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Master ICT in Business and the Public Sector

Student Thesis Content
Bhandari, NiharikaAn Interactive Chatbot For Software Requirements Elicitation
Buitenhuis, Vincent Designing a holistic method for enhancing data quality with the use of machine learning: A master thesis for ICT in Business & the Public Sector at Leiden University
Chin-A-Loi, JermainAnalyzing and improving the Dutch government ICT dashboard
de Roos, MurkThe Feasibility and Preconditions for Autonomous Driving
Dissanayake, Nipuni Thisarangi Developing a Customised Agile Methodology for AI and Machine Learning Projects
El-Baz, YassinUnderstanding the benefits and challenges of introducing a dashboard to help Agile teams improve their work
Fileli, ChrysoulaThe impact of AI on the Business Model and Operating Model of AI companies.
Homsi, MoaidScrumban from a practitioners’ point of view
Huang, MingyuThe Design of Ontology Based Access Control for Virus Outbreak Data Network
Kaplan, Tarik EminIntroducing Capabilities to a DevOps Maturity Model
Kats, Timo Using relevance feedback and text similarity to reduce review effort in eDiscovery
Knoop, MitchAgile Frameworks Outside IT: Current State and Influence on Team Performance
Koelfat, VikramEthical Dilemmas of Autonomous Driving: How are the Ethical Dilemmas Characterized by AI?
Kolenbrander, Marcel Resource Allocation Optimization Through Process Mining Within a Business Environment
Koper, Kyra The Application of Behavioural Economics On In-App Surveys And Its Effect On Survey Response Rate: An Empirical Study
Koralturk, BerkayNavigating the Hyperautomation Journey: A Comprehensive Model for Assessing Hyperautomation Maturity
Krol, LouisImplications of Organizational Agility on Human Resource Management – The Human Side of Agile Transformations
Lim, MaartenThe impact of Agile transformations on the competitiveness, financial performance and survivability of organizations.
Liu, AnranLeveraging Machine Learning and Synthetic Controls to Study Resilience Using Satellite Images in the Context of the Wine Industry
Nouwens, FamkeHow To Transfer? An Experimental Model for Combining Transfer Learning Techniques in Cross-Domain Recommender Systems
Olivieri, LeonardoEvaluation of Business Models for Artificial Intelligence Startups
Peeters,DucoState of the practice in cyber security risk quantification and qualification in the Netherlands and beyond
Pui, ErnestAnalysis the critical factors of adopting Multi-cloud
Roussou, AnnaUML Use Case generation from textual requirements using NLP techniques
Schaaf, RicardoCrystal Ball or Glass Marble: Using ChatGPT to support Technology Forecasting with Scenario planning
Thabet Abdelrahim, Mohamed AtefMulti-Cloud Governance Framework for Financial Institutions
Wee, AlexConsiderations for the Adoption of a Secure Software Development Framework
Yazar, SeymaCentralisation and Decentralisation of Software Applications in a Multinational Enterprise: A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model