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Master Media Technology

Student Thesis Content
Agustini Quiroz, C.The Impact of Narrative Choices on Agency in Serious Games
Bossema, M.Effects of Robot Body Movements on the Adoption of the Intentional Stance
Freni, A.ANIMALTAINMENT: a Journey Through Animal Images for Aspiring Nature Storytellers
Heijmans, P.Exploring Relationships Between Political Orientation and Language Use Online in The Netherlands: An Analysis of Comments on Political YouTube Videos
Insing, J.Thumb-to-Finger Gestural Peripheral Interaction Design for Everyday Smart Home Related Tasks
Isguzar, E.How Much Do You Blame a Robot That Harms Someone? On the Relationship Between Human-like Appearance of Artificial Agents and the Degree to Which They Are Perceived as an Intentional Agent and Hence Morally Judged
Jong, S. deAlgorithmic Appreciation or Aversion: Does the Representation of an Algorithm Change the Trust Placed in It?
Koch, R.Losing Yourself: The Bidirectional Influence of the Player and the Role in Table Top Role Playing Games
König, M.Cascaded Fine-Tuning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Age Estimation From Unconstrained Facial Imagery
Kouwenhoven, T.Self-Domestication and the Social Brain Hypothesis: a Recipe for Language Development
Ma, S.Eating Sound Dataset for 20 Food Types And Sound Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Manganello, G.Consent and the Illusion of Autonomy in EU Data Protection: the Necessary Utopia
Mania, J.Love in Polish and Dutch: A Cultural-Linguistic Perspective
Mason, C.Identity and Uncertainty in Social Influence: An Agent-based Approach
Mols, E.Algorithmic Authority: Motives Behind Relinquishing Decision-making to Artificially Intelligent Systems
Offerijns, J.Better Distractions: Transformer-based Distractor Generation and Multiple Choice Question Filtering
Peeperkorn, M.The Maintenance of Conceptual Spaces Through Social Interactions
Preller, M.Connecting the Unconnectable: Quantifying Pragmatics
Roos, N.On Being a Scientist with Scientifically Controversial Beliefs: An Exploration of the Experiences and Views of Scientists with Beliefs that are Not Endorsed by a Scientific Consensus
Sahin, A.The Effect of Solely Descriptive Auditory Route Cues on Navigation Performance of Cyclists
Salvodelli, F.Smartphone Notifications’ Distractions During a Full-attention Activity
Seyp, V. van deAlbum Art: An Exploration of the Potential of Generative Adversarial Networks as Design Tool for Decision-Making and Experiment through Album Cover Artwork
Sommer, K.Kind Words: How Prosociality Shapes Cross-Modal Language
Spek, S.Different Instruction Methods for Learning Programming Concepts in Scratch: Testing the Retention of Programming Misconceptions Among Primary School Children
Verzier, A.Sensing Virtual Space: Perceptual Interaction Between Acoustic and Visual Cues in the Experience and Exploration of a Virtual Room
Waal, M. van der‘What’s in a Like?’ Hiding Likes on Instagram and its Effect on Influencer Marketing
Webb, G.Eat Your Grains: Artificial Ecosystems, Granular Synthesis and Generative Music
Wiegersma, W.Who Am I? An Explorative Investigation of a Curated Research Method
Williams, V.Making Science Tangible: Creating Scientific Animations from Cryo-electron Tomography Data of Microbiological Organisms
Wu, J.Being Creative: a Cross-Domain Mapping Network
Zakas, L.Artifcial Intelligence Implications for VJing
Zorge, T.When Computers Should Say They Are Sorry: Adaptive Versus Unconditional Apologeticness