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Student Thesis
Arjan Assink Social Media as a recruitment tool
Christian Wittenberg Is Outsourcing Killing or Kindling Innovation?
Dimitiros Kritsilis Trust and Globally Distributed Software Development (GDSD) teams: Exploring the importance of building and maintaining trust among distributed team members from the perspective of GDSD project management.
Erwin Marges Alignment of Information Systems for Innovative Objectives: The case of the SAVE ENERGY Architecture in a Living Lab Experiment
Georgios Roussakis Designing IT Organizations: Analyzing Important Design Options and providing a Decision Support Framework
Istran Dulos Requirements reviewing in a software factory: A case study
Jan Udes Haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar de mogelijkheden van e-learning ten behoeve van een veiliger gebruik van sociale netwerk sites door licht verstandelijk beperkte kinderen
Klaas-Dirk van Opstal Platform based software development
Marco Katwijk Transparant decision making for the IT Project portfolio
Matheus Vlasveld Web 2.0. patterns, The implications on web content management, document management and knowledge management
Raluca Toader An analysis of the effects of security requirements on planned project resources
Rene de Groot Realization of operational excellence in virtual network organizations
Reyner Karnali The Adoption of e-Commerce Enabled Supply Chain Management by the Indonesian Grocery Industry
Sander van der Zon Process improvement of the purchase process via an enterprise architecture maturity model
Stefan Guijt Business Intelligence Risk Framework. A new approach for auditing a Business Intelligence environment. - CONFIDENTIAL
Teppo Helles Institutional Influences to Business Strategy in Emerging Economies: A strategic planning framework for multinational corporations contemplating market entry into China
Tiantian Gu A comparison of critical success factors among Non-University based Business Incubators in the Netherlands
Tim van Meurs Lean Software Development The role of processes and of preconditions for success
Ying Hua Evaluation of a Diphone-based Synthesis Method for a Chinese Text-to-speech system