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Bachelor Informatica

Student Thesis
Bakker, ThomasPlagiarism Detection in Source Code
Bosch, Pieter van denAutomation of use Case Diagram Recognition from Images
Boven, Bas vanSolving Jungle Checkers
Buitenhuis, TacoThe Constraint-Relation Modelling Language and its Relation to Petri Nets
Heijden, Roelof van derAn Analysis of Dominion
Helwerda, LeonTheory and Applications of Deep Learning Networks
Jochems, JenniferPartial derivatives for KAT expressions
Liu, Lai-YeeAn Automatised Process for Constructing Recognisable Nonograms
Luik, Lars vanImplementing I/O Infrastructure Improvements for S.M.A.C.K.
Meij, Tim van derConstructing an Open-Source Toolchain and Investigating Sensor Properties for Radio Tomography
Meijer, RicardoA Comparison of Search Engine user Interfaces
Milburn, AlyssaAlgorithms and Models for Radio Tomographic Imaging
Moerkerk, PaulFinding Correspondence in Stereo Image Pairs using an Adaptive Window Comparison Algorithm
Nieuwenhuijzen, BasAuto-Vectorization using Polyhedral Compilation for an Embedded ARM Platform
Obbens, WillemInference in Markov Networks
Rensen, MichelAn On-Line Parsing Algorithms for conjunctive grammars
Robijn, JonathanDetailed Crowd Simulation and Spatial Hashing for Large-Scale Collision Detection
Samwel, NielsMining Bitcoins with Natural Computing Algorithms
Stuivenberg, ArthurEquivalence Checking of Regular Expressions using Non-Deterministic Finite Automata
Veen, Neal vanDeploying Single Particle Analysis on the LLSC
Vinkhuijzen, LieuweReducing Copying and Network Traffic in Reo Circuits
Wijden, KevinVideo Recommendation, A comparison between collaborative filtering algorithms