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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Beinema, E. (Emiel)Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages Revisited
Browne, R. (Rose)Analyzing the Behaviour of Players in Soccer Prior to a Shot on Target.
Burggraaf, F (Florijn)Predicting Scientific Impact
Damhuis, L.P. (Laurens)Using the Rectified Linear Unit Activation Function in Neural networks for Clobber
Dijk, M. (Marco) vanAgents for Kuhhandel
Dijkhuizen, T. (Tom) vanOpenPhoneMap Het Bereik van Mobiele Zendmasten op de Kaart Gezet
Drogtrop, J. (Jimmy)Comparing Different Agents in the Game of Risk
Gopal, N.A.A. (Ashwini)Analyzing and Classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining Paradigms
Haddou, N.A. (Naoufal)Learning Bayesian Networks for Causal Discovery from Medical Data
Janssen, E. (Egon)The Leprechaun Hatting Problem
Kleijn, K. (Kelvin)Solving and Constructing Kamaji Puzzles
Lubben, J. (Jelle)Applying a Mixed-integer Evoutionary Strategy for the Configuration and Parameterization of a CMA-ES
Noordover, K. (Kevin)Analysis and Viualisation of Spatio-Temporal Hockey Data
Numan, N. (Nels)A comparative Performance Analysis of Feature Description Algorithms Implemented in Open CV
Paul, V (Valerie)Predicting the Discharge Date of Patients using Classification Techniques
Renso, C. (Caio)Multiobjective Optimization of Power Grid Resilience to Random and Targeted Attacks
Rijn, V. (Vincent) vanQuantifying Fuzzer Performance on Spatial and Temporal Memory Errors
Ronde, S.J.P.M. (Sander)Detecting Anomalies with Recurrent Neural Networks
Rook, J. (Jeroen)Characteristics of Dangerous Passes in Soccer at Women’s EURO 2017
Scholman, R. (Renzo)Autonomous Navigation of the Spherical Robot BB-8
Smeding, T.J. (Tom)Fast Large-Integer Matrix Multiplication [IW]
Smeyers, M. (Maarten)A Browser-Based Graphical Editor for Reo Networks
Smits, T. (Taco)Robots with Vectors
Spelier, P. (Pim)The Complexity of Root-Fi nding in Orders [IW]
Steffens, B. (Benjamin)Dynamic Reductions for More Efficient Software Verification
Taleb, R. (Rafi)The Effect of Activation Functions and Network Configurations on the Performance of Handwritten Character Recognition
Tetteroo, J. (Jaco)Sentiment Mining on Chinese Product Reviews
Verhoef, D. (Davey)Determining Good Tactics for a Football Game using Raw Positional Data
Vermeulen, W.D. (Wouter)Toward a Massive Multiplayer Framework
Voogt, M.A. (Mick)Optimization of Metagenomics Analysis using Distributed Computing on LLSC
Vos, L. (Levi)Quantifying the Performance of Fuzzers in the Detection of Security Threats
Wester, M. (Martijn)Depth First Search Characterizations
Zwanenburg, E. (Ewout)Analyzing and Classifying Borderline Personality Disorder using Datamining Paradigms