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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Blom, K. (Koen) van derInsect Division of Labour Applied to Online Scheduling
Cheng, X. (Xiwen)Application of Text Mining on Spatial Visual Sentences
Dippel, C. (Carl )Massive Parallel Swarm Algorithms for Continuous Optimization and Parameter Identification in stochastic Chemical Simulation
Es, E.K. (Eli) vanAn Improved Maximum-Likelihood Solver for the Analysis of Graph Ensembles
Harenslak, B.P. (Bas)Content-based Tag Recommendation Algorithms for Unstructured Data
Hoogenboom, J. (Jerry)Characterisation and Filtering of Systemic Noise in NGS Data with Applications in Forensics
Leuven, J.T. (Joost)Introducing User-Derived Information in the Optimization of Highly Constrained Truck Loading
Liem, M. (Michael)Characterizing mapk signaling in different cancers Through large public datasets
Liu, W. (Wei)An Evaluation Method for Nodes in Multiple Dynamic Networks
Mus, D.A. (Derk)Autonomous Simulated Car Racing through Apprenticeship Learning
Neuteboom, J. (Jonathan)Protein Structure Prediction by Iterative FragmenT Asssembly (PITA)
Pilios, E. (Emmanouil)Contracting Practices in Traditional and Agile Software Development
Smeden, F. (Frank) vanA Framework for Scheduling and Analysis of Real-Time Applications without the use of Worst-Case Execution Times
Smit, M.N.W. (Mark)Literature Study on Agile Multiprojectmanagement
Tologonov, J. (Jambul)Database System Development, Design and Evaluation for High Throughput Pattern Recognition Experiments
Winter, M. (Michael) deA Missing Value Ignoring Approach for Whole Time Series Clustering of Longevity Corebody Temperature Data
Xia, Z. (Zhihan)A Metadata Validation Process Design for an Automated High-Throughput Screening Workflow: Case Study in Metadata of CytomicsDB