Students supervised by Kleijn, prof.dr. H.C.M. (Jetty)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master Computer Science2021second supervisorDekker, LoesFormal Semantics of ALCH
Master Computer Science2020first supervisorRoos, DennisProtocol Link Nets: A Flexible Method for Composing Petri Nets
Bachelor Informatica2018second supervisorSteffens, B. (Benjamin)Dynamic Reductions for More Efficient Software Verification
Bachelor Informatica2017second supervisorFokkinga, D.B. (Daniel)Towards Learning Software Models: making documentation easier
Bachelor Informatica2017first supervisorBrandt, O. (Oscar)Comparing Algorithms: Calculating the Minimal Coverability Set of Petr...
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorVietor, J. (Jaron)A Formal Representation and Calculation Method for Generic Petri nets
Bachelor Informatica2016second supervisorRoos, D. (Dennis)Transformation of Membrane Systems
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorBannenberg, L. (Lou)Checking for Compatibility in Team Automata
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorDuba, D. (Dico)Retting PIPE: Extending the Petri Net tool PIPE 5
Bachelor Informatica2016first supervisorLouwe, A. (Anneloes)Constructing Petri Net Models from Biological Literature using Structu...
Bachelor Informatica2014second supervisorBuitenhuis, T. (Taco)The Constraint-Relation Modelling Language and its Relation to Petri N...
Bachelor Informatica2013second supervisorEngelen, J. (Jesper) vanGuided Rewriting in Families of Languages
Bachelor Informatica2013first supervisorNes, M. (Matthijs) van deCoverability and Extended Petri Nets
Master Computer Science2012third supervisorZwijger, W. (Wouter) deIncreasing Explicit Parallellism in Polyhedral Process Networks using ...
Bachelor Informatica2012second supervisorSchrama, S. (Stefan)Shikaku
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorStein, B. (Bas) vanThe Beginning of a Theory for Set-Nets
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorVlugt, S.H.W. (Sander) van derCoverability Tree Constructions and Inhibitor Places
Bachelor Informatica2010first supervisorVietor, J. (Jaron)Multithreading voor Iedereen
Bachelor Informatica2010first supervisorZwijger, W. (Wouter) deDemonstration Tools for Petri Nets
Master Computer Science2009second supervisorVink, R. (Ron)Temporal Pattern Analysis using Reservoir Computing
Master Computer Science2006supervisorKwantes, P. (Pieter)Design of Clearing and Settlement Operations: A Case Study in Business...
Master Computer Science2006second supervisorZon, M. (Matthijs) van derAdding Robustness and Scalability to Existing Data Mining Algorithms f...
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorBarthel,. M. (Mischa)Petri Nets: Model Checking, Unfoldings and the Observable Configuratio...
PhD Computer Science2003copromotorBeek, M.H. (Maurice) terTeam Automata: A Formal Approach to the Modeling of Collaboration Betw...
Master Computer Science2002second supervisorBurg, M. (Mathijs) van derGenetic Algorithms for Nonograms
PhD Computer Science1996copromotorKeesmaat, N.W. (Iko)Vector Controlled Concurrent Systems
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorBeek, M.H. (Maurice) terTeams in grammar systems
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorMeijboom, L. (Leejanne)Generalizations of Mazurkiewicz Traces
PhD Computer Science1994copromotorHoogers, P.W. (Peter)Behavioural Aspects of Petri Nets