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Student Thesis
Alberts, Stanley Applicability of Agile Scrum within IT infrastructure projects
Barendse, Remigius ICT enabled communication for patients with final stage neurodegenerative Parkinson’s disease: Development of a communication board prototype
Basit, Fate & Ramkhelawan, Prashant Exploring the relationship between smartphone application‘™s business models, usage and culture
Boonen, Finne Understanding monetary driven and intrinsically motivated developers in open source projects
Chatzistefanou Stefanos & Siskos Christos An IT Healthcare Platform Driving Improvements in the Dutch Healthcare Process
Dimitrov, Lazar Usage-based measurement of user satisfaction in mobile applications
He, Huihang Investigating network automation at Capgemini
He, Miao Exploring the Relationship between Football Players’ Performance and Their Market Value
Howard, Roger Right of Subject Access. From request to response: An analysis of process performance
Huayller Zuleta, Ramiro Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Skills Through Community Building at Universities: Role of Intermediaries
Ibraim, Nazike Impact of social media for student recruitment practices at Leiden University: ArchiMate based approach Leiden University case study - CONFIDENTIAL
Kamal, Dhara The Quest of synergizing multiple standards: Building a unified framework that gives insights on the relations between ITIL, ASL, BISL, TOGAF, PRINCE2 & COBIT - CONFIDENTIAL
Kerkvoorden, Nicko van The Accuracy of an RCA Tool to Identify the Fundamental Causes of an Underperforming Process - CONFIDENTIAL
Koppen, Alex van Self-Service Technology Adoption: A B2B Logistics Perspective
Koppens, Steven Optimizing Business Intelligence Through A Process-Centric Approach
Lee, Brett Combining Lean Six Sigma with the Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations.- An exploration of opportunities.
Lie-Tjauw, Felicia Evaluating the performance of Technology and Vendor selection in the architecture process - CONFIDENTIAL
Liotis, Christos Characterization and Establishment of Business-IT Alignment
Meer, Lucas van der Measuring data governance: a structured method to assess data governance maturity
Middendorf, Boudewijn Cyber Security in the Supply Chain
Offerman, Tyron Improving IT Supported Organizational Change; Formalizing Organizational Implementation Fundamentals
Ohler, Hendrik Organizational optimization: Research into DEMO and LSS to optimize a organization and their possible contribution to developing a High Performance Organization - CONFIDENTIAL
Pielage, Stijn Mobile Business Intelligence & Analytics at KLM - CONFIDENTIAL
Ramkhelawan, Prashant and Basit, Fate Exploring the relationship between smartphone application‘™s business models, usage and culture
Rezai, Mohsen Agile Maturity and Quality Metrics
Routsis, Dimitrios Method for automated reconciliation of risk rating data ‘“ With a design and implementation at ING
Sakareza, Willy Mobile Payment in Indonesia - CONFIDENTIAL
Schoufour, Sven The Application RationalizationIndicator model. A rationalization method that evaluates applications that are redundant in their functionality to help an organization with selecting the most suitable application for their business process. - CONFIDENTIAL
Tan, Huan Exploratory Research on the Concept of Data Lakes
Venekamp, Klaas-Jan The industrial use of 3D printing and its potential for process innovation in the energy sector - CONFIDENTIAL
Verhoeven, Marcel Continuous auditing adoption in the public audit domain: An exploratory study using the Technology Acceptance Model. - CONFIDENTIAL
Vermeij, Coen Software Development Methods in Large Regulated Environments
Vodegel, Erik A Testing Framework for Mobile Apps: An Empirical Study at KLM - CONFIDENTIAL
Zhang, Yaxin Conceptual Data Model for Slot Machine Performance - CONFIDENTIAL
Zheng, Lijin Benchmarking Enterprise IT Performance:Enterprise IT performance Measurement Model - CONFIDENTIAL
Zuijderduin, Gijs “Lean” Business Intelligence: “Testing a possible “lean” framework to implement Business Intelligence in small and middle-sized enterprises, organisations and business units.” - CONFIDENTIAL