Students supervised by Groenewegen, dr. L.P.J. (Luuk)

Note: the overview per supervisor is likely partially incomplete.

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ProgramYearRole Student Thesis Content
Master ICT in Business a...2018second supervisorPlas, Niels. van derCombining Customer’s Reference Architectures and Supplier’s Archit...
Master Computer Science2016first supervisorMohorko, D. (Dennis)Specifying and Analyzing Paradigm Diagrams through UML Diagrams
PhD Computer Science2015copromotorStettina, C.J. (Christoph)Governance of Innovation Project Management: Necessary and Neglected
Master Computer Science2015second supervisorMus, D.A. (Derk)Autonomous Simulated Car Racing through Apprenticeship Learning
Master Computer Science2014second supervisorSpruit, W. (Wouter)A Low-cost Electrocutaneous Stimulator
Bachelor Informatica2012first supervisorJakobik, M. (Maja)Novius Model in Archimate
Bachelor Informatica2011second supervisorMulder, C. (Chris)Challenges of Web Application Development: How to Optimize Client-side...
Bachelor Informatica2011first supervisorSobolewska, B. (Bogumila)When Applications are Business Processes: An ArchiMate Based Explanati...
Master Computer Science2010first supervisorGroot, N. (Nico) deModelling Migration Projects: An Archimate and Paradigm Case Study in ...
Bachelor Informatica2010second supervisorVietor, J. (Jaron)Multithreading voor Iedereen
Master Computer Science2009first supervisorStafleu, J. (Jasper)UML Specification of and UML Tooling for Paradigm
Master Computer Science2008second supervisorMubarak, Q. (Qurratulain)PABS: Paradigm Application on Biological Systems: A Computational Biol...
Bachelor Informatica2008first supervisorStafleu, J. (Jasper)Paradigm
Master Computer Science2007first supervisorKhoesial, A. (Aarti)The Use of Archimate and Archetypes in a National Clinical Environment
Master Computer Science2006supervisorKwantes, P. (Pieter)Design of Clearing and Settlement Operations: A Case Study in Business...
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorDamen, S. (Stephen)Integrated Web Searching
Master Computer Science2006first supervisorRuhamanya, M. (Marine)Archimate Complements a CMMT Initiative: Case Study
Bachelor Informatica2006first supervisorStafleu, J. (Jasper)Paradigm
Master Computer Science2004first supervisorHoogeboom, M. (Michiel)Architecture and Implementation Compliance: Reaching Compliance by mea...
Master Computer Science2003supervisorChoenni, A.R.S. (Amar)COMTEC Web Bestaand Systeem Toegankelijk Maken via Internet
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorBadal, A.R.D. (Anjali)Analyse en ICT-Ondersteuning van Communicatie-Driven Processen
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorJansen, R.L. (Slinger)Mobile Dining Philosophers and Paradigm
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorKampenhout, N. (Niels) vanSystematic Specification and Verification of Coordination: Towards Pat...
Master Computer Science2003first supervisorRampartaap, D. (Djankidevi)Conversatie Ondersteuning met Behulp van het Language Action Perspecti...
Master Computer Science2002supervisorArts, A. (Arthur)Requirements Analysis & Implementatie van Applicatie voor het van ...
Master Computer Science2002supervisorBaan, A. (Arno)Prototype LOFAR using Evolutionary Algorithms in Scheduling Engine
Master Computer Science2002supervisorMeel, R.E.K. (Ronald) van derUML Modellering van Onderwijsprocessen
Master Computer Science2002supervisorNiaki. R. (Reza)GRIP (GIS-based Routing System for Exceptional Transports)
Master Computer Science2002supervisorPoeran, A.S. (Amar)Visualisatie van een Semantisch Netwerk
Master Computer Science2002supervisorWieske, U.G.R. (Urso)Modelling Escher Viewer Software
Master Computer Science2002first supervisorChabab, M. (Mohammed)Behaviour and Communication in SOCCA and the UML
PhD Computer Science2001copromotorHoen, P.J. (Pieter Jan) 'tTowards Distributed Development of Large Object-Oriented Models
Master Computer Science2001first supervisorTas, P. (Peter)Het Modelleren van Workflows met behulp van UML en Patterns
Master Computer Science2000first supervisorNoback, R. (Roel)Connectivity Services
Master Computer Science1999first supervisorKrouwel, R. (Rene)Overerving van Data, Gedrag, Functionaliteit en Communicatie bij Objec...
Master Computer Science1999first supervisorRamlal,N. (Nitin)Business Process Reengineering in SOCCA
Master Computer Science1998first supervisorBrugman, H. (Henk)Software Process Modelling in SOCCA
Master Computer Science1998first supervisorEhteshami, M. (Mehran)Use Case Driven SOCCA Modelling
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorRon, A. (Arnon) AND Bruin, D.J. (Durk Jan)Vertikale Ontkoppeling van Informatie-Systemen
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorSchuitema, E.J. (Ezra)Towards a SOCCA environment: a meta class diagram for SOCCA and use ca...
Master Computer Science1997first supervisorSpruit, C. (Carla)Blackboard Systems in SOCCA
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorBelt, J.A. (Jacques) van denSOCCA Modelling Case Study
Master Computer Science1996first supervisorZon, J. (Jeroen) van derEvolutionary Change, The Evolution of Change Management
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorStappers, B.H. (Ben)Quality Systems in the IT Sector with the Specification of Coordinated...
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorSteenhuis, M. (Maarten)Reflections on Functional Modelling in SOCCA
Master Computer Science1995first supervisorWulms, A.P. (Alex)Adaptive Software Process Modelling with SOCCA and PARADIGM
Master Computer Science1994supervisorBoven, G.J. (Gert Jan)Voorwaarden voor Flexibele Management Informatievoorziening in het Aca...
Master Computer Science1994first supervisorBoode, A.H. (Ton)On Modelling a Basic Call
PhD Computer Science1993copromotorMorssink, P.J.A. (Pieter Jan)Behaviour Modelling in Information Systems Design: Application of the ...
Master Computer Science1993first supervisorBruijn, M.A. (Martin)Apecten van Electronisch Aangeven van Transitoverkeer
PhD Computer Science1988copromotorSteen, M. (Maarten) van Modelling Dynamic Systems by Parallel Decision Processes