, motivation and influencing factors of using alternative sources of financing
Harry Fulgencio Living Lab: Innovation through Pastiche. A research linking disparate and discorded ontology)
Marco Kanis Mapping the IT Security Risks in the laaS Cloud
Marco Schönfelder Data Movement Analysis of Automotive CAE Processes in a Development Environment
Marin Goedegebure Influence of inspirational leadership on virtual teams in global software development, testing and support
Martin Bouterse Social Engineering and Phishing Part I & II - CONFIDENTIAL
Martine Kea Exposing Technology Impact via Enterprise Architecture. An Intel Active Management Technology Case Study
Peter Hendriks Finding the role of disease-specific, standardised Electronic Health Records in a Hospital‘™s Information Architecture, closing the Policy-Practice Gap; A case-Study approach
Ricardo Alanis Barrera Value of IT Consulting Services: Service and Relationship Quality as Value Generators -CONFIDENTIAL
Rick van den Hengel Benefits and Change Management. ‘How can the benefits management approach and change management improve IS/IT investments from a business point of view?' -CONFIDENTIAL
Robin van den Broek Integrating Testing and Quality Assurance into the Agile Software Development Process Scrum
Rut Elsa Torres Vargas A Quality Model for UML Models and Its Application to Industrial Case Studies
Sander Hutman Extraction of spreadsheet model for OLAP database
Soroush Setodeh Haghighi The Matchmaking Process in high-tech open Innovation R&D Paradigm from Guanxi Perspective: the case of China
Xiaoran Liu Data Quality Issues in Reporting in Investment Management at ING and Recommended Solutions -CONFIDENTIAL