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Student Thesis
Anastasopoulos, Foivos Data Governance design for financial services organizations
Arif Rachman Yulliandi, Andi Understanding Crowdfunding Platform: An empirical study utilizing UTAUT2 Model Integrated with Personality Trait - CONFIDENTIAL
Badloe, Naween Microsoft Architecture with ArchiMate -CONFIDENTIAL
Bakker, Job Blockchain technology. An exploratory case study to identify the underlying principles and to determine the corresponding capabilities.
Ben Dahman, Jaouad Optimizing organizational flexibility with Enterprise Architecture measures
Boer, Arno de Enterprise Architecture as an enabler for successful care-service delivery in a dynamic healthcare environment.
Boom, Sander van der The influence of Cloud based elements on RfP’s
Chaidir Abadi Evaluating the Mobile Payment – Direct Carrier Billing - of digital content using UTAUT model, Personal Innovativeness and Trust: An Indonesia case study of direct carrier billing - CONFIDENTIAL
Cleton, Peter Knowledge Valorization Process Model. The Design of a Practical Process Model on the Subject of Knowledge Valorization
Cong, Chen Exploring the Collective Trading Behaviors - CONFIDENTIAL
Deligianni, Katia Data-driven Innovation in NGOs
Dessy Evaluating the influence of employee intention to adopt the digital workplace using UTAUT2 and Generational Cohort Theory: The Case of Telkom Indonesia
Ditmar, Stephan ICT enabled transformation of the Dutch insurance industry: a case study in business-IT alignment - CONFIDENTIAL
Ekefre, David A Comparison of Methods for Predicting Football Matches
Fan, Shenshen Adding Value to Software Development and Maintenance by Software Architecture Evolution Visualization
Fernando, Don Intention to Use Go-Jek Service Application in Indonesia by applying Task Technology Fit and Social Capital
Heere, Martin Impact of regional innovator networks on academic commercialization output -Evidence from 2 Dutch technological science parks-
Heijer, Peter den Mindfulness Practices in Agile Project Organizations
Helm, Adriaan van der Adoption of the Internet of Things in a B2B environment: A focus on acceptance and challenges - CONFIDENTIAL
Hoekstra, Freek Functionality based business application classification
Kracht, Marcel Fast-track Enterprise Architecture And IT Delivery: An Implementation Approach - CONFIDENTIAL
Langras, Daniël Strategic housing management: Decision support system for strategy selection. A Case Study at Eigen Haard - CONFIDENTIAL
Lê, Min Enterprise Architecture. Mapping of BMC, DEMO and ArchiMate
Leeuwen, Brian van SPOCs in the Ivory Tower. Exploring business models for private online courses for professionals in the context of universities - CONFIDENTIAL
Loerakker, Jeroen Combining Lean, Six Sigma, Customer Journey mapping and Agile. A study on Business Process Redesign at Royal FloraHolland - CONFIDENTIAL
Luo, Yulin Exploratory Research on Implementing Fog Concept in the Connected Vehicles Scenario
Manraj, Anil Understanding Consumers’ Adoption of Beacon Technology in Retail - CONFIDENTIAL
Marate, KarIshma Advice on how DevOps can support Change and Release Management at TomTom - CONFIDENTIAL
Pirvan, Cristian Player three has joined the game: Industry platforms as facilitators for disruptive innovations
Qi, Xin Privacy Maturity Model: Towards Privacy-by-Design Best Practices
Romijn, Kevin Agile Leadership, Shared Leadership, or No Leadership: Understanding the Balance of Leadership Styles and Decision Making Responsibilities in Agile Organizations
Santokhi, Shanylla E-learning integration in developing countries with a case study of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname
Siskos, Christos An IT Healthcare Platform Driving Improvements in the Dutch Healthcare Process
Soekhoe, Deepak On the Impact of Data Set Size in Transfer Learning using Deep Neural Networks
Stavropoulos, Vasilis Sport Data Analytics: Statistical analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next Olympic Games - CONFIDENTIAL
Stavrou, Eleni Requirements prioritization in Agile environments: a model for effective prioritization
Sultani, Yunus Technical perspective of performance measurement system. Measuring and improving performance with Google analytics - CONFIDENTIAL
Unlu, Ilhan Strategic Decision Making with use of Enterprise Architecture for Educational Institutions
Vlyssidis, Konstantinos Towards a Metric-based Security Model
Vries, Bas de Improvement of employment candidate selection using Data Mining - CONFIDENTIAL
Wijden, Kevin van der Market specific processes in ERP systems. An explorative study on the bulb forcing process
Yang, Shuo Linking Science and Technology: Reference Matching for Co-citation Network Analysis
Zhang, Yan Humor Recognition Based on Background Knowledge: A Preliminary Study