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Bachelor Informatica & Economie

Student Thesis Content
Bavelaar, C.Using machine learning to predict rainwater damage in urban areas
Bieger, V.Phishing prevention in mobile messaging platforms by the Dutch banking sector
Buitenhuis, V. Using a data-driven approach to estimate the vegetation height using remote sensing data: a case study in the Oostvaardersplassen
Doek, A.Classification of Android applications using the Koodous data set
Hagen, K.Thanks for the gold, kind stranger! Predicting the receipt of community recognition for social media comments
Kats, T.Differentiating Commercial and Editorial Content
Koster, O.Explainable Artificial Intelligence: a Checklist for the Insurance Market
Kropf, K.An AI based approach to Customer Data Cleaning A Case Study in Master Data Management at Nationale-Nederlanden
Kubatz, L.Involving the crowd in Requirements Engineering
Middelkoop, R.Parallel algorithm portfolios in Sparkle
Ponse, K.Automated Rotational and Localised Symmetry Detection from Global Reflection Symmetries from 2d Images
Roos, M. deManaging the Robotic Process Automation Life Cycle: A Case Study for a Thesis
Schaaf, R.Programmeermisconcepties in Hedy
Schamhart, M.Weather as a Trigger for Migraines: Predictive Modelling on Migraine E-Diaries using Machine Learning
Schrijver, L.Modeling of the rating of perceived exertion for training sessions in wheelchair tennis
Strijker, J.L.S. Analysis of extracted references to case law in Dutch court decisions
Wu, J.Reading Strategy and Reading Focus of Novice Programmers: An Exploratory Study