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Master Computer Science

Student Thesis Content
Alberto BaggioInteractive Visualization and Mining of Massive Time Series
Dimitra Zafeiropoulou (bio-informatics)Genotypes-phenotype predictions in patients diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer
Dimitrios PalachanisUsing the Multiple Instance Learning framework to address differential regulation
Jasper LinthorstProbubble: variant calling through the alignment of overlap based de-novo assembly graphs
Joeri Meijsen (Bio-informatics)Identifying soft selective sweeps in the human genome from the spatial distribution of strong selective sweeps
Johanna Pagano (Bio-informatics) Multi-scale Analysis of Enhancer Gene Relations in Nine Inbred Rat Strai
Jonathan den BoerDevelopment of Quality Assessment Methods for De Novo Transcriptome Assemblies and Expression Analysis
Leroy van DelftSimulation and Mathematical Structures for Asynchronous Stream Circuits
Martin WimmersAnalyzing and Improving Differential Evolution
Piet van HekkeTime-interval sequential patterns in insurance data
Rick van der ZwetEnhancing Relation Discovery in Unmarked Spatial Temporal Data using Visualisation
Thijs VermeulenEvolving Technical Trading Strategies using Genetic Programming
Wouter EekhoutAutomated Multi-Label Classification of the Dutch speeches from the Throne
Wouter SpruitA low-cost electrocutaneous stimulator
Xialong MuCombinatorial Optimization for 3D Container Loading Problem
Yuxiang LiuGene Name Normalization by using Deep Belief Networks