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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis Content
Vermetten, D. (Diederick)Position Detection Optimization in the Context of Sensor Based Location Systems
Baasdam R.W.H. (Renzo)Numerics and Continuation for Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Beljaards, L. (Laurens)AI Agents for the Abstract Strategy Game Tak
Bolster, Y. (Yorick)Automatically finding the best blocking size for matrix multiplication
Borst, R.C.P. (Robbin)Robust self-balancing robot mimicking
Brandt, O. (Oscar)Comparing Algorithms: Calculating the Minimal Coverability Set of Petri Nets
Buwalda, N. (Niek)Open Source Systems for Dialogue Systems
Cames van Batenburg D.F. J.Identificaton of Transposable Element Insertion into the enod40 RNA
Castelein, K.J.B. (Koen)Determinization for Monte Carlo Tree Search n the Card Game Tichu
Dekkers, C.H.J. (Cas)Creating Models of Interaction for a Video Wall
Dijk, S.J. (Stef) vanSolving Puzzles Using Cellular Automata
Draijer W.J.W. (Wilco)Integrating, Structuring and Visualising Cancer Data
Etoeharnowo, T. (Teddy)Neural Networks for Clobber
Fokkinga, D.B. (Daniel)Towards Learning Software Models: making documentation easier
Hal, R.M. (Roy) vanFinish Photo Analysis for Athletics Track Events using Computer Vision Techniques
Heijungs, S. (Simon)Tape-quantifying Turing Machines in the Arithmetical Hierarchy
Hoogenboom, C. (Cedric)Using Probabilities to Enhance Monte Carlo Search in the Dutch Card Game Klaverjas
Jansen, B.A. (Bernardus)The state of Bufferbloat in the Netherlands
Jonkman, J.L. (Jacob)Interacting with BigEye: Using Gesture-Based Input Methods to control Applications on a Videowall
Kesteloo, M.E. (Mitchell)Using Convolutional Autoencoders to Detect Anomalies in Sewer Images
Khalass, N. (Nouri)Metaprogramming in Modern Programming Languages
Klijn, M. (Michel)A Perfect Information Scrabble Game
Martens, J.R.M. (Joost)ETA: A Modular Approach to Analyzing Time Series Data
Meerkerk, R. (Ruben)Design, Analysis, and Optimization of an Embedded Processor
Meeuwsen, J. (Juliette)Design and Implementation of 3D reconstruction from axial views on the Leiden Life Science Cluster
Muinck Keizer, D. (David) deA Control Flow Graph Generator for Java Code
Muusse, I.J. (Ivo)An Algorithm for Balancing a Binary Search Tree
Oedayrajsingh Varma, V. (Vinay)A Survey of Classical Public-key Cryptography and Post-quantum Lattice-based Cryptography
Oost, K. (Kevin)Analysing Data to Predict Processing Times of Vessels and Barges in Liquid Bulk Terminals
Out, N.F. (Nils)A Monte Carlo Strategy for the Game of Hive
Peters, L.J. (Bert)Utilizing a Tuple-Based Optimization Framework for Graph Algorithms
Putman, K. (Koen)Implementing an Interface for Virtual Input Devices into the MGSim Simulator
Riet, J.C.A. (Jasper) vanAnomaly Detection with Deep Belief Networks
Ruijter, F.E.C. (Floris)Symbolic Regression of Implicit Functions
Schipper, L. (Lisette) deCompact descriptors for (near) duplicate image detection
Soelaksana, E. (Erik)Analyzing Privacy Awareness of Twitter Users Through Their Given Location Precision
Spaendonck, M. (Michiel) vanAspects of Tectonic
Suanet, L. (Lars)Finding Anomalies in Sequential Data using Local Outlier Factor
Teunisse, J. (Joris)Agents for the Card Game of Hearts
Verweij, G.J.W. (Geerten)Comparison of the Effectiveness of Shared Memory Optimizations for Stencil Computations on NVIDIA GPU Architectures
Waal, P.R. (Ruben) van derA Study of Different Approaches for Improving the Stitching of Spherical Panoramas
Zaeem, S.A.F. (Sinan)Diverse Subgroup Discovery for Big Data
Zandvliet, J.J.M. (Jos)Vectorized Sparse Matrix Kernels using Hybrid Data Layouts
Zwitser, l. (Liam)Quantum Computing